Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2524 - She is the Monster?

The three adventurer teams’ members were senseless when Seven Constellations died.

“A monster, huh?” Regretful Wind frowned, contemplating Seven Constellations’ dying words.

Demon Viscounts stood at the apex of Demon City, and Seven Constellations was an Assassin, a class that boasted its survivability. And yet, he had just died.

Moreover, Seven Constellations had warned their three adventurer teams away. It was clear that in his mind, these three teams were no match for the monster he had just faced, even if they worked together.

Although that was only the Assassin’s opinion, his words should be credible. If Seven Constellations focused on getting away, not even the top-ranked experts in Demon City could stop him.

But he had still fallen…

“It seems our opponent isn’t as simple as we thought. What do you guys think?” Regretful Wind asked the other two commanders.

If they fought an opponent that even Seven Constellations feared, the outcome wouldn’t be as pleasant as they hoped.

“It’s no wonder why Demon’s Heart has offered such a gracious bounty,” Helpless Smile replied, staring at the Assassin’s corpse. “But this isn’t the first time we’ve faced monstrous experts. Besides, if we flee, we’ll become laughingstocks in Demon City by tomorrow.”

Although Helpless Smile felt the weight of Seven Constellations’ warning, it wasn’t enough to order a retreat.

“Even if these intruders are powerful, there’s no guarantee that we can’t defeat them,” Flame Feather agreed with a nod. Fighting spirit burned in her eyes as she launched into another charge. “Don’t forget; we have the home-ground advantage. Our opponent may be a monster, but we’ll still make him suffer!”

Monster-like experts were something to be feared. Ordinary Tier 3 experts had no hope against such players.

However, their adventurer teams had fought monster-like experts before, particularly during the fight with Battle Wolves.

Yet, these monstrous experts hadn’t been powerful enough to save the Guild from its miserable defeat in the Burning Forest.

Furthermore, their adventurer teams had grown stronger since them. She was confident that they could hold their ground against monster-like experts and that they still had a chance at victory.

The members of all three adventurer teams nodded in agreement with Flame Feather’s sentiment.

Achieving victory might be difficult if their teams fought alone, but they had all agreed to work together. Not even the Ten Saints Empire’s superpowers would dare to take on their combined force, much less a measly team of 300-plus.

It wasn’t long after she finished speaking, however, that everyone noticed a lithe figure beside Seven Constellations’ corpse. The figure silently looted the Assassin’s body as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

“What amazing concealment techniques!” Surprise flashed in Regretful Wind’s eyes when he saw the woman who had abruptly appeared.

As Demon players, their perception of non-Demon races’ life signatures was incredibly powerful. Even an Assassin in Stealth would have a hard time hiding from Demon players, especially with less than 100 yards between them. However, they couldn’t seem to detect a trace of the female Assassin’s presence. The woman’s mastery of concealment arts was unrivaled, even in Demon City.

“Is she the monster Seven Constellations warned us about?” Helpless Smile’s expression tensed as he watched the alluring woman a short distance away. If he encountered the Assassin normally, she’d kill him nine out of ten times.

He finally realized, more or less, why Seven Constellations had failed to escape.

“Interesting! I’m going to fight her!” Flame Feather declared, her fighting spirit reaching its peak. She then activated Demonification and charged at the female Assassin, wielding her axes.

As the only 3-star Demon Viscount, activating her Demonification would not only strengthen her physique by a large margin, but her Basic Attributes would also undergo a qualitative transformation. In her Demon form, every action she took could transform the terrain around her. With just her Tier 2 Demon Charge, Flame Feather had bathed her surroundings in a sea of fire and shook space itself.

“Another ambush?” Sensing Flame Feather charging toward her, Fire Dance stored the dagger she had just picked up from Seven Constellations’ corpse and unsheathed the short sword hanging at her waist. “In that case, I’ll bury you alongside them!”

Fire Dance then swung Thousand Transformations through the empty air before her.

Tier 3 Skill, Triple Flash!

Three streaks of black light shot toward Flame Feather, one after another and as fast as lightning.

However, Flame Feather’s enhanced physique allowed her to brandish her axes during her charge in turn.

Tier 3 Skill, Demon Storm!

Boom… Boom… Boom…

A series of explosions echoed throughout the forest, and the powerful shockwaves knocked down trees while stirring dirt and debris into the air.

Among the chaos, Flame Feather stumbled three steps back as a damage of over -50,000 appeared above her head. The difference between the two women’s strengths was clear.

