Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2533 - Siege?

Chapter 2533 – Siege?

Demon City, Demon’s Heart’s Residence:

“Rebellious Thunder died? How is that possible?”

Standing inside the darkness training room, Furious Heart was stunned when he heard his subordinate’s report.

What happened?

Previously, in order to frighten off Shi Feng’s team, he had specifically approved the decision to send Rebellious Thunder to meet with Shi Feng to warn the Swordsman to leave Demon City and offer the possibility of a future partnership between their two Guilds.

Now, however, he had received news that not only had Shi Feng refused their kind offer, but Rebellious Thunder had also died.

“There must be some kind of miscommunication. Rebellious Thunder is a Demon Count. With his strength, let alone Zero Wing’s experts, he wouldn’t have any problems going up against even the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters. Moreover, he was standing before Demon City’s entrance. He should’ve still had the buff from the city’s magic array. How could he possibly have been killed?” the black-clad Elder, who was a Tier 3 Demon Viscount, exclaimed in astonishment.

Rebellious Thunder was one of Demon’s Heart’s strongest experts. While inside Demon City, he could fight even Tier 4 NPCs. It was also due to Rebellious Thunder’s presence that the Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leader had left on a distant expedition without worrying about Demon City’s affairs.

Now, however, he was being told that Rebellious Thunder had died. How could he possibly believe this?

“News of this matter has already spread throughout the city. Moreover, the fight was recorded by many players,” the Tier 3 Assassin who had come to report on this matter said with a bitter smile as he faced Furious Heart and the other Guild Elders present.

Previously, he had also denied the validity of this information when he received the report of his subordinate. However, after watching the battle videos going viral on the official forums, he had no choice but to believe it. He then shared one of the better videos recorded with the Guild Elders present.

In the video, a thirty-meter-tall Black Dragon could be seen sending the Demonized Rebellious Thunder flying with a combat technique. Immediately afterward, the Black Dragon vaporized Rebellious Thunder and created a small canyon before Demon City using its Dragon Breath…

When the video ended, silence fell over the entire training room.

“So, this thing was the cause of the previous shaking?” Furious Heart’s complexion turned grim as he gazed at the Black Dragon in the video.

A Dragon!

Although the Black Dragon was only a Tier 3 Infant Dragon, it possessed astonishing strength. If the Black Dragon could kill even a monster like Rebellious Thunder in a single hit, aside from the Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leader Flaming Light, nobody in Demon’s Heart posed a threat to it.

“Elder Heart, what should we do? If Black Flame is capable of killing even Vice Commander Thunder, I’m afraid he can kill me easily once he enters the city,” Troubled Times said worriedly after witnessing the Black Dragon’s strength.

Troubled Times never dreamed that Shi Feng would have such a frightening trump card saved up. He had clearly fled to a Demon territory already. Non-Demon players couldn’t use any Berserk Skills here. However, Shi Feng actually had the ability to transform his doppelganger into a Dragon. For a moment, Troubled Times had a feeling that the Main God System was playing a joke on him.

“Commander Troubled, you don’t have to worry too much. Black Flame’s trump card might be powerful, but the duration in which his doppelganger can remain in Dragon form should be very limited. The transformation will last for a few minutes, at most,” Furious Heart said calmly. “Moreover, he can only strut around outside Demon City. Without our invitation, he shouldn’t even think of entering. All you need to do is rest inside our Residence and wait until the tracking mark on you disappears.”

“That’s right. He is merely a human player. Even if he can summon a Dragon, it is merely a Tier 3 Dragon. It might be strong against players like us, but it is far from sufficient for dealing with the Demon NPCs inside the city. Not to mention, Demon City still has a defensive magic array. Non-Demon players without an invitation can’t enter the city. You can relax and rest here,” the black-clad Demon Viscount Elder said, nodding in agreement with Furious Heart’s words. “Once the Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leader return, Black Flame is doomed!”

