Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2532 - Black Dragon's Might

Everyone instinctively refused to believe that a Dragon had appeared before them.

In God’s Domain, Dragons were synonymous with destruction. They could easily destroy entire kingdoms and empires. Any location that had a Dragon appear there would automatically be viewed as a forbidden land for players; Demon players were no exception to this rule. Only death awaited them if they came across a Dragon.

Hence, how could a player possibly summon a Dragon?

However, the powerful aura and pressure, which stemmed from a massive difference in Life Rating, the Black Dragon gave off was undoubtedly real.

At this moment, aside from the Demon players present, Blue Frost and the others standing behind Shi Feng were likewise astonished by this situation. They never thought that their Guild Leader would possess such a trump card.

“No! Something’s not right! That Dragon seems to be only at Tier 3! It’s not a Tier 5 Adult Dragon!” a Tier 3 Demon Ranger, who had used an Identification Skill on the Black Dragon, suddenly shouted.

Upon hearing this Ranger’s announcement, everyone immediately reacted to the situation.

“It really is a Tier 3 Dragon!”

“I knew it! I knew it was impossible for a player to summon an Adult Dragon!”

“Even so, that Black Flame is still plenty amazing. I’m afraid even the vice commander will be helpless against a Tier 3 Dragon.”

When Demon’s Heart’s members saw that the Black Dragon was merely a Level 111, Tier 3 Infant Dragon, they breathed out a sigh of relief.

As far as they knew, most Dragons that appeared before players were Tier 5 Adult Dragons, and even the weakest among them were Tier 4 Infant Dragons. They were not existences that current players could hope to go up against.

However, a Tier 3 Infant Dragon was a different story.

The reason why Dragons were considered the apex race in God’s Domain and possessed overwhelming strength was their incredibly high Life Rating and Growth Potential. They gained much more Basic Attributes than any other race from each level up. Every increase in their tier would also grant them a qualitative transformation. Hence, after reaching Tier 5 and becoming an adult, a Dragon would possess the strength to devastate countries.

A Tier 3 Dragon, on the other hand, might still be invincible among those of the same tier, but it posed a much-lesser threat than Dragons at Tier 4 or above.

“It’s no wonder why you dare provoke Demon’s Heart,” Rebellious Thunder said as he looked at the Black Dragon looming above him. Currently, he, too, was feeling intense pressure from the Dragon. However, instead of despair rising, Rebellious Thunder’s fighting spirit flared. He leaped toward the Black Dragon, shouting, “However, don’t even think that a Tier 3 Dragon is enough to force Demon’s Heart to step back!”

Dragons indeed possessed a strength that made them unrivaled among those of the same tier. However, a Demon Count, like himself, also possessed such strength. Moreover, he was currently wielding Cruel Darkness, one of the Demon race’s 16 Magic Weapons. If he combined that with his techniques, he was confident he could fight even a Tier 3 Dragon.

In the next moment, Rebellious Thunder raised Cruel Darkness and executed a slash at the Black Dragon, with Power of Darkness wrapped around the greatsword. Space split apart wherever the greatsword passed.

Tier 3 Skill, Blazing Slash!

“What a powerful move! You can definitely send a Mythic monster flying with this move,” Shi Feng said in admiration as he looked at the pitch-black greatsword descending toward the Black Dragon. “Unfortunately, you made a basic mistake. What you’re going up against isn’t an ordinary Tier 3 Dragon, but a Tier 3 Dragon that I am controlling!”

After Shi Feng said so, his doppelganger took action, sending a claw swinging at the descending greatsword.

Secret Technique, Lightning Flash!

The gigantic claw transformed into streaks of light that clashed with the pitch-black sword.


Accompanied by the sound of an explosion, the pitch-black sword shattered, the frightening recoil sending Rebellious Thunder flying back like a cannonball. In the blink of an eye, Rebellious Thunder’s body crashed into Demon City’s curtain wall, his HP instantly decreasing by more than 300,000.

