Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2534 - Frightened Demons "What?! He's really going to siege the city!?"

“This is Demon City we’re talking about! Is he insane!?”

When the resident players of Demon City heard Shi Feng’s words, they were stunned. They never thought that Shi Feng actually intended to attack Demon City directly. This revelation was as if someone had just told them that there were players seeking to attack the capital city of an NPC kingdom. This had to be a joke.

In the next moment, however, the Black Dragon ruthlessly smashed its claw into the magic barrier protecting the city. The instant the claw started descending, it transformed into a gigantic phantom claw that blotted out the sky.


The sky thundered and the earth shook when the phantom claw collided with the translucent barrier. The intense shockwaves even shattered the surrounding space like glass. The power of this claw attack was many times greater than that of the Dragon Breath the Black Dragon used before.

“What power!” Regretful Wind, who had just exited the bar he visited, was shocked as he looked at the trembling magic barrier above him. “Demon City’s defensive magic array doesn’t react so violently even when a Tier 4 NPC goes all-out! Just how strong is that Black Dragon’s attack?”

There was nobody in Demon City that did not know how strong Demon City’s defensive magic array was.

When Demon City was first constructed, the Ten Saints Empire had once dispatched an NPC army to attack it. Back then, however, even when multiple Tier 4 NPCs bombarded the city’s defensive magic array with everything they had, the magic array didn’t vibrate at all. The NPC army broke through the city’s defensive magic array only with the help of a Tier 5 Divine Official.

The Black Dragon Shi Feng summoned, on the other hand, was only Tier 3. At best, its strength should only be on par with Tier 4 NPCs. Now, however, the Black Dragon had actually made Demon City’s magic barrier shake so violently with just a single attack. This situation was simply unbelievable.

“Insane! He must be insane!” Flame Feather was confused when she saw the Black Dragon bombarding the city’s magic barrier. “By attacking the magic barrier, he’s basically declaring his intent to siege the city! Even Battle Wolves didn’t dare do such a thing! With this, Demon’s Heart’s members won’t be the only ones taking action! Demon City’s NPCs will take action as well! Does Black Flame not know this!?”

It might be fine if Demon City were just a Guild City. After all, Guild Cities fully belonged to players. However, NPCs partially owned Demon City.

This was why Demon players like herself were confident that there were no players capable of threatening Demon City’s continued existence at this stage of the game.

Back when Battle Wolves sent its army on a crusade against Demon City, it had only set out to kill the Demon players operating around Demon City, which would, in turn, weaken Demon City’s strength. It had never intended to attack Demon City directly.

Now, however, Shi Feng had actually attacked Demon City’s magic barrier. He was simply tired of living.

Meanwhile, inside Demon’s Heart’s Residence, when Troubled Times saw the city’s magic barrier still standing despite suffering multiple attacks from the Black Dragon, he breathed out a sigh of relief. Previously, he had very nearly thought that Shi Feng would shatter the city’s magic barrier.

Fortunately, the Black Dragon’s attacks were only making the barrier tremble. In other words, the Black Dragon’s attacks were still within the barrier’s range of tolerance.

“He really took action?” Furious Heart was stunned by this situation. He never thought that Shi Feng would actually attack Demon City directly.

“Hahaha! He’s doomed now! By the time the Vice Guild Leader returns, the city’s Great Demon NPCs would’ve long since taken care of him!” laughed the black-clad Elder standing beside Furious Heart.

Originally, their side had been helpless against Shi Feng. The only thing they could do was hide inside Demon City’s protection and await their Vice Guild Leader’s team’s return.

However, Shi Feng had lost all reason and actually launched an attack on Demon City. With this, all they needed to do now was sit back and watch the city’s Great Demon NPCs dispose of Shi Feng.

These Great Demon NPCs were much stronger than human NPCs. The Demon Monarch that ruled the city was even a frightening existence on par with the Heroes of humans. Current players would be helpless against him.

“Guild Leader?”

At this moment, let alone the resident players of Demon City, even Blue Frost and the others following after Shi Feng were stunned by this situation.

In their opinion, it would’ve been perfect if they could somehow sneak into Demon City and leave swiftly. They never thought that Shi Feng would actually take direct action against Demon City!

However, before Blue Frost and the others could react, over a dozen Great Demons flew out of Demon City. Not only were all these Great Demons at Level 130 or above, but they also radiated a stifling aura. This was especially true for the dignified man flying in the lead of the group of Great Demons.

The man wore exquisite, crimson armor and held an icy war axe in his hand. And surprisingly, he looked nothing like a Demon and very much like a human. However, if one used an Identification Skill on this man, they would discover that he wasn’t human at all but a bona fide Demon. Moreover, he was a Great Demon with an extremely prestigious Bloodline.

[Morpheus (Demon Monarch)] (Great Demon, 2-star Demon Marquis) Level 135

HP 700,000,000/700,000,000

The Great Demons quickly surrounded the Black Dragon, leaving it with no room to escape.

“Dragon! This is the Demon race’s city! You don’t belong here!” Morpheus declared in a cold tone as he looked at the Black Dragon.

Meanwhile, upon hearing Morpheus’s words, the resident players of Demon City promptly went into an uproar. “Quick, look! Our City Lord is taking action!”

“Black Flame is overestimating himself! Not only did he offend Demon’s Heart, but he also dared to touch Demon City! He’s doomed now!”

“Black Flame really is courageous. However, I wonder how long he’ll be able to stand up against Morpheus?”

NPCs rarely took action against players. Hence, many players were curious to see the strength of NPCs, especially Demon NPCs.

Now that there was an opportunity to watch Demon NPCs fight a monster-level expert like Shi Feng, everyone naturally grew excited.

In response to this situation, Demon’s Heart’s members started smiling.

With over a dozen Tier 4 Great Demons taking action, even a Tier 4 Hero should not dream of escaping unharmed, let alone a Tier 3 player like Shi Feng.

However, while Demon’s Heart’s members were feeling elated over Shi Feng’s foolish behavior, a sigh came from the Black Dragon.

“Sure enough, it is impossible to destroy this magic barrier using only the strength of a Tier 3 Dragon. It seems I have no choice but to get serious.”

Although Shi Feng had spoken in a calm tone, when his voice was relayed through the Black Dragon, it had been loudly amplified. As a result, everyone inside Demon City heard him very clearly.

“What does he mean?”

“He still hasn’t gotten serious until now?”

“An act! He’s definitely putting on an act!”

When Demon’s Heart’s members heard Shi Feng’s words, they instinctively thought that he was putting on an act and that he was actually at his wit’s end already.

“What?! He still has a trump card he hasn’t used?!”

Regretful Wind, however, did not think that Shi Feng was boasting. At the same time, though, he also felt that the Swordsman couldn’t possess a trump card stronger than the Black Dragon.

However, before anyone could deduce anything from Shi Feng’s words, the Black Dragon suddenly disappeared, leaving Shi Feng himself in its place. At this moment, though, Shi Feng held a thick, ancient tome in his hands, and this tome woke an instinctual fear in every Demon player in the city.

“Damn it! Why is it in your hands?!” Morpheus’s complexion changed dramatically when he saw the ancient tome that Shi Feng held.

Before the Demon players present could react to the situation, Morpheus turned around and fled back into Demon City. Moreover, he wasn’t alone. The dozen or so other Great Demons also revealed fearful expressions as they zoomed back to the city.