Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2525 - True Monster

Chapter 2525 – True Monster

When the three adventurer teams heard the deep voice, their expressions betrayed their apprehension. The three commanders were particularly tense as they continued their fight against Fire Dance.

“There’s more than one monster?”

Regretful Wind’s expression hardened while he watched the magic barrier fade away. Eighty-eight magical class players had powered that barrier. It should even withstand quite a few attacks from a Mythic monster.

And yet, that barrier had just shattered after a single attack!

Another monster-level expert among the invaders was the only possible explanation, and this newcomer definitely had the Strength of Mythic monsters. He should be even stronger than the female Assassin they currently faced.

“A single team has two monsters? Who are these people?” Helpless Smile growled, frowning. He had never expected the invaders to have more than one monster-level expert. The three of them were already having a rough time trying to suppress Fire Dance. If another expert of her caliber joined the fight, they’d be in trouble.

“So what if there’s another monster? Why should we fear them?” Resolutely, Flame Feather reminded her comrades, “Don’t forget that we have over 5,000 players, including 7 more Demon Viscounts and nearly 100 Demon Barons. What is one extra monster compared to our forces?”

The only reason the three commanders had attacked was to gauge how much they had improved since the war with Battle Wolves. Furthermore, ordinary Tier 3 experts would only get in their way in such an intense battle.

If they had to face two monsters, however, the members of their adventurer teams could keep the second one busy. Even if their teams couldn’t kill the other monster, they could buy enough time for the commanders to finish off Fire Dance. Eventually, their adventurer teams would secure victory, even if some of their members died.

“That’s right. However, it seems we’ll incur some losses in this operation,” Helpless Smile said, nodding. He then gestured to one of his subordinates in the distance and said, “Blue, lead our main force members to stop the other monster. Try to buy as much time as possible!”

“Understood!” the Tier 3 Shield Warrior, Blue Sea, responded.

“Mandala, take your group and go with them!” Flame Feather ordered a Tier 3 Dark Druid on her team.

“Poison, I’m giving you command of our members,” Regretful Wind shouted to the masked Assassin named Poison Heart. “If worst comes to worst, use that. Just make sure that you keep the second monster away from us for now!”

“Are you sure that I can use it?” Poison Heart instantly grew excited upon receiving permission from his commander. “I promise; he won’t get anywhere near you!”

Overhearing the order, both Flame Feather and Helpless Smile glanced at Regretful Wind in astonishment.

“What?! Old Wind, you were the one who bought that thing during the last Intermediate Auction?” Flame Feather blurted.

There was only one item she could think of that could easily deal with monster-level experts, and it was one of the items that had appeared in the last Intermediate Auction in Demon City’s Auction House.

Satan’s Remnant Soul!

That item was a true treasure. It would allow a player to transform into a Tier 4 Great Demon for a short time. Players would also have access to all the Skills and Spells in a Tier 4 Great Demon’s arsenal.

Satan’s Remnant Soul’s only flaw was its short, 30-minute duration. Even so, every Demon player in Demon City had gone crazy over the item.

Aside from the strength boost, Satan’s Remnant Soul granted players better control over Power of Darkness, albeit temporarily. This experience would be immensely helpful when players took the challenges to increase their Demon ranks. Just having a Satan’s Remnant Soul in one’s bag was a major deterrent for the city’s various major powers. No power or adventurer team wanted to incur the wrath of a Tier 4 Great Demon, after all.

When the Satan’s Remnant Soul had been put up for auction, Demon City’s various major powers had bid for it like madmen. Moreover, the seller didn’t accept Coins, but Demon Crystals, which were the standard form of currency in Demon City’s Intermediate Auctions.

In the end, someone had purchased the Satan’s Remnant Soul for an astronomical sum of 1,000 Demon Crystals, but the buyer hasn’t revealed their identity. The mystery of who now owned the item had been a hot topic among the city’s major powers.

Even Helpless Smile flashed Regretful Wind a surprised look. He had never dreamed that Windtooth had hidden such a powerful trump card. If Eternal Night had clashed with Windtooth, the consequences would’ve been dire for his adventurer team. That being said, he had to admit that he was glad to work with Windtooth right now.

“Mhm. I dug up practically everything we had to win it,” Regretful Wind proudly confirmed. “I had wanted to save it for a fight against a Superior Mythic, but I don’t mind using it to annihilate these invaders. I will say this, however; any invader Poison Heart kills belongs to Windtooth.”

