Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2537 - Single-handedly Suppressing Demon's Heart

Chapter 2537 – Single-handedly Suppressing Demon’s Heart

When Troubled Times died, silence blanketed Demon City again as everyone stared at Shi Feng hovering in the air.

“He killed him, just like that?”

The city’s independent players had never thought Shi Feng would dare attack a player in the middle of Demon’s Heart’s Residence, yet he had done so without the slightest hesitation. He acted as if the Dark Guild’s members were nothing of consequence.

“He’s done it?”

Blue Frost and the other Zero Wing members from the Dark Den, who had watched the scene play out through a Magic Mirror, were especially dumbfounded.

They had never imagined that Shi Feng would successfully kill Troubled Times!

Moreover, their Guild Leader had done so as Demon’s Heart’s members watched. Blue Frost and his comrades felt as if they were dreaming.

They would’ve already been amazed if they managed to sneak into Demon City and assassinate Troubled Times, but Shi Feng had boldly and openly slain his prey…

While Zero Wing’s Dark Den members were stunned, Furious Heart, who stood within Demon’s Heart’s Residence, shot Shi Feng a furious look, his rage burning clear in his eyes.

“Black Flame! You and your entire Guild are dead! Not even our Guild Leader will let you get away with killing someone in our Residence, let alone Vice Guild Leader Flaming Light!” Furious Heart bellowed. He hadn’t actually expected Shi Feng to attack Troubled Times without a second thought. The attack had been so sudden that he hadn’t even had the time to try to save the Berserker.

A Guild Residence was a Guild’s most treasured location.

If word spread that Demon’s Heart couldn’t even protect a single player within its Residence, the Dark Guild’s reputation would suffer.

“Is that so?” Shi Feng asked, indifferently glancing down at Furious Heart. “Feel free to test us. Zero Wing is ready for whatever you can throw our way. If you have nothing else to say, I’ll be taking my leave.”

Every player in the Residence went into an uproar after hearing Shi Feng’s blatant disregard for their Guild.

“Crap! This bastard is too arrogant!”

“Elder Heart, let’s attack him together! I refuse to believe that we can’t end his miserable life!”

The Guild Elders in the Residence were incensed, and they tried to persuade Furious Heart to move against the Swordsman as a unit.

Troubled Times’ death was humiliating for Demon’s Heart, and if they allowed Shi Feng to leave safely, nothing would remain of the Guild’s reputation.

“No! Let him go!” Furious Heart growled through gritted teeth, gesturing for the Guild Elders to back away.

When Shi Feng realized that none of the Dark Guild’s members intended to strike, he turned and flew away from the Residence and Demon City.

“Are you just going to let him go, Heart?” the black-clad Viscount Elder demanded as he watched Shi Feng fly off.

“Do you really think that I don’t want to take his life right this instant?” Furious Heart hissed, glaring at the black-clad Elder. “Rather, do you think that anyone of you is strong enough to kill him?”

Rebellious Thunder was the strongest player in Demon City right now, but if Shi Feng could even slay Rebellious Thunder, what could they, who hadn’t even reached Demon Count rank, possibly achieve by fighting that Swordsman?

“Don’t we have the Demon Guards? I refuse to believe that he can survive a battle against over a dozen Tier 4 Demon Guards!” the black-clad Elder argued.

The Demon Guards in question weren’t like the Demon NPCs that had surrounded and subsequently fled from Shi Feng. Demon’s Heart didn’t have any control over the city’s NPCs, but its Demon Guards were a different story. If they paid the appropriate price, their Demon Guards would do everything in their power to take Shi Feng down.

The black-clad Elder had also estimated that Shi Feng could only control one Demon NPC with whatever means allowed him to do so. Controlling multiple Tier 4 Demons should be impossible.

If they sent over a dozen Tier 4 Demon Guards to surround Shi Feng, he wouldn’t stand a chance, even with the Demon Guard Captain on his side. Ending the Swordsman within Demon City was entirely possible.

“Do you assume that I haven’t thought of that?” Furious Heart shot back, rolling his eyes at the Elder. Grimly, he continued, “I considered mobilizing the Demon Guards the moment Black Flame arrived above the Residence, but when he did, the Demon Guards’ Basic Attributes fell by 30%. They wouldn’t even be able to deal with Black Flame in such a state, much less the Demon Guard Captain under his control.”

Shi Feng was already as powerful as a Tier 4 being, which he had proven in the fight against Rebellious Thunder when they had clashed as equals. With 30% less Basic Attributes, the Demon Guards had no chance against Shi Feng.

Shi Feng was a Domain Realm expert. Sending a bunch of dumb monsters with inferior Attributes to take him out would be nothing more than a joke.

“But it’s so frustrating watching him go unscathed!” the black-clad Elder hissed, gnashing his teeth as he watched Shi Feng’s figure move farther away.

Demon’s Heart had gone to great lengths to earn the prestige it had enjoyed in Demon City only minutes ago. Now that Shi Feng had dealt such a severe blow, restoring their reputation would take ages if they simply allowed him to leave.

“So what if he leaves? I’ve already notified the Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leader Light! Black Flame won’t enjoy this victory for long!” Furious Heart said, his eyes narrowing as he glared at Shi Feng’s departing figure.

At the moment, Demon’s Heart was indeed helpless before Shi Feng, but once the Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leader Flaming Light returned, it would be a different story. Those two individuals were the Guild’s true pillars of strength.

Even the Ten Saints Empire’s various superpowers feared those two players’ strength and the foundation they’d created for the Dark Guild, going as far as to form alliances in secret with Demon’s Heart.

Since Shi Feng had shredded Demon’s Heart’s reputation, the Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leader wouldn’t rest until the matter was settled.

While Shi Feng flew away from Demon’s Heart’s Residence, another commotion broke out among the city’s residents. “What?! Demon’s Heart actually let him get away?”

“Weren’t there quite a few Tier 4 Demon Guards stationed in Demon’s Heart’s Residence? Why didn’t the Guild mobilize them?”

“Is he even human?”

Shi Feng’s safe departure from the Dark Guild’s Residence stunned Demon City’s players. None of them had expected the invasion to end like this.

Demon’s Heart was one of the top dark powers in God’s Domain, yet not only had Shi Feng single-handedly broken into Demon City, Demon’s Heart’s main headquarters, but he had also slain Troubled Times within the Guild’s Residence. To top it all off, Shi Feng had flown away from the Residence unharmed.

No one would believe this story if they told it.

And yet, they had all watched it happen. Even more astonishing, Demon’s Heart had remained silent during the entire process. Not one of the Guild’s members had tried to attack Shi Feng.

They were all Demon players, absolute Dark Players. Starting a fight with someone over the slightest offense was normal for them, especially for Demon’s Heart’s members. However, even the Dark Guild’s members seemed afraid of a single human player. It was unbelievable!

While Shi Feng departed from Demon City, news of the encounter spread like wildfire throughout the Ten Saints Empire…