Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2529 - Provoking Demon's Heart?

Inside Demon’s Heart’s Residence, after Furious Heart gave the command to take action, the black-clad, Tier 3 Viscount Elder promptly started arranging for the necessary manpower to shoo away Zero Wing’s team.

Meanwhile, the news of Shi Feng’s arrival at Demon City also spread rapidly beyond the walls of the city and stupefied the superpowers paying attention to Demon City.

“What’s going on? It hasn’t been that long since Zero Wing’s team arrived at the Burning Forest, yet it’s already reached Demon City?”

“Zero Wing actually accomplished something that Battle Wolves failed to do?”

“Black Flame really is bold to provoke Demon’s Heart. Doesn’t he know that the current God’s Domain has changed already?”

The various superpowers found Zero Wing’s arrival before Demon City’s main entrance deeply surprising.

The current God’s Domain was no longer the same as before. The activity of Dark Players in Level 100 neutral maps was expanding. Moreover, the strength of Dark Players was growing rapidly—at a rate frightening even to the various superpowers.

Meanwhile, one of the fastest-developing dark powers was Demon’s Heart. Not only did Demon’s Heart boast a large number of experts, but its Guild members were also improving at a flying pace. It was no exaggeration to say that, so long as a member of Demon’s Heart reached Tier 3 as well as the rank of Demon Baron, they would instantly become an existence rivaling Tier 3 peak experts. In fact, their survivability out in the fields would be much stronger than human peak experts’.

Moreover, unlike regular players, Dark Players received rewards and improvements from killing other players. They had a much greater advantage when it came to leveling and upgrading their weapons and equipment. Even though Dark Players were a minority in God’s Domain, they were now strong enough to go up against regular Guilds in Level 100 neutral maps.

This was why many independent players were opting to become a Dark Player, which, in turn, continuously increased the Dark Player population in God’s Domain. This change drove the incredibly fast growth of the various dark powers.

Of course, the rapid development of Dark Players came with a price. Compared to regular players, the penalty Dark Players suffered for death was many times greater. Hence, in order to avoid death, current Dark Players were limiting their sphere of activities instead of rampantly clashing with regular players. Nevertheless, even the various superpowers did not dare provoke Dark Players casually, much less dark powers like Demon’s Heart.

None of the various superpowers had expected Zero Wing to provoke Demon’s Heart. Moreover, Zero Wing had gone all the way to Demon City’s main entrance to do so.

Meanwhile, inside one of the Advanced Restaurants in the Ten Saints Empire’s capital, Illusory Words was currently enjoying a meal. Midway through her meal, however, a Tier 3 Assassin barged into her private room with a tense expression on his face.

Vice Guild Leader, we just received news that Zero Wing annihilated not only Demon City’s top three adventurer teams but also tens of thousands of Demon City’s experts. Zero Wing’s team has already arrived before Demon City’s main entrance. By the looks of it, Zero Wing is really intent on taking action against Troubled Times,” the Tier 3 Assassin said, astonishment writ large on his face.

“They arrived already?” Illusory Words similarly felt astonished by this point.

She had visited Demon City as a guest before, so she knew just how difficult it was to cross the Burning Forest. A large number of Demon patrol squads and Demon players operated within the forest.

In her opinion, even with frightening strength, Shi Feng and his team should still struggle to reach Demon City. In fact, by the time they got to Demon City, the tracking mark they placed on Troubled Times might’ve disappeared already. In that case, visiting Demon City would also be meaningless.

However, Shi Feng’s team had actually reached Demon City less than a day after they entered the Burning Forest. Moreover, they didn’t arrive at the city by covert means but walked straight to the city instead.

“We also found out a little regarding the relationship between Troubled Times and Demon’s Heart,” the Tier 3 Assassin said. “Troubled Times’s Sentinel Shelter is Demon’s Heart’s most important pawn in the Dark Den. Demon’s Heart is even planning to turn the Sentinel Shelter into its main headquarters. In addition, Troubled Times fought alongside Flaming Light, one of Demon’s Heart’s Vice Guild Leaders, during the early stages of God’s Domain. Although the two of them eventually chose different development paths, Troubled Times is now one of Flaming Light’s trusted aides, due to his excellent strength and talents.”

“He’s actually Flaming Light’s confidant?” Illusory Words frowned at this situation. “If this really is the case, then Zero Wing will have difficulty killing Troubled Times. Flaming Light is extremely protective of his own people, especially his confidants. Moreover, Troubled Times is taking shelter inside Demon City. Hopefully, Guild Leader Black Flame doesn’t act too rashly.”

