Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2528 - Commotion in Demon City

Chapter 2528 – Commotion in Demon City

When the Tier 3 Assassin ended his report, everyone present fell silent, staring at the Assassin in astonishment.

“What did you say? Annihilated?”

“Although the strength of those three adventurer teams is subpar, they should have a total of ten Demon Viscounts and nearly 100 Demon Barons. The number of Tier 3 experts they have should also exceed 200. With them in the way, even a superpower’s trump card legion shouldn’t dream of gaining any advantages in the Burning Forest. How could a measly team of 300-plus players possibly annihilate them?”

“Tens of thousands of people got killed?! Are those people idiots?!”

The several Demon’s Heart Elders present instinctively refused to believe the Assassin’s words. Although they knew that Shi Feng’s team possessed extraordinary strength, Shi Feng’s team hadn’t been in the Burning Forest for even a day. Despite that, they were being told that Shi Feng’s team had annihilated Demon City’s top three adventurer teams along with several tens of thousands of other players. Moreover, none of the scouts that came across Shi Feng’s team managed to return alive. As icing on the cake, Shi Feng’s team was supposedly only a dozen minutes or so away from reaching Demon City?

This was ludicrous!

Previously, Battle Wolves’ army hadn’t even managed to reach Demon City’s gate before getting annihilated. Now, however, a measly team of 300-plus players was actually about to reach Demon City? Who would believe this?

“He really came…” Troubled Times was stunned when he heard the Assassin’s report.

They were currently in Demon territory. This wasn’t a place human players could enter casually. Back then, when Troubled Times heard that Shi Feng had declared that he would come to Demon City to hunt him down, Troubled Times had taken it for a joke. After all, Shi Feng simply didn’t understand how frightening Demon territories were.

In Troubled Times’ opinion, let alone reaching Demon City, Shi Feng would be fortunate to survive in the Burning Forest for a few hours. After all’ no matter how powerful Shi Feng was, he was still a player. There was a limit to his Stamina and Concentration. In the expansive Burning Forest, non-Demon players were subjected to the corrosion of darkness energy, which increased their Stamina and Concentration consumption substantially. Even with a team of 300-plus Tier 3 experts, it should still be impossible for Shi Feng to reach Demon City.

Now, however, not only was Shi Feng’s team close to reaching Demon City, but he had even killed Demon City’s top three adventurer teams along with tens of thousands of other Demon players. This was simply unbelievable.

However, shortly after Troubled Times and the others received this piece of news, a commotion occurred at Demon City’s main entrance.

This was because a group of human players had appeared a short distance from Demon City. These human players numbered over 300, and they were none other than the team Demon’s Heart had placed a bounty on.

In this situation, the Demon players residing in Demon City could not help but panic.

“What’s going on? How did they get here? Why wasn’t there any news about them? Didn’t the top three adventurer teams leave to hunt them just now?”

“They must’ve gotten lucky and avoided detection. Otherwise, how could they get here so quickly and intact?”

“Impossible! Even if the top three adventurer teams did not find them, there are still several dozen others that joined in on the hunt. At least one adventurer team should’ve come across them. And so long as even one did, the other adventurer teams would’ve received news about it right away. It should be impossible for these invaders to evade detection completely.”

When Shi Feng’s team suddenly appeared outside Demon City, the players standing on the city’s walls were filled with both surprise and curiosity. They never thought that human players could actually cross the Burning Forest and get to Demon City without an invitation. This was the first time a situation like this had occurred since Demon City’s construction.

“Of course there’s no news about these invaders, as everyone that came across them had gotten killed. A friend of mine was one of the players that joined the hunt. Despite the adventurer team he belonged to having over a thousand members, none of them managed to make it out alive after coming across the invaders. According to what I heard, the top three adventurer teams also got annihilated; they’re just keeping their mouths shut all this time to prevent information leaks.”

As the ordinary players on top of the wall were discussing the situation, a Tier 3 expert rolled his eyes at their ignorance and revealed the truth to them.

