Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2540 - Recasting a Sword of Old

Chapter 2540 – Recasting a Sword of Old

Shi Feng’s heart pounded nervously as he chose to fuse the two weapons.

What he needed more than anything right now was a good weapon. His Abyssal Blade and Killing Ray had been excellent weapons and better than most, if not all, of the various superpowers’ weapons before Level 100. However, the various superpowers had begun collecting more top-tier weapons now that players had crossed that threshold. In fact, top-tier weapons had become so common that weapons of the Abyssal Blade and Killing Ray’s caliber were now a standard for players of his strength.

Because of this, the Abyssal Blade and Killing Ray were now his shortcomings, particularly the Abyssal Blade. If he hadn’t acquired multiple pieces of Fragmented Legendary Equipment and an extraordinary Bloodline, the various superpowers’ apex experts would’ve long since surpassed his Basic Attributes.

Of course, fusing two weapon fragments in God’s Domain wasn’t an easy task. The process was akin to recasting a weapon, but in this scenario, players had to fuse the two weapons before they could recast them, rather than simply recasting a single weapon. If the forger responsible for recasting the weapons didn’t have a certain level of mastery, they could destroy both weapons.

Of course, only the weapons would be destroyed. The fragments would remain, although one wouldn’t be able to use them as weapons.

After Shi Feng agreed to fuse the Abyssal Blade and Cruel Darkness, both weapons instantly shattered, transforming into a cloud of ink-black dust. The cloud then solidified into the form of a rough sword hilt and blade.

The two fragments looked nothing like they had a moment ago, but they both radiated frighteningly powerful auras that even made Shi Feng shudder. For a moment, he faintly saw the phantom of a Dragon head, spreading its jaws and threatening to devour him.

They’re just fragments, yet their auras are so powerful? Shi Feng stared at the two weapon fragments in astonishment.

The combined aura was even stronger than that of the Abyssal Blade when it was fully liberated. Shi Feng found it really hard to imagine just how powerful the original weapon had been before it had broken.

He estimated that it should’ve at least been Legendary rank.

He couldn’t help the envy he felt.

If he were dealing with a Legendary weapon, he would have to be very careful. On the off chance that he made a mistake and the recasting failed, not only would he lose the Abyssal Blade, but he’d also have to search for more materials to try again. Naturally, he’d need Legendary ranked materials.

Legendary materials were incredibly rare in God’s Domain. Even the various superpowers of his previous life had struggled to collect a single set of Legendary materials to recast a Legendary Weapon, not to mention Zero Wing.

When he had first obtained Cruel Darkness, he had intended to seek out Seliora for help with the recasting. A Grandmaster Forger was capable of producing Legendary items, after all. Recasting a Legendary item from weapon fragments should be a piece of cake for her.

When he evolved the Abyssal Blade to Tier 3, however, even the Candlelight Trading Firm’s defensive magic array had very nearly failed to contain the Magic Weapon’s unrestrained aura. If recasting this weapon caused too much of a commotion and caught the public’s attention, it could spell his doom.

What lay before him was a Magic Weapon, and he was likely to face a Backlash once the recast was complete. If that happened, he’d be at his weakest and vulnerable to attack. If the various superpowers happened to have experts stationed near White River City, he’d be doomed. Naturally, Seliora, as an NPC, wouldn’t try to protect him. At best, he’d have to rely on the city’s NPC soldiers to fend off any hostile players, but by the time they responded to an attack, they’d be too late.

Shi Feng’s worries weren’t unfounded. Such instances had happened quite a few times in the past. Many players had assumed that they’d be safe in NPC cities when they upgraded their Magic Weapons, but in the end, other players had taken their lives, and they had still suffered their Magic Weapon’s Backlash. After all was said and done, their characters had been crippled…

Not wanting to take the risk, Shi Feng decided to recast the weapon himself within Stone Forest City’s walls.

Fortunately, he was already an Intermediate Master Forger. Even without Seliora’s help, he qualified to recast a Legendary Weapon.

He then pulled a bunch of Magic Crystals from his bag and gradually fused the two weapon fragments. As the Magic Crystals disintegrated into Mana and flowed into the fragments, the magic arrays carved on them began to regenerate.