“How is that possible?!”

“How can a summoned creature use a combat technique?!”

For a time, everyone stared at the Black Dragon’s proud figure in shock and confusion. In fact, the shock they felt right now was even greater than what they felt previously, when they thought Shi Feng had summoned a Tier 4 or Tier 5 Dragon.

In God’s Domain, although players could summon and control powerful creatures to fight for them, after all was said and done, they weren’t controlling their own bodies. Hence, they could only conduct subpar battles with their summoned creatures. Executing combat techniques that required nimble and precise movements from the physical body using a summoned creature would be beyond them.

Now, however, not only did Shi Feng execute a combat technique through the Black Dragon he summoned, but the complexity of the combat technique he executed was also extremely high. For a moment, everyone felt as if the system was playing a joke on them.

What no one knew was that Shi Feng had already reached the Realms of Truth’s Ascension Realm. The control he possessed over his physical body had long since surpassed the standard of ordinary people. Although it was extremely difficult to execute Lightning Flash through the Black Dragon, he could, although just barely. However, the power of the technique was far inferior to when he executed the technique with his own body. Even so, combined with the power of the Black Dragon, it wasn’t an attack Rebellious Thunder could block.

Meanwhile, after landing a successful blow, Shi Feng did not give Rebellious Thunder any opportunity to recollect himself. The Black Dragon immediately opened its maw at Rebellious Thunder.

Dragon Breath!

In the next moment, a dazzling beam of light devoured Rebellious Thunder, who was embedded in Demon City’s wall, and brightly illuminated the area before Demon City’s main entrance. The frightening shockwave of the attack vaporized all Demon’s Heart members standing in the vicinity of the beam and shook the entire Demon City slightly. In fact, cracks even appeared on the city’s sturdy walls.




For a time, shock and fear filled everyone present, particularly the Demon’s Heart members who just barely survived the shockwave of the Dragon Breath. They could not help but goggle in stunned silence at the steaming canyon that had formed beside them.

“So, this is a Dragon?”

Regretful Wind and the others who were spectating the fight from inside Demon City shuddered at this outcome.

After all, the Black Dragon was simply too strong!

With just one attack, the Black Dragon had instantly vaporized Rebellious Thunder, who was a Demon Count. The only thing left in Rebellious Thunder’s place was a pitch-black blade.

Earlier, despite suffering from the Black Dragon’s combat technique, Rebellious Thunder still had over 5 million HP remaining. Even if Rebellious Thunder simply stood in place without defending himself, a Tier 4 Mythic monster would still need quite some time to kill him. However, Shi Feng’s Black Dragon had used only one attack to turn Rebellious Thunder into nothing.


When the Demon’s Heart members snapped out of their daze, their originally calm and arrogant composure instantly crumbled, and they fled frantically toward Demon City.

What a joke!

Aside from Rebellious Thunder, everyone else in the team was only a Demon Viscount or Demon Baron. Since the Black Dragon could kill Rebellious Thunder with one hit, it could naturally do the same to them. In fact, the Black Dragon might only need a single claw swipe to finish off the rest of them.

Upon seeing this scene, the spectating Demon players were stupefied.

Were these fleeing players really the same Demon’s Heart experts they knew of?

Normally, every one of Demon’s Heart’s members was an arrogant prick. They behaved as if they were entirely different creatures from other players. Even the members of Demon City’s top three adventurer teams were afraid of Demon’s Heart’s experts.

Now, however, these same experts from Demon’s Heart were actually fleeing from Shi Feng like mice that had just come across a cat. This was definitely the first time such a situation had happened since Demon City’s construction. Even when going up against Battle Wolves, Demon’s Heart’s experts had not retreated even an inch.

Meanwhile, the shocking news of Rebellious Thunder’s death and Demon’s Heart’s members’ frantic retreat also quickly spread throughout Demon City.