Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2520 - A Group of Monsters

Chapter 2520 – A Group of Monsters

The moment Shi Feng gave the command, the Hell Legion began to move into formation. Once everyone was ready, they boldly marched toward the nearby forest. Illusory Words and her teammates, who had just emerged from the Space-time Gate, were stunned at the sight.

“What do you think is going through Black Flame’s mind, Vice Guild Leader?” a Tier 3 male Assassin from Crimson Emperor asked when he saw that the Hell Legion had no intention of hiding their movements. “The Burning Forest is a main area for Demon players, and he decided to go straight through it, rather than around. At this rate, it won’t be long before Demon players discover his team, and without an invitation from Demon City, every Demon player they come across will attack…”

The Burning Forest served as a natural barrier around Demon City. Not only were all of the forest’s monsters above Level 100, but almost every Level 100-plus Demon player in Lava Valley grinded in the Burning Forest.

Demon players had incredible innate perception. They often noticed normal players long before normal players noticed them. In addition, Demon players could earn Demon Reputation to increase their Demon rank by slaying non- Demon players of equal or higher levels. This was why Demon players were so eager to target non-Demon players.

Moreover, non-Demon players were invaders when in Demon territories, and Demon players would gain far greater rewards for killing them. Even the Ten Saints Empire’s various superpowers didn’t dare set foot in the Lava Valley’s Burning Forest without a proper invitation.

Demon players would avoid conflict with guests of Demon City. Attacking one of the city’s guests was akin to declaring war against the city’s various powers. Doing that would be disastrous for any Demon player developing in Demon City.

Of course, Shi Feng and his team hadn’t received an invitation, and by marching into the forest, they were offering themselves up on a silver platter. It’d be a miracle if they even left the Burning Forest alive, not to mention reach Demon City.

In general, over 100,000 players operated in Level 100 maps, and the Burning Forest was the only Level 100 map near Demon City. Far more players would be grinding in the area than in other Level 100 maps.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking, but I know that the players with him are extraordinarily strong. They may have hidden their statistics and auras with Black Cloaks, but I can feel that they’re all bona fide Tier 3 players,” Illusory Words said, a hint of fear flashing in her eyes as she watched the Hell Legion march into the forest.

In total, Shi Feng’s group had over 300 Tier 3 experts. Not even Crimson Emperor had so many at this stage of the game.

“Zero Wing has that many Tier 3 experts?” The male Assassin’s jaw dropped.

Only Super Guilds had such a large number of Tier 3 experts at this point. How could Zero Wing, a Guild that had only established itself in God’s Domain and had no backing whatsoever, have as many Tier 3 experts as a Super Guild?

While Illusory Words and the male Assassin shared their shock over the number of Tier 3 experts Zero Wing had just sent into the Burning Forest, a young man in white robes and surrounded by the Power of Darkness stepped through the Space-time Gate, sneering when he overheard the two players’ conversation.

“The fact that Zero Wing has over 300 Tier 3 experts is indeed surprising. Unfortunately, that force isn’t nearly enough to get through the Burning Forest,” the young man said, realizing that Shi Feng’s group had already disappeared into the woods. “This is just a repeat of Battle Wolves’s attempt to invade Demon City. Not only had Battle Wolves dispatched over 300 Tier 3 experts, but it had also sent an army of over 100,000 Tier 2 experts. In the end, Battle Wolves’s army had been annihilated before it had reached the city.

“I’ve also heard that Demon’s Heart has hired the city’s large adventurer teams to stop Zero Wing’s force. Those adventurer teams don’t have a lot of members, but every one of them is strong enough to deter superpowers. If they work together, Zero Wing won’t stand a chance.”

Neither the male Assassin nor Illusory Words tried to argue with the white-clad youth. He had only spoken the truth. In fact, the boy’s evaluation of Demon City’s large adventurer teams was a little humble.

Battle Wolves’ army had suffered tremendous losses against those large adventurer teams, and they had undoubtedly grown stronger since slaughtering the Guild’s members.

As the white-clad youth and Illusory Words quietly discussed the situation, a party of Demon players had discovered Shi Feng’s team.

“Why have so many human players come to the Burning Forest?”

“Are they the bounty targets Demon’s Heart announced? And here I thought Demon’s Heart was joking. I hadn’t actually thought that these human players would dare enter our territory.”

“Quick! Send word to the large adventurer teams! If we take too long to report this, someone else will and claim the reward!”

The Demon party’s members were ecstatic over discovering Shi Feng’s group. They immediately reported their discovery to the large adventurer teams within the forest.

Just as they were about to contact one of the adventurer teams, however, over a hundred figures descended from above, landing a short distance from Shi Feng’s team. They all wore jet-black plate armor and wielded standard weapons. They also radiated dense Power of Darkness and emitted an intense pressure that even deterred Tier 3 experts from approaching.

“Crap! How is our luck so bad?! I didn’t know there was a Demon patrol squad nearby! I guess we won’t get credit for the discovery, after all…”

When the Demon party members saw the figures in black, they could not help but shake their heads and sigh dejectedly.

The Burning Forest was Demon territory, and Demon squads patrolled the area. Every one of these squads consisted of up to 3 Tier 4 Great Demons and 100 Tier 3 Advanced Demons. They also maintained a 10-level gap above Demon City’s mainstream players. They weren’t a force players should take lightly.

These Demon patrol squads were a large part of the reason that the Battle Wolves’ crusade on Demon City had failed before it had even reached the city gates.

Now that one of these squads had discovered Shi Feng’s team, annihilation was almost certain. Furthermore, these Demons had wings and were capable of flight. Even if Shi Feng’s group could fly, they wouldn’t escape.

The watching Demon players expected Shi Feng’s group to turn and flee, but they didn’t. Rather, they took the initiative to charge at the Demon patrol squad as if they had just found their prey.

The Guardian Knight leading the charge bashed his shield into one of the Level 115, Tier 4 Great Demons, which subsequently lost its balance and stumbled half a step back. That Guardian Knight’s Strength was unbelievable!

A three-meter-tall man and his emaciated companion proceeded to pin down the other two Tier 4 Great Demons. The Tier 3 Advanced Demons wanted to help, but other members of Shi Feng’s team got in their way.

Shi Feng’s team suppressed the Demon patrol squad, which normally had an overwhelming advantage over players. The Demons struggled against the players attacking them, unable to cooperate while their HPs visibly plummeted.

In less than 30 minutes, the entire Demon patrol squad had been eliminated. Not a single Demon had escaped with its life …