Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2527 - Sweeping Victory

Chapter 2527 – Sweeping Victory

As soon as Shi Feng gave the command, the Hell Legion pounced on the fleeing Demon players like ravenous tigers.

Although Demonized players’ physiques and Basic Attributes were superior to ordinary human players, and they could run much faster than humans, the Hell Legion’s members were among the best in Netherworld Empire. Moreover, they had some of the best equipment available in God’s Domain at this stage of the game. Including their special Bloodline, their Basic Attributes were even higher than the adventurer teams’ Demonized members.

The Hell Legion’s experts caught up to the fleeing adventurer teams in no time at all.

“Damn it! They’re too fast!”

“You think you can bully me?! I’ll fight you to the death! I refuse to believe I can’t defeat at least one of you!”

Realizing that escape was impossible, the adventurer teams turned and decided to stand up to the Hell Legion.

Over a thousand Tier 2 experts tried to meet the incoming Hell Legion experts, and although they knew they had a Basic Attribute advantage, they moved into defensive formations, with MTs on the frontline and ranged players in the back. Their coordination was smooth, giving the Hell Legion’s experts no chance to face them one-on-one.

Skills and Spells proceeded to fly toward the Hell Legion, adding colorful lights to the crimson forest.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

As the attacks landed, countless explosions echoed throughout the forest, and thick smoke filled the area as if it had just been bombed from above. Trees caught in the crossfire were blown to smithereens.

“You guys might be powerful, but I refuse to believe that you can take so many attacks without taking damage!”

The three adventurer teams’ attacking members looked smug when they saw that they had transformed part of the forest into an empty flatland. They also grew more confident about facing the Hell Legion.

When they usually worked in teams of 100 or less, they were helpless against peak experts, but with over a thousand players attacking in formation, they could launch a continuous assault on a single point. The Hell Legion members shouldn’t think they could approach so easily.

Before the adventurer teams could celebrate, however, the Hell Legion’s members emerged from the cloud of smoke.

Not one of the human experts had lost a single HP after the bombardment, much less suffered any severe injuries. Their steady advance seemed like those attacks had meant nothing to them.

“How is this possible?!”

The three adventurer teams’ offensive members were stupefied. Even peak experts would have to take cover against their frenzied attacks, yet these experts continued to advance like nothing had happened. They hadn’t pushed them back in the slightest. In fact, the Hell Legion was even closer now.

The adventurer teams’ main force members, who had long since fled, shook their heads at the scene.

“How can anyone think those experts would be so easy to defeat?”

Players that hadn’t yet reached Tier 3 simply couldn’t understand how terrifying Tier 3 players were.

That bombardment wouldn’t even have damaged the adventurer teams’ Tier 3 players, much less the Hell Legion. With the extraordinary physique and Basic Attributes Tier 3 players had at their disposal, evading most Tier 2 players’ Skills and Spells was a piece of cake. Even if they couldn’t dodge the more flexible and accurate attacks, they could block them. Without tremendous power, Tier 2 players would have an incredibly hard time dealing damage to a Tier 3 expert. At worst, they’d only lose some Stamina and Concentration.

In an instant, the Hell Legion’s experts arrived before the adventurer teams’ frontline MTs. Streaks of light struck the MTs’ vitals, dealing hundreds of thousands of damages and plundering all of the MTs’ HPs.

From afar, it looked like the MTs had been cursed as they fell, one after another…

Over a thousand experts from the three adventurer teams had fallen in just a dozen or so seconds. The remaining players, who had pondered staying for the fight, gasped.

They had already known the difference between the two sides’ combat power was massive, but they had never dreamed that it would be this huge. Every player that had chosen to fight had fallen in the initial clash…

Only the adventurer teams’ main force members weren’t surprised. In truth, the Hell Legion didn’t just have incredible Basic Attributes; their combat standards were also absurdly high.

Unlike Shi Feng and Fire Dance, the Hell Legion’s experts made no attempt to hide their combat standards, which made it easy for the main force members to notice. Meanwhile, from what they could tell, even the weakest human player of the team had reached the Flowing Water Realm, while most of the Hell Legion had reached the Void Realm.

The three adventurer teams’ commanders had only recently reached the Void Realm, and none of their teammates had caught up to them…

The Hell Legion continued to cull the three adventurer teams like the Grim Reaper himself. Their assault was unstoppable. The adventurer teams didn’t even have the chance to buy their commanders any time. At this point, only the three commanders and Poison Heart, who was still a Tier 4 Great Demon, had any chance of escape. However, Shi Feng, Hell Rush, and the others had suppressed the four Demon players, who rapidly lost HP.

