Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2522 - Great Disturbance

“Blindman’s dead?” The valiant man, Regretful Wind, was astonished by the report. “Someone actually noticed him and killed him, with his cautious nature and tracking skills?”

Black Blindman was a relatively well-known Assassin in Demon City, and his sharp senses were particularly outstanding. When Demon City’s large adventurer teams, including Windtooth, targeted a specific player, they often hired Black Blindman to track the player down.

Regretful Wind had never heard of Black Blindman running into issues when tracking a target.

“Mhm. According to Blindman’s teammates, his grinding party had been annihilated without any time to fight back. In a fit of rage, Blindman logged off and contacted his close friends to notify everyone in the city. He wants Demon City’s players to ambush the people who killed him,” the Tier 3 Assassin said, nodding. “Unfortunately, his message is over ten minutes old, and we don’t have any new details about the invader’s whereabouts.”

“Since those players can defeat a Demon patrol Squad, they must be fairly strong. I guess it isn’t surprising to hear that they’ve killed Blindman, but we have to hurry. Now that Blindman has informed the public of the situation, many of the city’s players will prepare for battle,” Regretful Wind said, frowning.

He wouldn’t have much of an issue if Black Blindman had simply informed the city’s large adventurer teams. Only a small fraction of Demon City’s player population consisted of large adventurer team members. Even if the adventurer teams mobilized all of their members, locating the intruders in the Burning Forest wouldn’t be easy.

If everyone in the city knew about them, however, locating the intruders would be a piece of cake, and the Windtooth adventurer team would have a lot more competition.

Demon’s Heart had offered an extraordinary bounty for these players’ heads, with each intruder worth 10 Demon Crystals.

Players could slay the monsters in Demon territory for Demon Crystals, but the drop-rate was incredibly low. Players could only increase their chances by hunting powerful monsters. Even the city’s various large adventurer teams would be lucky to collect 10 or 20 Demon Crystals per day.

Once players collected 20 Demon Crystals, they could apply for the challenge to earn a noble rank in the city. If they completed the challenge, they’d become one of Demon City’s nobles and gain a significant boost to their strength.

Even those with noble Demon ranks had to acquire Demon Crystals to elevate their strength and position, although they would need even more Demon Crystals to do so.

With the opportunity to earn 10 Demon Crystals per player killed before them, none of Demon City’s residents would simply stand by and watch.

“Rest assured, Commander. I’ve already instructed our team to search the Burning Forest. It won’t be long before we find the invaders. While I was grinding earlier, I also found a Secret-Silver Treasure chest and obtained an Exotic Perception Potion. The potion can improve a player’s senses and tracking abilities for six hours. Normally, players’ tracks fade after an hour, but with this potion, I can even follow four-hour-old tracks. If we make our way to Blindman’s last known location, we should easily be able to locate these players,” the Tier 3 Assassin said, smiling. “Even with the rest of Demon City’s players after then, ordinary teams will be helpless against players this strong. We have more than enough time to claim the bounty.”

“Good! We’ll set off immediately! Once we locate our targets, you’ll receive 10% of the bounty for your contributions! Also, instruct our brothers and sisters in the city to bring the trump cards we’ve kept hidden!” Regretful Wind declared.

“Aren’t you giving these newcomers a little too much credit, Commander? We’ve already stopped the Battle Wolves’ invasion. How strong could a bunch of nobodies from the Dark Den possibly be?” the Tier 3 Assassin asked disdainfully.

The Dark Den was merely a small Otherworld, with a pitifully low number of players. The otherworld’s total player population didn’t even come close to half of the players in an ordinary kingdom. The only advantages the Dark Den had were its impressive leveling environment and abundance of Skill and Spell books. There was no way such a small world could produce experts as powerful as those in Demon City.

“I know, but each of them is worth 10 Demon Crystals. Letting a single player escape would be a waste, and I doubt that Demon’s Heart will be so generous in the future,” Regretful Wind said.

Regretful Wind had never once been wary of the invaders. Battle Wolves had tried to invade Demon City with over 100,000 experts, yet the Super Guild’s army had been obliterated before it had even reached the city. If not even Battle Wolves could make it through the Burning Forest, what could a few hundred invaders accomplish?

What Regretful Wind truly minded was the Demon Crystals Demon’s Heart had offered.

“I understand. I’ll notify our members in the city right away.” The Tier 3 Assassin then did as he promised.

Meanwhile, a great disturbance had rocked Demon City.

“This is our chance to get rich! Ten Demon Crystals per person! We won’t let anyone get in our adventurer team’s way!’

“The intruders have already appeared in the Burning Forest’s outer region? Inform out nearby members immediately! We must find them before other teams do!”

Invader hunting team recruiting! Anyone who wants to earn Demon Crystals should apply quickly!”

As Black Blindman’s friends spread the word, everyone in Demon City was in a frenzy. Over 100,000 players rushed toward the Burning Forest like a bunch of madmen.

When Troubled Times, who rested in one of the city’s high-class bars, heard the news, his expression turned gloomy. He hadn’t thought that Shi Feng would actually come here.

“There’s no need to worry, Commander Troubled. Now that this matter has caused such a commotion, the large adventurer teams we’ve hired won’t be the only ones on the hunt. Medium adventurer teams are also on the move. Even if every Super Guild in the Ten Saints Empire worked together, they’d never get past so many experts,” a man in silver armor tried to reassure Troubled Times when he saw the man’s concern.

“That’s right. Even if Zero Wing somehow manages to make it to Demon City, Demon’s Heart is still waiting for them. We stand by your side. Zero Wing’s efforts will be for naught,” Furious Heart said. He thought that Troubled Times was worried for nothing.

You shouldn’t underestimate Black Flame,” Troubled Times said. “Of course, if everyone here tries to stop him, I doubt he’ll accomplish anything.”

Troubled Times had seen the strength of Demon’s Heart’s Elders personally. They were all true monsters, particularly Furious Heart. The man was only half a step away from becoming a Count in Demon City and was far stronger than Troubled Times, who had only recently become a Demon Viscount.

Furthermore, Demon players who had the Viscount rank or higher received a strength boost while inside Demon City.

While Demon City’s players discussed Shi Feng and his invading team, several thousand Windtooth members arrived in the Burning Forest’s outer region.

“Commander, I’ve found traces of their battle, and the tracks are still fresh. They should be nearby,” the masked, Tier 3 Assassin excitedly reported as he examined the lingering traces Shi Feng’s team had left behind.

“Good! Proceed according to plan, everyone!” Regretful Wind commanded, instructing his team to prepare for battle.

These players began to follow the Tier 3 Assassin’s lead while suppressing their auras to the best of their ability to avoid detection.

As they followed Shi Feng’s tracks, they encountered Demon patrol squad corpses.

One hundred… Two hundred… Three hundred…

By the time Windtooth’s members had crossed 3,000 yards, they had found more than 1,000 Demon corpses, and the freshest had been from a patrol squad with over 200 Demons…