“What?! Flame Feather was pushed back even in her Demon form?!” The scene astonished Helpless Smile.

He was perfectly aware of how powerful Flame Feather became after activating Demonification. She was undoubtedly the strongest player among three adventurer teams. In her Demon form, Flame Feather’s Tier 3 Skills were nearly as powerful as Tier 4 attacks, yet she had just lost a competition of strength against this human Assassin.

“Amazing! It’s no wonder why Seven Constellations called you a monster and assumed that we’re no match for you,” Flame Feather said, the flame of passion in her eyes burning even brighter than before. She launched into another charge, continuing, “If I were alone, I wouldn’t be a match for you, but in this forest, I’m not your only opponent.”

Regretful Wind finished activating his Demonification as Flame Feather finished her statement, and he began to chant an incantation. When he completed it, he slammed the butt of his staff on the ground, and a golden, twofold magic array appeared under his feet.

Tier 3 Spell, Earthen Roar!

Suddenly, the earth beneath Fire Dance’s feet burst, exploding with countless streaks of light.

Meanwhile, Helpless Smile didn’t waste time. After activating Demonification, he pulled the string of his ancient bow and launched six arrows into the sky, which formed a six-pointed star above the Assassin.

Tier 3 Skill, Demon Thorns!

As the star-shaped magic array took form, pitch-black magic arrows descended, each with the power of a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species. Under Helpless Smile’s control, a total of 18 magic arrows fell, diverting Fire Dance’s attention away from Flame Feather.

The nearby adventurer team members gaped, impressed by their commanders’ coordination. They had never guessed that those three would be so strong when they worked together!

How was this still a battle between players? It was basically a fight between monsters. Not even Battle Wolves’ monster-level experts could stop their three commanders when they cooperated.

With attacks coming in from all directions, Fire Dance was forced to activate a Lifesaving Skill. She immediately used Shadow Steps to appear behind Flame Feather, evading the countless streaks of light. She dodged most of the 18 magic arrows, relying on Wind Steps’ brief invulnerability to block 5 unavoidable shots. She then tried to block the two incoming axes with Thousand Transformations.


Fire Dance didn’t have time to use a Skill to block the axes, filled with Power of Darkness, in time, and as her short sword collided with Flame Feather’s weapons, she was sent flying, losing 70,000 HP in the process. She didn’t even have 1 million total HP, and the strike claimed a visible chunk.

“All hail the commanders!”

“So what if she’s a monster? She’s still at a disadvantage against our commanders!”

The adventurer team members were ecstatic and overcome with pride to see one of their commanders dominate this monstrous Assassin.

The various superpowers’ monster-level experts were a nightmare for adventurer teams like theirs. Although their teams had defeated Battle Wolves’ monstrous players, that had only been possible because of Demon’s Heart’s help. To be precise, their three adventurer teams had merely played a support role.

However, their teams now had the strength to deal with monster-level experts, too.

“Now that she’s alone, we can’t let her escape!” Flame Feather shouted to Regretful Wind and Helpless Smile.

Fire Dance was clearly the invader’s cornerstone, and since she was alone, this was the perfect chance to take her out. If they could not defeat her, and she regrouped with her allies, dealing with her would prove far more challenging.

“Relax. I’ve already had people set up a Spatial Barrier. She might be an Assassin, but she won’t get away that easily!” Regretful Wind replied, grinning.

After witnessing the initial clash between Flame Feather and Fire Dance, Regretful Wind realized the importance of this battle. Hence, he had instructed his subordinates to set up a magic barrier before he had even joined the fight. He wanted to ensure that they could flee if they were no match for the Assassin, and if they were, that they’d have an easier time taking her down.

Although they now had the upper hand, killing a monster like Fire Dance wouldn’t be easy, but with the magic barrier up, they could buy enough time to complete the task.

Even as Regretful Words finished his statement, a gigantic barrier rose around the battlefield, covering a 200-yard radius. Eighty-eight magical class players powered the array, and not even a Tier 4 Mythic monster would find it easy to break out of.

“Good! Now, she’s dead!” Flame Feather sighed with relief as the barrier took effect.

A second after the magic barrier completed, however, an arc of blue lightning struck from a distance. Boom!

Everyone heard the sound of glass shattering as the sturdy barrier disintegrated into particles of light…

As the adventurer teams’ members looked around in confusion, a deep voice reached them from the distant forest. “It seems you’ve taken good care of my companion, but since you’re looking for a fight, let me join in!”