“Since you’re willing to go to such lengths, we won’t take advantage of you. Don’t’ worry.,” Helpless Smile agreed, nodding.

“That’s right. We won’t ask for any loot from an invader the Great Demon slays. I’d be even happier if the Great Demon takes care of the two monsters,” Flame Feather said, laughing.

She had been confident that the three of them could defeat Fire Dance eventually with the magic barrier to back them up, but now that the barrier had fallen, they wouldn’t be able to stop the Assassin if she focused on fleeing.

This battle would go much smoother if Poison Heart could take care of the two monstrous invaders. In the fields, monster-level experts posed an extraordinary threat, especially if they had no qualms with hit-and-run tactics. They were an absolute nightmare to deal with.

“That’s reassuring,” Regretful Wind said. He then turned toward Poison Heart and said, “Since the two commanders have agreed, use it, Poison!”

The Satan’s Remnant Soul was precious, and there was almost no chance that another would go up for auction, but obtaining the monster-level experts’ weapons and equipment would make it a worthwhile transaction.

The superb quality of their weapons and equipment was a large part of the reason that monster-level experts were so much stronger than peak experts. He could likely earn back the cost of using the Satan’s Remnant Soul with just one of their weapons or equipment pieces, possibly even more.

Poison Heart was elated as he pulled a black bottle from his bag and started to remove the seal.

He had hoped he could use the Satan’s Remnant Soul to help him become a 2-star Viscount, but because the item was so valuable, he didn’t want to use it solely for his promotion. He had wanted to save it until he could use it to kill two birds with one stone, which was why the item had remained in his bag for so long.

Now that he had found the perfect opportunity, he wouldn’t hold back.

Once Poison Heart had removed the seal, he doubled in size, and two pairs of jet-black wings, enveloped in fire, grew from his back.

“So strong! So, this is the power of a Tier 4 Great Demon!” Poison Heart exclaimed as he felt an immense power course through his veins.

So much strength!

Absolute power!

This omnipotent feeling was intoxicating.

“Sure enough, a Great Demon is truly awe-inspiring! Poison can now likely slay all of the intruders without our help!” Helpless Smile said. He couldn’t help but feel a little jealous as he gazed at Poison Heart’s new form and sensed the Assassin’s intense aura.

“Poison, I’ll leave the rest to you. Remember, you need to finish this battle quickly. We won’t be able to hold on for long!” Regretful Wind shouted to his subordinate before casting another Spell against Fire Dance.

“Leave it to me, Commander! I’ll make sure they all die!” Poison Heart declared. He flapped his wings and flew straight toward the source of the deep voice. He was so fast that the team’s Tier 2 Demon players didn’t even have time to react.

“So fast!”

“These invaders are dead now!”

The three adventurer teams’ members were astonished when Poison Heart vanished in the blink of an eye. Some of them even pitied Shi Feng’s team.

Even working together, their teams wouldn’t have been a match for Shi Feng’s people if they had attacked before the Battle Wolves’ crusade, but after that fight, they had gained a bountiful harvest that had helped them undergo qualitative transformations. Now, with the Great Demon, Poison Heart, by their side, they were all confident that their teams could repel Battle Wolves’ army by themselves, let alone a laughable team of 300-plus experts.

“What a pity! It seems your companion is doomed!” Flame Feather said, grinning as she brandished her axes at Fire Dance.

“I think you’re the one that should pray for your friend!” Fire Dance rolled her eyes at the other woman. “I think you’ve misunderstood something from the very beginning.”

“Misunderstood? And what would that be?” Flame Feather asked curiously.

“I’m not responsible for killing that Assassin. In fact, I hadn’t even seen him before looting his body,” Fire Dance said. “I only came to collect the items.”

The three commanders immediately paled.

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t kill Seven Constellations?”

“You’re not the monster he was talking about?”

Regretful Wind, Flame Feather, and Helpless Smile simultaneously recalled Seven Constellation’s dying Monster… Run quickly!

If Fire Dance hadn’t seen the Assassin before he died, she couldn’t be the monster he had warned them about.

But before the three commanders could respond, they heard a series of explosions from the nearby forest, and the ground under their feet shook violently. After a few seconds, a colossal figure flew toward them, slamming into a nearby tree and felling it.

The figure was none other than Poison Heart, who had just flown toward the other monster-level expert a moment ago…