Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2535 - Silent Demon City They're running?"

Chapter 2535 – Silent Demon City They’re running?”

“What’s up with these Demon NPCs?”

Seeing Morpheus and the other Demon NPCs suddenly turning around and fleeing left Demon City’s resident players confused. The NPCs had surrounded Shi Feng’s Black Dragon and were even prepared to take action against it. In the end, however, they had fled as soon as Shi Feng himself appeared before them.

What was going on here?

At this moment, let alone Demon City’s resident players, even Demon’s Heart’s members, who held actual authority over Demon City, were stunned by this situation.

“What did he do? Why are the Demon NPCs afraid of him?” Furious Heart was astounded as he stared at Shi Feng, who was currently chanting an incantation in the sky.

The intellect of Tier 4 Demon NPCs was not the slightest bit inferior to players’. It was almost impossible for players to gain any advantage over them. Before these Demon NPCs, current players were nothing but a joke. These Demon NPCs could squash current players like ants.

Not to mention, these Demon NPCs had remained calm even when fighting a Tier 5 Divine Official. Moreover, in the end, they had repelled the Ten Saints Empire’s NPC army, allowing Demon City to establish a foothold in the empire.

Now, however, these Demon NPCs actually fled like startled mice.

However, before Furious Heart could figure out what was going on, Shi Feng finished chanting the final verse of his incantation. His gaze then locked on to a nearby Level 134, Tier 4 Demon Viscount, who served as the captain of Morpheus’s personal security team.

“In the name of the ruler of Demons, submit to my will!”

Pitch-black chains suddenly appeared around the Level 134 Guard Captain, giving off an indescribable pressure that made all the Demon NPCs and Demon players shudder involuntarily.

“No! Don’t take away my will!” the Guard Captain shouted as it struggled intensely to repulse the assault of the pitch- black chains.

Unfortunately, all its efforts were futile, as the pitch-black chains simply ignored the Guard Captain’s resistance and merged with its body.

In the next moment, the struggling Guard Captain turned sluggish, and its eyes became cloudy. It was as if the Guard Captain had just had its soul sucked away.

“What did he do?”

“He actually managed to deal with a bona fide Tier 4 Demon Viscount with just one move?”

Every Demon player present gaped in shock at this scene. This was a Tier 4 NPC of Demon City. The combat power it possessed far exceeded that of Tier 4 Great Demons in the outside world. Not to mention, the Demon NPC in question was even a Great Demon that held the rank of Viscount. Its strength practically rivaled that of Tier 4 Heroes.

Now, however, the Demon in question had actually stopped moving.

It worked? Shi Feng breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw the Guard Captain stop moving.

The Bible of Darkness held considerable deterrence over Demons. In its current state, only Demon King-level Demons could resist its power. Demons beneath Demon Kings would instinctively fear the Bible.

However, using the Bible of Darkness to take control of Demons was not easy. On the surface, the Bible of Darkness’s Demon Ruler had a 12% chance of successfully controlling a Demonic Creature, so long as the target was not more than 30 levels and two tiers higher than the user. In reality, however, the stronger the targeted Demon, the lower the chances of controlling it.

With Shi Feng’s current self, if he tried to control Morpheus, who was a Demon Marquis, his chances of success would most likely be lower than 1%. This was why he had chosen the Viscount-ranked Guard Captain as his target.

Even so, Shi Feng never thought that he would successfully control the Guard Captain on the first try; hence, he had planned on multiple attempts. After all, Demon Ruler had a Cooldown of only five minutes. If once was not enough, he could simply try a second or third time.

As for the possibility of the Demon NPCs of Demon City attacking him, he didn’t have to worry about that at all.

The Bible of Darkness held an absolute suppression over Demonic Creatures, although this suppression was not particularly effective against Demon players. So long as he held the Bible of Darkness, all Demonic Creatures below Tier 6 would fear him; Tier 5 Demon Kings were no exception. Not only would these Demonic Creatures have their Basic Attributes drastically decreased, but even their intellect would be affected quite significantly.

Moreover, if worst comes to worst, he still had the Seven Luminaries Ring. He could escape to safety whenever he wanted to. Hence, he did not fear Demon City’s NPCs at all.

These factors were why he dared come to Demon City.

After Shi Feng took control of the Guard Captain, however, the other fleeing Demon NPCs promptly halted their retreat and turned to glare at Shi Feng and the controlled Guard Captain, vigilance and rage burning in their eyes.

It seems these Demons are aware that I can use Demon Ruler only once within a short period but are afraid of recklessly approaching me due to their hypersensitive nature. Shi Feng smiled as he swept a glance at the vigilant Demon NPCs. “Unfortunately, you are already too late!”

After saying so, he controlled the Black Dragon and had it fly over to his side. He then had it launch another attack at Demon City’s magic barrier.

“What?! He’s still trying to attack the magic barrier?”

“I don’t know why the Demon NPCs are so afraid of him, but he is still a hundred years too early if he thinks he can destroy Demon City’s barrier!”

Demon’s Heart’s members were very surprised by Shi Feng’s ability to terrify the Demon NPCs. However, that was it. Their emotions were limited to surprise. After all, while the Demon NPCs were afraid to leave the city to deal with Shi Feng, Shi Feng still could not enter Demon City.

However, as soon as Demon’s Heart’s members finished speaking, the Demon Guard Captain that had turned sluggish suddenly started moving. And to everyone’s surprise, the Guard Captain cast the Tier 4 Curse Dark Star at the same point that the Black Dragon had attacked.

In the next moment, the Black Dragon’s claw smashed into the magic barrier’s outer surface. At the same time, a gigantic, pitch-black star also smashed into the magic barrier’s inner surface.


Upon receiving attacks from both inside and outside, the defensive magic array instantly shattered. Cracks bloomed all over the magic barrier that protected Demon City.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

In just a few seconds, the cracks had extended throughout the magic barrier. When looking up from Demon City right now, the spectating Demon players found themselves looking at a cracked sky.


Absolute silence!

At this moment, as if time had frozen for Demon City, every player residing in the city was gazing at the sky in stunned silence, both their eyes and mouths wide open.

Just then, a series of system notifications entered the ears of all Demon players operating within the Burning Forest Region, the emotionless voice of the system echoing in their minds for a long time.