Rebellious Thunder’s death was indeed surprising. The fact that Shi Feng could summon a Dragon was even more shocking.

However, this was only at the standard of players. Before the NPCs of God’s Domain, these things were nothing. Not to mention, they were currently standing inside Demon City.

Demon City was far more powerful than the NPC cities found in the outside world. It had not only an army of Demon NPCs defending it but also the protection of one of the Demon race’s 72 Great Demon Marquises.

Let alone Zero Wing, even if all of the Ten Saints Empire’s superpowers joined hands, they still wouldn’t be capable of taking down Demon City.

All Shi Feng’s team could do was act arrogantly outside Demon City. Once Demon’s Heart’s main force returned, Shi Feng’s team would have nowhere to run!

“That’s a Dragon we’re talking about. Can Demon City’s defensive magic array really stop it?” Troubled Times could not help asking worriedly. He wasn’t doubting Furious Heart. It was just that Shi Feng was far too frightening. After all, the Swordsman had survived an attack from a Demon King’s Hand. Troubled Times truly could not bring himself to relax in this situation.

“This is Demon City. A Tier 4 Dragon might be a different story, but a Tier 3 Dragon can, at most, roar at the city. We don’t need to pay Black Flame any mind,” Furious Heart assured him confidently.

The other Demon’s Heart members present rolled their eyes at Troubled Times’s anxious behavior. The reason why Demon players like themselves could establish themselves in the Ten Saints Empire was precisely the helplessness of the empire’s various superpowers against Demon City. Those superpowers could only watch from the sidelines as the city developed rapidly. Anyone who said that Shi Feng could break through the city’s defenses all by himself would be joking.

While Troubled Times and Demon’s Heart’s Elders were discussing this matter, the players residing in Demon City had gone into an uproar.

“Amazing! The Black Dragon actually managed to instant-kill Rebellious Thunder under Demon City’s protection! This is the first time Demon’s Heart suffered such a loss since Demon City’s construction!”

“It’s no wonder Demon’s Heart offered such an astronomical bounty before. Zero Wing really isn’t a force to be trifled with.”

“Even the Ten Saints Empire’s various superpowers are helpless against Demon’s Heart. Just what kind of Guild is Zero Wing?”

Due to Rebellious Thunder’s death, the players inside Demon City grew interested in Zero Wing. Many adventurer teams had even started looking into Zero Wing in order to find out what kind of Guild it was.

As Demon City’s resident players were making a fuss over this matter, Shi Feng manipulated the Black Dragon and had it fly above Demon City and hover above Demon’s Heart’s Residence.

This situation created another stir among Demon City’s resident players.

“What is he trying to do?”

He’s not trying to break into the city, right?”

“This is Demon City. How can players possibly enter it by force? He’s probably trying to scare us.”

The players inside Demon’s Heart’s Residence also quickly took notice of the thirty-meter-tall Black Dragon. For a time, everyone there discussed the Black Dragon, wondering what Shi Feng was trying to do.

“Elder Heart, the defensive magic array shouldn’t have a problem stopping the Dragon, right?” Troubled Times could not help asking as he eyed the Black Dragon in the sky.

“Relax. If it’s only capable of executing attacks like the one before, Black Flame shouldn’t even think of getting into the city, even if he attacks for an hour continuously,” Furious Heart replied. Turning to look at the Black Dragon in the sky, he continued in a disdainful tone, “Vice Guild Leader Light has already received the news about Black Flame. He’ll be returning with his team very soon. Black Flame can only act arrogantly for now.”

However, as soon as Furious Heart finished speaking, Shi Feng’s voice suddenly came from above the city.

“Troubled Times, don’t think that Demon City can protect you!”

In the next moment, a frightening amount of Mana started gathering before the Black Dragon, the area within a 300- yard radius of the Black Dragon getting depleted of Mana.

First Sword, Lightshadow!