Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2542 - New Abyssal Blade

Chapter 2542 – New Abyssal Blade

As the system began to appraise the weapon, the magic arrays on the new Abyssal Blade simultaneously lit up. Not only did these arrays illuminate the entire room, but they also gathered the room’s Mana around the weapon.

The Abyssal Blade emitted another deafening Dragon roar that echoed throughout the room.


It was so powerful that Shi Feng stumbled away from the weapon, and the magic arrays around the room’s walls brightened, creating an additional barrier.


The roar shook the duel-layered barrier violently, and it seemed as if the barrier would shatter at any second.

As the roar faded, peace returned to the room. Following which, a chill swept through the room, and even Shi Feng, who had very high Magic Resistance, shuddered in the cold air. He felt as if he were standing in an icy tundra, and he could feel his body begin to freeze.

What powerful Mana!

When Shi Feng looked back at the new Abyssal Blade, the origin of the chill, he could sense that it was only an effect of the weapon’s magic arrays triggering. If even the automatically-triggered arrays produced such a result, they’d reach a whole new level of power under his control.

Before he could get a better feel of the new weapon’s power, however, the arrays suddenly went dormant, and the room quickly returned to normal.

System: Weapon Completion Rate 86%. Do you wish to keep this outer shape?

Eighty-six percent? Shi Feng stared at the system notification in astonishment. He hadn’t actually believed that his gamble would pay off, and in spades, at that. The resulting Completion Rate was 16% higher than the base requirement, which completely exceeded his expectations.

Once a weapon’s Completion Rate reached the standard in God’s Domain, a higher percentage would yield hardly any bonuses to the displayed Attributes. Rather, it would improve the weapon’s hidden effects. Naturally, the higher the Completion Rate, the stronger the hidden effects would become.

An 86% Completion Rate was by no means a low value. Less than 10% of God’s Domain’s weapons had an 80% or higher Completion Rate, with most hovering around the 75% threshold.

Only 1% of all weapons in the game had an 85% or higher Completion Rate.

And according to Shi Feng’s knowledge, the highest Completion Rate ever achieved when crafting a weapon was 94%. He had heard that the Epic Weapon’s performance even rivaled a Fragmented Legendary Weapon.

Shi Feng didn’t even dare to dream of forging a weapon with a 90% Completion Rate. Only Grandmaster Forgers were capable of such a feat. He was merely an Intermediate Master Forger and had only reached Advanced Master rank due to the Philosopher’s Hand. He had never expected to achieve an 86% Completion Rate.

He immediately chose to keep this shape, and as he confirmed his decision, the new Abyssal Blade gently landed on the central platform.

Amazing! So, this is the power of the merged fragments? Surprise flashed in Shi Feng’s eyes as he took up the new Abyssal Blade.

The old and new Abyssal Blades looked roughly the same on the outside, but the new weapon was much heavier than the old one. However, despite the increased weight, Shi Feng felt far more compatible with this weapon than he ever had with the hilt in his hand. It felt as if the sword were an extension of his body. He could even feel the ambient Mana flow through the weapon. With the new Abyssal Blade in his hand, his Mana sensitivity underwent a qualitative transformation.

He wasn’t a magical class player, and his Mana sensitivity couldn’t compare to theirs.

Mana sensitivity might not be particularly useful for physical players, but it was useful to experts, especially those who were adept at manipulating magic arrays.

Not only could players control magic arrays far more easily with greater Mana sensitivity, but they could also locate arrays’ weak points with less effort.

Moreover, once one’s Mana sensitivity reached a certain level, players could shatter their opponent’s Skill or Spell by manipulating the flow of Mana in the air. They could even prevent opponents from using Skills or Spells at all.

System: You have 30 minutes remaining. Please complete the recasting process as soon as possible. If the process fails, the weapon will disintegrate.

Too close. I nearly ran out of time.

Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the system notification, and he started to refine the new weapon.

The refining process was much simpler than the reshaping process. He merely needed to add the blade’s edge and polish the sword’s magic arrays. As both an Intermediate Master Magician and a temporary Advanced Master Forger, these were simple tasks for him. He completed the process in less than 20 minutes.

The instant Shi Feng finished the new weapon, he heard the sound of another system notification.

System: Weapon recasting successful. Please name your new weapon.

“Abyssal Blade,” Shi Feng replied without hesitation.

System: Naming successful. Recast weapon will be named the Abyssal Blade. Do you wish to activate auto appraisal?

“Appraise!” Shi Feng answered.

Letting the system appraise the weapon might not mean much to ordinary players, but to Shi Feng, a Master Forger, it was a relatively useful tool that would grant him some Forging Proficiency. In fact, Master Forgers during his previous life had sometimes taken recasting commissions for free to gain more Forging Proficiency. As long as they were successful, the forger responsible would be awarded an abundance of proficiency. A Master Forger might save one or two days of work with one successfully recast weapon.

System: Appraisal of the Abyssal Blade is complete. Weapon Completion Rate is at 86%. Weapon rank is designated as Fragmented Legendary. Rewarding 30,000 Forging Proficiency.

The notification stunned Shi Feng.

