Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2530 - Normal State?

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, silence fell over the area.

A provocation!

This was a blatant provocation!

“This guy must be insane! He actually intends to become enemies with Demon’s Heart!”

“He dares slap Demon’s Heart’s face as well?”

“He’s dead for sure now! Even if Demon’s Heart wants to let him off the hook, Rebellious Thunder definitely won’t let him get away with this!”

The spectating Demon players were flabbergasted by Shi Feng’s unyielding behavior. They never thought that he would react that way.

In their opinion, Shi Feng and his team’s reaching Demon City’s front door was already a plenty amazing feat. In fact, their achievement had even dragged down Demon’s Heart’s prestige significantly. After accomplishing all this, Shi Feng should’ve wisely retreated instead of pushing the envelope. After all, Demon’s Heart was far stronger than Demon City’s top three adventurer teams. Even the Ten Saints Empire’s various superpowers did not dare to offend the Guild.

Moreover, it had always been impossible for Shi Feng to fulfill his goal of killing Troubled Times in Demon City. Although Demon City might seem like a player-constructed city, it was, in reality, a partial-NPC city. The city was protected not only by players but also by quite a number of Great Demon NPCs—including a Great Demon Monarch. The Demon Monarch was a bona fide Demon Marquis and was one of the Seventy-two Great Demon Marquises of God’s Domain, only one rank below the highest rank of Duke. It was not an existence that current players could hope to go up against at all. With the Demon Monarch protecting Demon City, breaking into the city and killing Troubled Times would be absolutely impossible.

Meanwhile, after Rebellious Thunder heard Shi Feng’s words, his complexion darkened immediately.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, it seems you are intent on challenging Demon’s Heart’s bottom line!” Rebellious Thunder snarled as he glared at Shi Feng. “Since you wish for battle, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Suddenly, dense darkness energy flowed out of Rebellious Thunder’s body, and his body started undergoing a significant transformation. Not only did he double in size, but pitch-black demonic patterns also appeared all over his body. At the same time, the intensity of the aura he radiated skyrocketed, the aura so strong that the spectating Demon players gasped in shock.

“Amazing! So, this is the strength of a Demon Count?”

“The Power of Darkness he radiates is so strong! It’s practically denser than the Great Demon NPCs’ inside the city! Just how powerful will his Demon Skills become with such a strong Power of Darkness?”

Black Flame is doomed now.”

The spectating Demon players exclaimed in shock at Rebellious Thunder’s transformation. Although they had long since known that Demon City’s two Guilds possessed Demon Count-level experts, they had never seen a Demon Count in action before. They only knew that the Count rank was a major turning point for Demon players and that players couldn’t reach the rank without frightening strength and resources.

Looking at Rebellious Thunder now, however, rather than calling the Count rank a major turning point, calling it a leap in tiers would be more apt.

At this moment, even with only ordinary Identification Skills, one would realize that Rebellious Thunder transcended the realm of ordinary. Just his current HP was as high as 6 million; previously, his HP was only a little more than 1 million. Aside from HP, Rebellious Thunder should’ve also received a similarly massive boost to his Defense, Basic Attributes, and physique after Demonification.

After Rebellious Thunder activated Demonification, Regretful Wind and the other spectators in the bar near Demon City’s main entrance were shocked.

“Sure enough, a Demon Count really is frightening! It’s no wonder those two Guilds have been keeping all information about the rank a secret all this time!” Helpless Smile looked enviously at Rebellious Thunder, who now rivaled a Tier 4 Great Demon in terms of strength. “Now, not only has Rebellious Thunder transformed into a Demon Count, but he also wields Cruel Darkness, one of the Demon race’s 16 Magic Weapons. He also has Demon City’s buff, which all Demon players get. With all that, I’m afraid that aside from those three people, nobody in the entire Demon City is his match.”

Rebellious Thunder was originally a monster-level expert working for a Super Guild. However, after entering God’s Domain, Demon’s Heart had poached him by offering a munificent package. With the help of Cruel Darkness, the Magic Weapon Demon’s Heart had obtained, Rebellious Thunder became so strong that he was practically invincible among players of the same tier. In fact, during the war with Battle Wolves, Rebellious Thunder had single-handedly fought against three monster-level experts; back then, he was still only a Demon Viscount.