Upon hearing the Tier 3 player’s revelation, the ordinary players were stunned. At the same time, though, they eyed the Tier 3 expert skeptically, suspecting that this expert was playing a joke on them.

“It seems the rumor I heard coming from Demon’s Heart’s members is true, after all. These invaders really did kill tens of thousands of experts,” another Tier 3 expert, who originated from a medium-scale adventurer team and had just arrived on the wall, commented upon seeing Shi Feng’s team in the distance.

This Tier 3 expert’s words threw everyone present into an uproar.

“What?! The tens of thousands of experts that joined the hunt got annihilated?! Who are these invaders?!”

They’re not really here to kill Troubled Times, right?”

“It seems Demon’s Heart has met its match. I wonder which side is stronger?”

“Do you even have to ask? It’s definitely Demon’s Heart. Don’t forget that this place is Demon City, the main headquarters of Demon’s Heart. These 300-plus invaders might be amazing out in the fields, but they’re asking for death if they think they can do whatever they want inside Demon City.”

When everyone present heard the news of Demon City’s top three adventurer teams getting annihilated, aside from feeling surprised, they also felt excited. After all, Demon City had never been besieged before.

Meanwhile, news of Shi Feng’s team appearing outside Demon City’s gate spread quickly throughout the city, stunning its millions of player residents.

“Crap! They actually came here to hunt down Troubled Times! This is amazing!”

“I wonder how Demon’s Heart plans to deal with this situation?”

“I doubt Demon’s Heart will let these people do anything. However, these people aren’t pushovers, either. If even the top three adventurer teams are not a match for them, Demon’s Heart should have a tough time too.”

Everyone inside Demon City discussed this matter, spreading Zero Wing’s fame across the city. However, everyone was more curious about Demon’s Heart’s response to this situation.

After all, even the city’s top three adventurer teams had suffered annihilation. Shi Feng’s team might not be capable of breaking into Demon City, but it was more than capable of camping out in the fields and targeting Demon’s Heart’s members that were trying to grind. That would stunt Demon’s Heart development.

Meanwhile, news of Shi Feng’s team’s arrival also quickly reached Demon’s Heart’s Residence. And when Troubled Times heard about this, his complexion turned deathly pale. He never thought that Shi Feng would get to Demon City so soon. He had witnessed the Swordsman stopping a Demon King’s Hand before. If Shi Feng sneaked into Demon City and secretly took action against him, Troubled Times was almost certain to lose his life.

“Commander Troubled, you can rest easy. So what if Black Flame has arrived? This is Demon City!” Furious Heart said when he saw the ugly look on Troubled Times’s face. He then smiled and continued, “However, Zero Wing has been acting arrogantly for long enough. They aren’t even bothering to sneak around to take action.”

“They are indeed very arrogant. They actually dare camp in front of our front gate and let everyone know of their arrival,” a Tier 3 Elder wearing black robes ranted. “In my opinion, we should just deploy the city’s Tier 4 Demon Guards and get rid of them. Otherwise, they’ll really think that they can do anything they want to Demon City just because they eliminated the city’s top three adventurer teams!”

“Forget it. The Demon Guards are one of Demon City’s trump cards. It costs a lot of Demon Crystals to dispatch them. It’s not worth it just to deal with Zero Wing,” Furious Heart said, shaking his head. “Moreover, both the Guild Leader and the Vice Guild Leader are not on the eastern continent right now. This isn’t a decision we can make. Have someone notify Zero Wing’s people that Demon’s Heart is taking charge of this matter and that they’ve already caused enough of a ruckus. It’s time to put an end to this fuss. If they retreat now, there will still be grounds for reconciliation and opportunities for partnership between our two Guilds. Otherwise, this matter won’t end so easily. The future God’s Domain no longer belongs to regular Guilds. I believe they should understand this point very clearly.”

“Alright. I’ll have someone notify them. Hopefully, they know where to draw the line,” that black-clad Tier 3 Elder said. Inwardly, though, he felt that Furious Heart was too soft. If it were up to him, he would just annihilate Zero Wing for daring to approach Demon City so boldly.