In less than 10 minutes, the forest floor was covered in several thousand Demon player corpses. None of the three adventurer teams’ members had gotten away with their lives…

Demon City, Demon’s Heart’s Residence:

“Commander Troubled, what do you think of the training room we’ve constructed?” Furious Heart asked, smiling as he gestured to the marble building before him.

“It’s amazing. The darkness energy seeping from it is already so dense. If Demon players train in the building, they’ll most likely climb to the Baron rank very quickly. They might even meet the conditions to reach the Viscount rank,” Troubled Times surmised, shocked as he examined the training room bathed in darkness energy.

Raising their nobility ranks wasn’t easy for Demon players. Not only did they need enough Demon Crystals, but they also needed to pass a test. Aside from their combat power, players would be tested on their ability to manipulate darkness energy. Unfortunately, even in Demon territories, areas with dense darkness energy were incredibly rare, so Demon players didn’t have many opportunities to control high amounts of darkness energy. The Dark Den was a special case since many areas of the Otherworld were rich in darkness energy and helpful to Demon players as they trained.

However, Demon’s Heart had successfully constructed its own training room, containing an abundance of darkness energy. The Guild’s foundations were nearly unshakable.

“This training room will even be helpful to those trying to secure their Count rank, not to mention Viscount rank,” Furious Heart said, chuckling. “However, our Guild has spent most of the Darkness Crystals and Primal Darkness Stones we’ve accumulated thus far to construct the room.”

“I see. That’s why its darkness energy is so dense.” Realization dawned on Troubled Times.

Darkness Crystals and Primal Darkness Stones were both far more valuable than Magic Crystals and Mana Ore. Both items contained high amounts of darkness energy and were significantly helpful to Demon players. However, these darkness-attuned crystals and ores were immensely difficult to obtain. Players were rarely willing to invest them in a Large Training Room’s construction.

“We’ve only accomplished the feat thanks to the alliance our Vice Guild Leader has secured. He is currently in the midst of negotiating our continued partnership, and if he succeeds, he intends to share a portion of the resources with the Sentinel Shelter. You might even be able to construct a training room for yourselves,” Furious Heart said.

“Really?” Troubled Times’ eyes glowed at the prospect.

If the Sentinel Shelter could construct its own darkness-attuned training room, even if it were only a Small Training Room, he wouldn’t have to worry about his Shelter’s development. The Sentinel Shelter might even become strong enough to rule over all of the Dark Den, not to mention becoming the number one Shelter.

“Mhm.” Furious Heart nodded, smiling. “Once you grow a little stronger, the Vice Guild Leader also intends to provide enough resources for you to become a Demon Count. You will stand at the peak of God’s Domain, Commander Troubled.”

“Elder Heart, please inform Vice Guild Leader Flaming Light that he has nothing to worry about. The Sentinel Shelter will not disappoint him. I guarantee that we will become Demon’s Heart’s second major city,” Troubled Times said. He could not help his growing excitement when he heard that Demon’s Heart would help him with his promotion to Demon Count.

Becoming a Demon Count wasn’t an easy task. Once a Demon player earned the Count rank, their strength would undergo a qualitative transformation. Like in the various NPC kingdoms and empires, players were considered high nobles once they reached the rank of Count and above, enjoying unimaginable status. As a Count, Troubled Times was sure he could even defeat Shi Feng.

Just as Furious Heart was about to continue, however, a Tier 3 Assassin frantically approached him.

“Elder Heart, we just received information regarding Zero Wing,” the Assassin hesitantly reported.

“It seems the three adventurer teams finally found them. Zero Wing certainly knows how to hide,” Furious Heart said, smiling. “Well? What’s the situation? Have Zero Wing’s members been dealt with?”

“No. Windtooth, Eternal Night, and Crimson Sand’s teams have been annihilated…” the Assassin said, shaking his head. Grimly, he continued, “A dozen or so medium adventurer teams and several dozen small adventurer teams have also been eliminated. Tens of thousands of players have died in the Burning Forest.

“As for the several hundred scouts we’ve dispatched, none have returned alive, but according to their offline reports, Zero Wing’s members are nearly at Demon City’s gates. They’ll likely reach the city’s entrance in about 10 minutes…”