Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2544 - Crazy Black Flame?

Chapter 2544 – Crazy Black Flame?

The female Dark Knight and Elder Gold were both dazed for a long moment after hearing Shi Feng’s counteroffer, and they even wondered if he were joking with them.

With their original offer, in which Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society claimed 50% of Cold Spring Forest’s resource areas, the rest of the Dark World’s powers would have to battle Zero Wing for the remaining half. Even if the Dark World’s various powers tried to avoid it, they would come into conflict with Zero Wing. With so many players vying for such limited resources, a blood fight was inevitable.

Unfortunately, the Dark World’s powers couldn’t afford to search for other Level 100 neutral maps for their development. At least, it wasn’t something they could afford before the Dark World’s players had expanded their influence on the main continent.

This was precisely why the various superpowers were so afraid of Demon’s Heart’s Flaming Light.

And yet, Shi Feng had just offered another 20% of Cold Spring Forest’s resources. It was insane and suicidal.

His counteroffer might seem wise to ordinary people, as doing so would allow Zero Wing to tighten its defensive line and secure better control over its resource areas, but Dark Players would have no choice but to fight for those resources spots. None of the Otherworld’s players would dare go against Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society. If the two Guilds controlled more of the Cold Spring Forest, even more Dark Players would have to fight Zero Wing for resources. Zero Wing’s very survival in the map would be in question, not to mention obtaining resources in Cold Spring Forest.

Has he given up on Stone Forest City? It was the only possibility the female Dark Knight could think of.

Zero Wing wasn’t about to face one or two superpowers, but an entire Otherworld. Moreover, it was an Otherworld with even more players than the Fire Dragon Empire, and not a single power could stand against such a force.

Realizing this, Shi Feng must’ve decided to abandon Cold Spring Forest’s resources in exchange for the Dark World’s precious Darkness Crystals. It was a worthwhile transaction, but no normal person would accept such an exchange. Developing a Guild City required a massive amount of time and resources. Not just anyone could afford to abandon an entire Guild City without a second thought.

“Are you serious, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Elder Gold asked. He could not think of a single reason to refuse Shi Feng’s offer. Although 500,000 Darkness Crystals were valuable, they were insignificant compared to 70% of Cold Spring Forest’s resource areas.

Of course. If you don’t believe me, I’ll sign the contract right now,” Shi Feng replied, chuckling.

“Excellent! I agree to your offer on behalf of Deity Society!” Elder Gold exclaimed, excitement glowing in his eyes. Only a fool would refuse.

Throughout Cold Spring Forest, only Zero Wing could pose a threat to Deity Society. The other powers were not worth mentioning. If Zero Wing were willing to part with an additional 20% of the map’s resource spots, Deity Society wouldn’t have to worry about managing more territory.

“What about Dark Rhapsody?” Shi Feng asked as he turned toward the female Dark Knight.

“On behalf of my Guild, I have no issues with this arrangement, either,” the Dark Knight answered without hesitation. Although she didn’t know what this Swordsman was thinking, her superiors would strangle her once she returned if she refused.

Once Elder Gold and the female Dark Knight had agreed, the three players signed the contract stipulating that Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society would occupy 70% of Cold Spring Forest’s resource areas, while Zero Wing would occupy the remainder. None of the three Guilds would interfere in each other’s matters, and the two Dark Guilds would provide a total of 500,000 Darkness Crystals.

With the negotiations complete, Elder Gold and the female Dark Knight promptly returned to the Dark World to notify their Guilds of the good news. They immediately began to prepare the 500,000 Darkness Crystals Shi Feng had demanded, as well. Once the portal connecting the Dark World to the main continent opened in Cold Spring Forest, Dark Rhapsody and Deity Society would hand the crystals over to Zero Wing.

When the news hit Dark Rhapsody’s and Deity Society’s main headquarters, the two Guilds’ upper echelons were astonished.

“I had never expected Zero Wing to be so daring. It seems it’s quite confident of safeguarding its 30% of the map.”

“But, how can that be? Zero Wing must realize that it cannot stop the Dark World’s advance; it must be aiming for the next best option.”

“I suspect the Guild’s decisive nature is the reason it has achieved the success it enjoys today. Don’t forget; Zero Wing’s enemies aren’t limited to those in the Dark World. Demon’s Heart is still lurking, and Zero Wing must think this agreement will help it stand against the Dark Guild.”

Heated discussions erupted among the two Guilds’ upper echelons over their new contracts with Zero Wing. None of them had expected this outcome, but regardless, it was good news for both of their Guilds.

While Dark Rhapsody’s and Deity Society’s spoke of the matter, news quickly reached Demon’s Heart.