“Wonderful! It’s upgraded to Fragmented Legendary rank!” Shi Feng looked at his new weapon, ecstatic. Although he had guessed that there was a high possibility of the end product reaching Fragmented Legendary rank, he couldn’t help his joy after hearing his guess verified.

A Fragmented Legendary Weapon!

He had quite a few Fragmented Legendary items on him, but none were weapons; they were only equipment pieces and accessories. The increased combat power they could provide was nowhere near that of a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, and although he had been thinking of hunting one down for himself, acquiring such a weapon was easier said than done. Furthermore, he would have to find a compatible one-handed sword.

Now that he finally had a Fragmented Legendary Weapon that suited him perfectly, why wouldn’t he be excited?

Shi Feng immediately called up the Abyssal Blade’s Attribute Panel. Normally, recasting a weapon significantly changed the weapon’s Attributes. The new weapon would no longer be what it once had been.

[Abyssal Blade] (One-handed Sword, Magic Weapon, Fragmented Legendary Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 3,000, Agility 2,000 Attack Power (210% of Strength Attribute)

Attack Speed (2% of Agility Attribute)

All Attributes (Increases according to user’s level)

Ignore Levels +35 Attacks have:

70% chance to cause 250% damage;

40% chance to cause 300% damage;

Every attack increases damage by 2% to a maximum of 30%.

When equipped:

Strength increased by 50%, Agility increased by 50%, Intelligence increased by 35%; Endurance increased by 50%; Attack Speed increased by 50%;

All effects of weapon-related Skills increased by 20%;

All item level requirements reduced by 10 Levels.

If wielder belongs to a Swordsman-related class, all Skill Levels +6.

Increase Free Ability Points received for every increase in Level by 2 points.

Equipment Tier 3. Can be evolved (Devour 4 God Crystals to evolve to Tier 4).

Additional Active Skill 1: Darkness Bind (Tier 3). Binds all enemies within a 100-yard radius for 3 seconds and reduces their Defense and Magic Resistance by 100% for 15 seconds

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Additional Active Skill 2: Darkness Domain (Tier 3). Converts an area of 200 yards around the user into a Darkness Domain. Weakens the senses of all enemies within the Darkness Domain and reduces enemies’ Basic Attributes by 15%. While inside the Darkness Domain, the user may control up to 36 strands of Power of Darkness. Each strand carries force equivalent to 110% of the user’s Strength and causes 100% darkness damage.

Duration: 60 seconds

Cooldown: 8 minutes

Additional Passive Profound Inheritance: Mana Abyss (Tier 3). The higher the density of the Mana surrounding the Abyssal Blade, the more power the weapon will exhibit. Power of the weapon can be increased up to 100%.

Additional Active Profound Inheritance: Black Dragon’s Soul (Tier 3). Grants the user the Black Dragon King’s soul and transforms the user into the Black Dragon King. The higher the density of the surrounding Mana, the higher the Black Dragon King’s Life Rating will be. Can use the Skill, Dragon Breath.

Duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown: 12 hours

A sword recast from the fragments of an ancient, unknown weapon. The Black Dragon King’s power has been sealed within the sword, although the Black Dragon King has cursed the weapon. Beyond the immense strength the blade offers, the wielder must face a Backlash after a certain amount of time. If the wielder cannot suppress the Backlash, the wielder will receive the Black Dragon King’s curse, permanently reducing all Attributes by 70%.

Unable to be dropped.

Unable to be traded.

Unable to be destroyed.

So strong! Not even Fire Dance’s Thousand Transformations can compare to this! The new Abyssal Blade’s Attributes left Shi Feng flabbergasted. With such Attributes, doesn’t this sword nearly rival Legendary Weapons?

The new Abyssal Blade was like a combination of the old Abyssal Blade and Cruel Darkness. Even top-tier Fragmented Legendary Weapons were likely weaker than the sword. When Shi Feng wielded the Abyssal Blade, he felt that he could display Tier 4 power with a normal attack, even without using a Mana Technique.

I had been worried about getting to Solomon’s Sword’s fragments in Poison City, but with this, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Poison City was a Level 120 secret land, and although it might be a challenge, even with his new weapon and the Hell Legion’s help, it was no longer impossible.

A Level 120 secret land!

If Level 100 Team Dungeons were a place for players to adapt to Tier 3, Level 120 secret lands were treasure troves for Tier 3 experts. Within these secret lands, players could find ancient inheritances, including Tier 3 Skill and Spell Books, as well as ancient potions that could help players unlock their Mana Bodies’ potential.

By the time Shadow had grown strong enough to raid Level 120 secret lands during Shi Feng’s previous life, the various superpowers had long since swept through them, leaving only scraps for ordinary powers. If Zero Wing could start raiding Level 120 secret lands now, the Guild’s ability to nurture Tier 3 players and help them unlock their Mana Bodies’ potential would definitely surpass that of the various superpowers. His Guild would become a true titan in God’s Domain.

Now that my weapon is complete, it’s time to meet with the players from the Dark World.

Shi Feng sheathed the new Abyssal Blade and left the underground core room.