Unlike the recasting process, fusing the fragments was simple. Players merely needed to supply enough Mana. The process was a slow one, although there was almost no room for unforeseen complications.

Time quickly passed.

One hour… Two hours… Three hours…

After four hours, the fusion process wasn’t even halfway complete…

Crap! What kind of weapon is this?!

Shi Feng’s head ached as he watched the weapon fragments hungrily devour Magic Crystals.

He had already spent 40,000 Magic Crystals over the past four hours, yet the fusion process hadn’t even reached 50%. These weapon fragments were practically bottomless pits for Mana.

Fusing these weapon fragments would likely require enough Magic Crystals to bankrupt a second-rate Guild. If he hadn’t returned to the eastern continent with over 200,000 Magic Crystals, the equivalent of a full day’s income for the Starlight Fortress, he wouldn’t have had enough.

Just as he was about to take more Magic Crystals from his bag, he received a call request from Gentle Snow.

After so long apart, not only had Gentle Snow reached Level 109, but she also now radiated a special kind of Mana. Shi Feng would’ve assumed she had unlocked her Mana Body’s full potential if he hadn’t known better.

He had to admit that he was impressed with her management of Stone Forest City while he had been gone. Not only had Gentle Snow perfected the city’s defenses, but the Guild also now had 130 Tier 3 Experts. Zero Wing had already started raiding 100-man, Level 100 Team Dungeons, and the Guild’s main force members had updated plenty of their weapons and equipment. Now, their equipment standards were only slightly weaker than the Hell Legion’s experts.

“Guild Leader, a group of Dark Players recently contacted me. They say they are from the Dark World, and they wish to meet with you. Apparently, they wish to help us with our current predicament,” Gentle Snow reported.

“Players from the Dark World?” Shi Feng was a little surprised to hear the news.

The Dark World was a very special Otherworld in that it hadn’t formed naturally. Rather, Ancient Gods had created the Dark World, and it was dominated by the laws of darkness. The Dark Players that resided in this Otherworld were a far greater threat than any Dark Players on the main continent.

When the Dark World had connected to the main continent during Shi Feng’s previous life, the dark powers’ influence on the main continent had already reached its peak. Level 100-plus neutral maps had become battlefields for Dark and normal players, and many had fallen. Even some kingdoms and superpowers had been annihilated.

However, before the Planar Gate between the Dark World and the main continent had activated, no one had been able to leave the Otherworld, other than the key holder. As far as Shi Feng could remember, only Flaming Light held the key, and it was obvious that he hadn’t yet activated the Planar Gate.

Yet, players acting as residents of the Dark World were looking for him. He found the situation strange.

“Do you wish to meet them?” Gentle Snow asked.

“This is interesting. Yes, I’ll meet with them. Have someone receive them for now, and I’ll head over once I’ve finished here,” Shi Feng replied, gazing at the weapon fragments before him.

“Alright, I’ll inform them,” Gentle Snow said, nodding before she disconnected the call.

Shi Feng then returned his attention to fusing the two weapon fragments.

Sixty thousand… Eighty thousand… Ninety thousand…

When he sacrificed the 100,000th Magic Crystal, he heard the chime of a system notification.

System: Fusion complete. Please begin recasting the weapon.

With the system notification, Shi Feng heard the deafening roar of a Dragon from the fused weapon fragments. It was so powerful and startling that he stumbled back.

Suddenly, space around him began to darken, and stars twinkled with dim light. A Black Dragon, over 800 meters tall, appeared before Shi Feng, and he instinctively froze under its gaze.

The Black Dragon King? Shi Feng stared, astonished.

This was undoubtedly the strongest Dragon he had ever seen. The Tier 5 Dragons he had seen in the past seemed like children before this monster.

The scene didn’t last long, however, and Shi Feng quickly found himself back in the quiet core room with only a tattered blade before him. Countless, night-black particles circled the old weapon.

System: You have five hours to recast the weapon before you. Attempt to recast a weapon fit for your use as much as possible. If the weapon’s Completion Rate is lower than 70%, the recasting process will be deemed a failure.