Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2526 - Despair of Three Adventurer Teams

Chapter 2526 – Despair of Three Adventurer Teams

“Poison?” Regretful Wind was shocked when he saw Poison Heart’s miserable figure lying at the base of the collapsed tree.

Right now, the Assassin was a bona fide Tier 4 being. He was even stronger than Tier 4 players. The man had command of every Tier 4 Skill and Spell a Great Demon possessed, which was an advantage that Tier 4 players wouldn’t have.

And yet, someone had thrown Poison Heart with an attack…

When Flame Feather and Helpless Smile saw this, they found the scene incredibly familiar. They had encountered Seven Constellations in the same way.

Is the monster Seven Constellations referred to in that area of the forest? Helpless Smile tensed as he recalled the other Assassin’s warning.

They had gone to great lengths to corner Fire Dance, yet just when they thought they had curbed the monster Seven Constellations had warned them about, reality’s punchline hit them.

Flame Feather was also momentarily dazed over the unexpected revelation, and for a moment, she forgot about her fight with Fire Dance, very nearly letting the female Assassin kill her.

After a brief moment of silence, a man emerged from between the nearby trees. He was fully clad in pitch-black light armor and hid his appearance under a Black Cloak. Two longswords hung from his belt, and the frightening amount of Mana he radiated formed a layer of mist around his body. Within the Burning Forest, he looked like the Grim Reaper, and everyone who saw him felt chills crawl down his spine.

The three adventurer team’s main force members, who had been prepared to follow Poison Heart into battle, glanced back at their commanders. None of them were sure whether or not they should try to confront this invader.

If this man had even thrown Poison Heart, who had transformed into a Great Demon, they’d suffer an even worse fate. It was highly likely that they’d die instantly just like Seven Constellations did.

“The Mana he’s radiating is practically even denser than Poison Heart’s. Is he really just a Tier 3 player?” Flame Feather exclaimed when she saw Shi Feng.

Although determining a player’s strength by the Mana they radiated wasn’t possible, the more Mana wafting from one’s body, the stronger their Skills and Spells would be. They’d also have higher physical stats and could more easily exhibit combat power beyond their limits.

The amount of Mana under his control was precisely the reason Poison Heart had felt omnipotent after reaching Tier 4.

However, this Tier 3 Swordsman commanded even more Mana than Poison Heart did after his transformation. It was unbelievable!

“Could he have unlocked his Mana Body’s full potential?” Regretful Wind thought of a possibility as he sensed the immense amount of Mana surrounding Shi Feng.

He couldn’t think of any other reason that would let a Tier 3 player command so much Mana.

“Is a fully unlocked Mana Body really this strong?” Helpless Smile wondered, skeptical about Regretful Wind’s guess.

As Demon players, unlocking their Mana Bodies’ potential proved far more difficult than it was for human players because their bodies’ structure was completely different. Hence, Demon City’s players hadn’t paid much attention to their Mana Bodies’ potential. They felt that raising their Demon ranks was a better use of their time. Not even most Great Demons they came across had fully unlocked Mana Bodies.

Demon players were also physically stronger than humans, and they controlled more. They simply didn’t need to go to the trouble of unlocking their Mana Bodies’ potential. As long as they raised their Demon rank, they were more than powerful enough to suppress human players.

But Helpless Smile had never dreamed that human players with fully unlocked Mana Bodies would be this strong. The amount of Mana Shi Feng controlled was enough to give him goosebumps. It was easy to imagine how powerful the Swordsman’s Skills and Spells would be.

“This isn’t worth the trouble. Demon’s Heart didn’t offer nearly enough Demon Crystals for us to take on a monster like that.” As Regretful Wind watched this Grim Reaper approach, he inwardly cursed the Dark Guild. If he had known that he’d have to fight a monster like this Swordsman, he never would’ve led his team here.

Even if they managed to defeat Shi Feng, it would be a pyrrhic victory. Three thousand-plus Demon Crystals wouldn’t even come close to compensating their losses.

“What are you afraid of? He’s just one person! There’s a limit to his Stamina! Poison didn’t even take that much damage! We can definitely wear him down if our main force members work together! As long as we defeat this Assassin, we can take our time with the Swordsman!” Flame Feather shouted when she realized that the three adventurer teams’ main force members were cowering in fear.

Her insistence snapped the main force members out of their daze, and they trusted that the commander was correct.

Regardless of how powerful a player was, there was a limit to one’s Stamina. Shi Feng was merely one person. No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t kill them all. Aside from the hundred or so Demon Barons, they had over 5,000 Demon experts with them. Their teams were more than capable of whittling Shi Feng down.

“That’s right! So what if he is strong? We still have a Great Demon on our side! We can just keep healing Poison Heart, and that guy won’t be able to stop us!”

“Kill him! His weapons and equipment will only strengthen our adventurer teams!”

Fighting spirit burned within the adventurer teams’ members, and they immediately moved into formation, slowly approaching Shi Feng.

“No! Run! Everyone, get out of here!” Poison Heart, who had just recovered from the crash, shouted, panicking as he watched his comrades move toward the human Swordsman.

They all turned toward the Assassin, confused by the warning. They couldn’t understand what he was trying to do. Did the man hit his head that hard?

“He’s not alone! There’s an entire team of monsters in those trees!” Poison Heart hurriedly added.

Before anyone could react, new figures began to appear behind Shi Feng. The new arrivals concealed their levels and appearances under Black Cloaks, but their auras were horrifically intense. The several players leading the group had such a powerful combined aura that the adventurer teams’ members felt stifled. They felt even stronger than Grand Lords of the same level.

“Damn it! How is this possible?!” The blood drained from Regretful Wind’s face when he saw the Hell Legion. “Everyone, retreat! Retreat immediately!”

Both Fire Dance and Shi Feng had suppressed their auras, so Regretful Wind hadn’t been able to tell how strong they were. He could only guess based on his instincts and the Mana they radiated.

The Hell Legion members didn’t bother to hide their auras, however.

From the power Regretful Wind sensed, at least five of those human players were even stronger than Grand Lords of the same level, and even the weakest of the remaining members nearly rivaled Grand Lords. If their three adventurer teams tried to fight this group, it’d be a one-sided massacre.

Hearing Regretful Wind’s order, the stunned adventurer teams snapped out of their daze and fled in all directions like a flock of startled birds.

“Damn it! Run!” Flame Feather did the same, fleeing the moment she saw Hell Rush and his companions. As she ran, a deep hatred for Demon’s Heart blossomed in her chest.

What a joke. The enemy team had at least six monster-level experts, and more than 300 of them could rival Grand Lords of the same level. This was no longer a force that Demon City’s powers could take on individually. They’d only have a chance of defeating these intruders if they gathered all of the combat power in the city. Anyone that tried to fight these human players on their own would be digging their own grave!

“Escape? Don’t you think it’s a little late for that?” When the three adventurer teams began to flee, Shi Feng turned to the Hell Legion and growled, “Kill them! Leave none alive!”