Flaming Light was famous on the eastern continent. A part of the reason why the Ten Saints Empire’s various superpowers currently feared Demon’s Heart was Flaming Light’s presence. In fact, Flaming Light had even wrung multiple concessions from the Super Guild Sacred Temple regarding resources.

Despite the Ten Saints Empire being the Sacred Temple’s home base, the Sacred Temple still had no choice but to concede to Demon’s Heart’s demands. This situation had greatly confused the Ten Saints Empire’s various superpowers, as well as made them increasingly fearful of the Dark Guild.

Setting aside whether Zero Wing could kill Troubled Times inside Demon City, even if the Guild killed Troubled Times in the outside world, it was still highly likely to anger Flaming Light. If that happened, then the efforts Zero Wing had made to ensure its smooth development in Level 100 neutral maps would go to waste, and the Guild would be plagued with endless troubles once more.

After all, the current God’s Domain had already changed. The advantages Dark Players had over regular players were simply overwhelming.

While the Ten Saints Empire’s various superpowers were secretly discussing Zero Wing, another commotion occurred at Demon City’s main entrance.

The reason for this commotion was Demon’s Heart’s members making an appearance!

In the next moment, Demon City’s gate opened slowly. A 1,000-man team led by Tier 3 experts then marched out of Demon City.

Every one of these members from Demon’s Heart sported uniform weapons and equipment. Moreover, these weapons and equipment were of considerably high quality, with even the weakest piece being Level 100 Fine-Gold rank. In addition, every member of this team was a noble.

Just the number of players emitting Power of Darkness at the standard of Demon Viscounts numbered as many as 20.

Standing in the head of this team was a burly man geared in exquisite armor. The spectating players present gasped in shock at the sight of this man.

“Crap! Rebellious Thunder, the vice commander of Demon’s Heart’s main force, showed up?!”

“What a powerful pressure! So, this is the strength of a Demon Count?”

When the players standing atop the city’s walls saw the burly man, awe filled their eyes.

The Count rank was something all Demon players aspired to. However, it was beyond the reach of most Demon players. The reason for this wasn’t just the astronomical amount of Demon Crystals required to challenge the test to become a Demon Count but also the test’s great difficulty.

Even now, aside from Demon City’s two main Guilds, no other power boasted a Demon Count among their ranks. The strongest person the other powers possessed was a 3-star Viscount.

Players that had become Demon Counts were treated with respect by even Great Demon NPCs because Tier 3 players at the Demon Count rank were already strong enough to go up against Great Demons. Their becoming a Tier 4 Great Demon in the future was also only a matter of time.

“They actually sent a Demon Count out.” When Regretful Wind, who was currently sitting inside a bar near the main entrance, saw Rebellious Thunder through a Magic Mirror, envy flashed in his eyes. “It seems Demon’s Heart really places great importance on Troubled Times.”

“However, we ended up eating a major loss this time. Not only did we not get any bounty rewards, but we also tossed away the lives of our own teams. Fortunately, we managed to keep the matter secret. Now, all of Demon City’s adventurer teams have suffered tremendous losses as well,” Helpless Smile said, a bitter smile forming on his face as he gazed at Rebellious Thunder’s figure.

During the time Regretful Wind and the others were quietly chatting, Rebellious Thunder could be seen arriving before Shi Feng’s team.

“Are you Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame?” Rebellious Thunder asked as he looked at Shi Feng.

“That’s right,” Shi Feng replied, nodding. “Do you have business with me?”

“We know you’re here to kill Troubled Times, but this is Demon’s Heart’s territory. We won’t care if you take action anywhere else, but since Troubled Times has already arrived in Demon City, we have a responsibility to ensure his safety. Moreover, this place does not welcome non-Demon players. If you leave now, Demon’s Heart will ignore your provocative behavior this time. There might even be chances for partnership between our two Guilds in the future,” Rebellious Thunder said sternly.

“What if I refuse?” Shi Feng asked, chuckling.

“Then, you’ll make an enemy out of Demon’s Heart!” Rebellious Thunder warned coldly, his words echoing throughout the main entrance.

Upon hearing Rebellious Thunder’s words, the spectating players standing on the city walls were silent because nobody would dare offend Demon’s Heart on a Demon territory. Any that did would not be able to leave with their lives.

“If that’s the case, let’s just become enemies!”