Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2521 - Turmoil in the Burning Forest

Chapter 2521 – Turmoil in the Burning Forest

As they watched the Demon patrol squad become nothing more than EXP for Shi Feng’s team, the Demon players gaped in shock.

“Who are those people?”

The spectating Demon players in the distance were both shocked and curious as they watched Shi Feng’s team.

The Demon patrol squads formed a solid defensive barrier that prevented intruders from reaching Demon City. They were akin to NPC cities’ soldiers. Not only did they have an arsenal of powerful Skills and Spells, but they could also fight as a team. They were nothing like ordinary Demon players.

However, these Demons were little more than ordinary monsters before Shi Feng…

“Are we still going to wait for the adventurer teams, leader?” a Level 105, Tier 2 Ranger asked, turning toward the Tier 3 Assassin that led their party.

Not even Demon City’s large adventurer teams would have an easy time against a team that could annihilate a Demon patrol squad so effortlessly. Otherwise, those adventurer teams wouldn’t share much of their spoils with an ordinary party. Moreover, they’d have to risk their lives to keep an eye on Shi Feng’s team until the adventurer teams arrived.

They were Demon players and had far sharper senses than human players, but there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t be discovered. On the off chance that Shi Feng’s team noticed them, the consequences would be dire. The risk simply wasn’t worth the reward.

“Of course! Demon’s Heart is offering extraordinary rewards. Even if we help kill one player and earn only 10% of the rewards, we’ll still get a Demon Crystal. Once we have 120 Demon Crystals, we can challenge a noble in the city. It would take ages to collect that many if we just try to grind for them ourselves,” the Tier 3 Assassin said. “We will have to be careful and maintain some distance from those players, of course. We don’t need to follow them closely; we can just follow their tracks.”

Silently, the rest of the party nodded in agreement. They all thought that their party leader’s plan was viable.

With their superior senses, they could avoid detection, even if Shi Feng’s team were powerful, as long as they kept their distance.

As soon as the Tier 3 Assassin finished speaking, however, the cold blade of a dagger burst through his chest. A critical damage of over -900,000 then appeared above his head.

Before the Tier 3 Assassin could speak, a snowy-white blade slit his throat, devouring the last of his HP.


The party’s remaining five Tier 2 members were flabbergasted.

What had just happened?

A second ago, their party leader had been alive and kicking, and in the next, he was dead…

Their party leader was a Tier 3 Assassin, and even in Demon City, he was quite the famous expert, yet he had just died so suddenly.

As their leader dropped to the ground.

“An Assassin?”

“Crap! We’ve been discovered!”


By the time the five Demon players reacted, the alluring woman vanished like a ghost.

She reappeared before the five Demon players, and a streak of snowy-white light immediately swiped at them. A series of damages exceeding one million appeared above each Demon player’s head, robbing them of all of their HPs…

“How foolish! You radiate so much Mana that you’re practically walking lanterns in the dark! You dare follow us with such skills?” Fire Dance shook her head disdainfully at the Demon players’ confused looks. She thought they had severely underestimated her.

What Fire Dance didn’t know is that in this era, when Tier 3 players were still extremely rare, everyone busily researched how they could best use their Tier 3 Skills and Spells. No one had time to spare on improving their Mana control.

“Guild Leader, I’ve taken care of the nearby Demon players,” Fire Dance reported to Shi Feng after ensuring that she didn’t detect any hostile players’ Mana signatures nearby.

“Good. Continue patrolling the area. If you run into too many Demon players, call the Hell Legion’s Assassins for help,” Shi Feng said, nodding. He then returned his gaze toward the loot the Demon patrol squad had dropped.

He hadn’t expected the squads to drop anything good. They were on par with NPC cities’ soldiers, after all. NPC soldiers didn’t drop anything noteworthy even when players killed them.

Contrary to his expectations, however, the Demons had dropped considerably valuable loot. The weapons and equipment were sub-par, all Level 110-plus standard Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment, but the Demons had dropped Dark Magic Gold.

Dark Magic Gold was an exceptionally rare Epic material. Not only could one use it to increase their success rate when crafting weapons and equipment, but there was also a chance of imbuing the resulting items with Power of Darkness. It was a material all Master Forgers sought.

He had obtained 14 ingots of Dark Magic Gold after slaying one Demon patrol squad. If the Master Forgers of his previous life found out about this, they’d likely hunt the Burning Forest’s patrol squads into extinction…

However, the Hell Legion’s members were even more ecstatic than Shi Feng.

The Demons they had killed had awarded an abundance of EXP, and during the battle, they had gained a lot of insight into Mana control.

Although the Demon’s Mana control couldn’t compare to actual NPCs, it was far better than dumb monsters.

They usually only fought dumb monsters; they had almost no chances of battling NPCs. Why wouldn’t they be excited to pit their skills against Demons that were as intelligent as true NPCs?

Initially, the Hell Legion hadn’t been particularly eager to attack Demon City, but this discovery had lit an enthusiastic fire in their hearts.

While exploring the Burning Forest, the Hell Legion made no attempts to avoid Demon patrol squads. Instead, they actively started to search for them…

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Burning Forest, a 1,000-man team assaulted a monster nest under the protection of a Level 110 Mythic Boss.

Although the team only had 1,000 players, over 80 of them had already reached Tier 3. Not even first-rate Guilds could field such a team at this stage of the game. The several players leading the team easily suppressed the Mythic Boss, allowing the rest of the team to deal with the Great Lords and Grand Lords.

“Excellent! The monsters that ran ahead have been taken care of! All Tier 3s, attack the Boss!” a valiant, Level 108 man in black robes and wielding a golden staff shouted as he fought the Mythic Boss.

The 80-plus Tier 3 experts suddenly turned away from their targets, shifting their attention to the nest’s Boss. In less than six minutes, the Mythic Boss, which nearly everyone feared at this stage of the game, collapsed, dropping a pile of loot around its corpse.

Although the independent teams watching from afar were tempted by the large number of items the Mythic Boss had dropped, none of them dared to steal the loot. The adventurer team raiding the monster nest was one of Demon City’s large adventurer teams. The small organization was only inferior to the city’s two Guilds. Anyone that tried to steal from that adventurer team shouldn’t dream of surviving in Demon City for long.

“Commander, Black Blindman just sent a message stating that his party has discovered Demon’s Heart’s targets,” a Level 107, Tier 3 Assassin quietly reported to the valiant man leading the team.

“They’re already here?” The valiant man grinned. “Notify everyone. We’ll head that way immediately. Black Blindman is a cunning bastard. There’s no way he stopped after notifying our team. If we take too long, there won’t be anything left.”

“Black Blindman also warned that these players are incredibly strong. They actually had the upper-hand over a Demon patrol squad,” the Tier 3 Assassin said.

They overpowered a patrol squad? I suppose they must be powerful. It’s no wonder why Demon’s Heart has offered such an excellent bounty,” the valiant man said, nodding. “Where are the targets now?”

He was very familiar with the Demon patrol squads’ strength. No ordinary 100-man Tier 3 team could take them on.

“I don’t know…” the Tier 3 Assassin awkwardly replied.

“Didn’t Black Blindman follow them?” the valiant man asked curiously.

He was also very familiar with the player known as Black Blindman. Not only was the man powerful individually, but he was also one of the top-ranked Assassins in Demon City. There was no way Black Blindman would forego an opportunity like this.