“Black Flame is quite bold, Elder Heart. It seems he intends to give up Cold Spring Forest’s resources and focus his forces on protecting Stone Forest City,” a Level 108, Tier 3 Demon Viscount Shield Warrior commented, grinning at Furious Heart.

Shi Feng had so arrogantly strutted through Demon City, and now, because of Flaming Light’s single move, his Guild was forced to part with 70% of its resource areas in Cold Spring Forest. It was a joyous outcome for Demon’s Heart.

“Hmph. Did he think he’d get off scot-free after provoking Demon’s Heart?” Furious Heart said, snorting. “If he thinks he can protect Stone Forest City by handing over 70% of Cold Spring Forest’s resource spots, he should think again. He simply doesn’t know how futile his actions are. Vice Guild Leader Light has already reached an agreement with several superpowers. When the time comes, Demon’s Heart and the various superpowers will attack Stone Forest City from both within and without. We’ll tear the city asunder and ensure that Zero Wing never again has a place in Cold Spring Forest!”

Demon’s Heart’s other Elders excitedly expressed their agreement.

Zero Wing might assume its only opponents were from the Dark World, but in truth, the Guild would have to face several superpowers, as well.

Under their combined assault, Zero Wing would be as powerless as an ant. It had no chance of survival.

Stone Forest City, Zero Wing’s Residence:

While many superpowers gossiped about the agreement between Zero Wing, Dark Rhapsody, and Deity Society, Gentle Snow, confused, followed Shi Feng to the Guild Warehouse on the Residence’s first underground floor.

“Guild Leader, offering an additional 20% isn’t worth just 500,000 Darkness Crystals. Cold Spring Forest’s Cold Spring Water is a huge help to Tier 2 players’ development. It is the reason so many of our Tier 2 experts can work in Level 100 neutral maps. Giving away so much of Cold Spring Forest will drastically reduce our Tier 2 members’ development speed,” Gentle Snow complained. She felt that Shi Feng had gone too far this time.

Even God’s Domain’s various superpowers fought like crazy over Cold Spring Water, and due to its rarity, the competition was incredibly intense. Fortunately, with Stone Forest City, Zero Wing had an absolute advantage in the competition for Cold Spring Water from Cold Spring Forest, and thus, no powers dared to cause trouble for the Guild.

This item allowed Zero Wing’s Tier 2 members to level rapidly and reach Level 105 far sooner than others. Once they reached that level and equipped Level 105 top-tier equipment, these Tier 2 members could challenge their Tier 3 Promotion Quests, clearing them with relatively high success rates. As a result, Zero Wing continuously nurtured more Tier 3 players.

If they gave away 70% of Cold Spring Forest’s resource areas and had to compete with the Dark World’s players over the remainder, Zero Wing would likely have to abandon Cold Spring Forest entirely.

Meanwhile, Darkness Crystals were an Attributed Magic Crystal, and while they were valuable, that was only true for Dark Players due to the darkness energy they contained. Darkness energy wasn’t helpful to regular players in the least. In fact, to regular players, 500,000 Darkness Crystals weren’t even worth 500,000 Magic Crystals.

“I understand, but Cold Spring Forest is massive. Zero Wing isn’t even large enough to exploit 20% of the map’s resource areas, much less 50%. Rather than holding useless territory, shouldn’t we exchange it for something of value?” Shi Feng asked, chuckling.

“But, those Dark World players…”

Gentle Snow understood what Shi Feng was trying to say. At this point, only Tier 3 players could freely roam Level 100 neutral maps for long periods. Tier 2 players couldn’t last for very long in such areas. Zero Wing’s current forces simply weren’t enough to occupy all of Cold Spring Forest’s resource areas. Selling the additional spots was a wise decision, but if they considered the Dark World’s powers and players, it’d be a completely different story.

“The Dark World’s players are a problem, but only if they actually pose a threat to Zero Wing in Cold Spring Forest!” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

“Guild Leader, we’re talking about the Dark World. I spoke with our guests earlier, and those two informed me that the Dark World is as large as three of the main continent’s ordinary empires. The Otherworld has even more players than the Fire Dragon Empire. We’ll be facing a minimum of 20,000 Tier 3 experts…” Gentle Snow continued, flashing Shi Feng a bitter smile.

“And what if we have two or three thousand fully-armed, Tier 3 NPCs?” Shi Feng asked, smiling.

“Are you talking about the Knight Division?” Gentle Snow, more or less, realized where Shi Feng was going with this. “We still don’t have the funds to upgrade them…”

“Who said that?” Shi Feng quipped. He then opened his Epic Spatial Bag and emptied its contents inside the Guild Warehouse.

Within a few dozen seconds, materials filled the expansive warehouse, and every one was rare. Gentle Snow hadn’t even seen many of these materials before. As the items tumbled out of Shi Feng’s bag, the Mana density in the warehouse rose significantly…