Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2536 - Slaying Troubled Times

Chapter 2536 _ Slaying Troubled Times

Burning Forest Region System Announcement: Human players have broken through Demon City’s defensive magic array. All Demon players based in Demon City will have their City Reputation reduced by 10 points and City Contribution, by 3,000 points. Boost to Power of Darkness will also be reduced by 20%.

Burning Forest Region System Announcement: Demon City’s defensive magic array has been broken. Ruling Guild of the city will have its Popularity reduced by 5,000 points. All benefits provided by Demon City will be halved for 7 natural days. All quests given out in Demon City will have their rewards reduced by 30%.

The system announcement repeated throughout the Burning Forest three times, causing a deathly silence to befall the forest.

“Someone broke through Demon City’s defensive magic array?”

“Didn’t they say that even the Ten Saints Empire’s NPC army was helpless against Demon City? How could players possibly break through the city’s defensive magic array?”

“Who did it?”

Could it be those people Demon’s Heart placed a bounty on before?”

The Demon players grinding and questing inside the Burning Forest were flabbergasted by the system announcement. Some players even fell into a daze in battle and nearly got themselves killed by monsters.

Since Demon City’s construction until now, aside from Battle Wolves, no power or player had truly managed to put pressure on Demon City. Now, however, not only did someone put pressure on Demon City, but they had even destroyed the city’s defensive magic array. This was simply unbelievable.

The shock the Demon players felt upon receiving this piece of information was akin to human players hearing about some other player breaking through the defenses of a kingdom’s capital. It was simply unthinkable.

Meanwhile, inside Demon City, the resident players remained in a daze long after the incident. Like robots that had jammed, their mouths kept opening and closing wordlessly as they stared up into the empty sky above them.

“Damn it! How did he do it?! This is a Main City-level defensive magic array!” As Furious Heart stared at Shi Feng hovering in the sky, unprecedented shock filled him. He never imagined that Shi Feng would actually succeed in destroying Demon City’s defensive magic array.

Back when the Ten Saints Empire’s army had attacked, it had taken a Tier 5 Divine Official to destroy the city’s defensive magic array. The defensive magic array had stood strong even under the bombardment of over a dozen Tier 4 NPCs.

Now, however, Shi Feng—a Tier 3 player—had single-handedly destroyed the city’s defensive magic array. Moreover, he had accomplished this feat with just one attack.

This was definitely a bug!

However, it was also almost impossible for the Main God System to make an error. Even if there were an error in the system, it wouldn’t be on such a monumental scale.

What Furious Heart did not know was that, in God’s Domain, all magic arrays had weaknesses; the defensive magic array of major cities was no exception. They all had Mana junctions that were much more fragile compared to the other parts of the magic array.

Normally, though, ordinary players couldn’t locate these weak points. Moreover, with how large a city-scale defensive magic array was, trying to find these weak points was akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

However, that was not the case for Shi Feng. After he became an Intermediate Master Magician, his understanding of magic arrays had reached completely new heights. Now, let alone Demon City’s defensive magic array, even if faced with a Main City-level defensive magic array of a kingdom that had been existence for over a century, he was still confident he could find the magic array’s weak points.

Previously, Shi Feng had planned to break through Demon City’s defensive magic array by having the Black Dragon attack the magic array’s weak points. However, the damage tolerance of the weak points exceeded the amount of damage the Black Dragon could inflict. As a result, the Black Dragon only managed to shave off a certain amount of the magic array’s energy reserves with its attacks.

However, after gaining control over the Tier 4 Demon Guard Captain, he was able to have the Guard Captain and Black Dragon attack the same location simultaneously, thereby combining their Strength and executing an attack that exceeded the magic array’s damage tolerance. Only then did he succeed in instantly shattering Demon City’s defensive magic array. If not for the Guard Captain falling into his control, he really would have been helpless against Demon City.

Meanwhile, as everyone remained stunned by this unexpected development, Shi Feng, who had Gale Domain activated, flew to the space above Demon’s Heart’s Residence. He then quietly observed the crowded Residence below him.

“Troubled Times, it’s your turn now!” Shi Feng said when he spotted Troubled Times, ignoring the tens of thousands of Demon’s Heart members around.

Shi Feng’s words were akin to a death knell. Upon hearing these words, Demon’s Heart’s members could not help but turn to look at Troubled Times, who stood at a corner of the Residence’s plaza, pity appearing in their eyes.

Troubled Times should’ve been safe after escaping to Demon City. Now, however, that was no longer true.

If Shi Feng could destroy even Demon City’s defensive magic array in a single attack, who could possibly stand up to him?

Even if Shi Feng had relied on the strength of the Demon Guard Captain to accomplish this feat, this could also be considered a portion of the Swordsman’s strength. After all, not everyone was capable of controlling a Tier 4 Great Demon—a Demon NPC, at that.

“Black Flame, you’d better not go too far! This is Demon’s Heart’s Residence!” Furious Heart bellowed when he saw that Shi Feng was completely ignoring Demon’s Heart’s members. “You’ve already destroyed Demon City’s defensive magic array and caused Demon’s Heart’s prestige to plummet! If you kill Troubled Times, you’ll make an out-and-out enemy of Demon’s Heart! You’d better think this through clearly!”

Shi Feng’s strength was indeed terrifying.

However, Demon’s Heart was not an existence to provoke easily. It was the first Dark Guild in God’s Domain to establish a city for Demons. In an era where dark powers were flourishing, even Super Guilds would not dare to offend Demon’s Heart casually.

Demon’s Heart might not have the ability to deal with a monster like Shi Feng, but Zero Wing was a different story. A Guild was different from an individual. A Guild was an organization made up of thousands, and possibly even millions, of players.

So long as Demon’s Heart slaughtered Zero Wing’s other members, even if Shi Feng remained unharmed, Zero Wing would still fall into ruin.

This was also the reason why the Ten Saints Empire’s various superpowers chose to take a step back when dealing with Demon’s Heart.

“So what? Do you think Zero Wing is a Guild you can casually provoke?” Shi Feng said as he glanced askance at Furious Heart.

The Black Dragon immediately descended from the skies and appeared above Troubled Times. It then swiped a claw at the Berserker.



When Troubled Times saw the mountain-like claw smashing down toward him, he instinctively activated Demonification, followed by a Lifesaving Skill to protect himself.

Unfortunately, before a Tier 3 Dragon, a Tier 3 Demon player like Troubled Times was no different from an ant. When the Black Dragon’s claw came into contact with Troubled Times, the Berserker got crushed into the ground and died just like that.