Now that Rebellious Thunder had been promoted to a Demon Count, Helpless Smile couldn’t even begin to imagine how powerful he had become.

“Rebellious Thunder won’t have an easy time dealing with Black Flame, though. After all, Black Flame suppressed Poison Heart even after Poison Heart had transformed into a Great Demon,” Regretful Wind said as he looked at the Demonized Rebellious Thunder. “I believe it’s going to be a tough battle.”

Regretful Wind had personally experienced Shi Feng’s terror. Even if Rebellious Thunder was powerful, the Elementalist did not think that Rebellious Thunder could easily defeat Shi Feng.

Flame Feather nodded in agreement with Regretful Wind’s words.

Previously, Shi Feng had behaved as if Demon’s Heart’s existence was nothing to him. However, the Swordsman indeed possessed the strength and qualifications to do so.

Meanwhile, as Regretful Wind and the others were discussing Rebellious Thunder, the person in question had taken the pitch-black greatsword hung on his back in hand and swung it at Shi Feng.

The instant Rebellious Thunder swung his greatsword, the Power of Darkness enveloping his body seemed to find a vent; it surged into the greatsword, doubling the power and attack range of the greatsword. Now, the attack was so powerful that it cut apart even space, leaving a pitch-black trail behind the greatsword.

In response, Shi Feng unsheathed Killing Ray and executed Lightshadow.


The instant the two blades collided, dazzling sparks sprang forth. The frightening impact also caused the ground beneath the two players’ feet to shatter, and the sound of the impact echoed throughout Demon City.

In the next moment, Shi Feng stumbled half a step back, his HP decreasing by merely a few thousand. To Shi Feng, who possessed over 1 million HP, this amount of damage was negligible.

“Impossible! That guy only lost by a little even after receiving the vice commander’s full-powered blow?!”

Upon seeing this outcome, both the spectating Demon players and Demon’s Heart’s members could not help being stupefied. This was especially true for Demon’s Heart’s members, whose eyes very nearly fell out of their sockets at this scene.

As they watched Rebellious Thunder about to clash with Shi Feng, they had considered a few methods that might allow the Swordsman to neutralize Rebellious Thunder’s attack. For example, Shi Feng could use a Lifesaving Skill or a special tool. However, they never thought that he would receive Rebellious Thunder’s attack directly and even block it with such ease.

At this moment, let alone everyone else, even Rebellious Thunder himself was stunned by this outcome.

What happened?

Even before he had risen to the Demon Count rank, with Cruel Darkness’s power, he was already invincible among those of the same tier. Now, despite being a Demon Count and activating Demonification, he was actually only slightly stronger than Shi Feng.

However, Rebellious Thunder quickly snapped out of his daze.

“It seems you’re not all talk, after all!” Rebellious Thunder praised. “But, so what if you can block my attack? You’ll still lose if you only remain on the defensive!”

As soon as Rebellious Thunder finished speaking, however, Shi Feng suddenly returned Killing Ray to its sheath.

“As expected of an expert who has reached the rank of Demon Count. Your Strength has already surpassed that of ordinary Mythic monsters,” Shi Feng said as he looked at Rebellious Thunder. “It seems I really am not a match for you Demon players when you have the home-ground advantage and I am in my normal state.”

“Normal state?” Rebellious Thunder chuckled when he heard Shi Feng’s words. “Do you think you can transform into a Demon too?”

While inside Demon territories, players couldn’t use Berserk Skills. Of course, Demon players were no exception to this rule. However, Demon players could use Demonification to elevate their strength. This was why the Ten Saints Empire’s various superpowers could never do anything against Demon City. Only Battle Wolves was stubborn enough to attempt a crusade against Demon City.

“I can’t,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at Rebellious Thunder. “However, my doppelganger can.”

After saying so, Shi Feng drew the pitch-black sword hanging from his waist.