Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2519 - Descending Toward Demon Territory "Over 300?!"

Chapter 2519 – Descending Toward Demon Territory “Over 300?!”

Illusory Words could not help but be stunned when she heard how many players Shi Feng planned to take with him.

As far as she was concerned, Shi Feng would be lucky to take 20 experts with him. They were talking about infiltrating Demon territory, after all. Not only did powerful monsters wander the map, but there were also many powerful Demons and Demon players in the area. Human players wouldn’t make it to the map without Demon’s Heart’s permission. Even Tier 3 experts would have a hard time surviving in the map.

Once a human player was discovered, they’d be persecuted by an endless number of Demon players.

Meanwhile, one would have to be stealthy and wait for the opportune moment to strike if they wanted to slay a specific player in the map.

Shi Feng, however, wanted to take over 300 players with him on his hunt for Troubled Times. Evading detection in Demon territory would be nearly impossible with such a large group.

“Are you not capable of transporting so many people?” Shi Feng asked when he noticed Illusory Words’ astonished expression.

Since he was heading back to the main continent, Shi Feng couldn’t leave the Hell Legion stuck in the Dark Den. Moreover, he wanted to make an example of Troubled Times. If he killed the Berserker off in secret, the man’s death wouldn’t become the deterrent he wanted. He needed the kill to have enough fanfare that it would prevent other powers from targeting Shelter One in the future.

Although Demon territories were akin to forbidden lands for ordinary expert teams, his was no ordinary team. It was Netherworld Empire’s, one of the Five Great Super Guilds in God’s Domain, strongest trump card legion. The very idea that the Hell Legion couldn’t move throughout Demon territory was a joke.

“It’s possible, but I’ll need some time. Would you be willing to wait a while, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Illusory Words asked after snapping out of her daze.

“How long will you need?” Shi Feng asked.

“I should be able to arrange it within roughly six hours,” Illusory Words confidently replied.

“Alright. I’ll have to trouble you then, Vice Guild Leader Illusory.” Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief when Illusory Words said she’d only need six hours or so.

Fire Dance had used her Mana to lock onto Troubled Times, but the technique wouldn’t last long. At most, her Mana would remain on her target for two days. After that, her Mana would leave Troubled Times, and hunting him down would be almost impossible.

Once Illusory Words and Shi Feng had finished their discussion, the Vice Guild Leader left the Extreme Light Shelter atop her Flying Mount to see to the necessary preparations. Meanwhile, Shi Feng led Blue Frost and the others into the shelter to rest while he waited for Illusory Words to contact him.

While they rested in the Extreme Light Shelter, news of Zero Wing’s battle with the Sentinel Shelter spread like wildfire. For a while, all of the Dark Den was in an uproar over the event.

No one had ever thought a player could counter a Demon God’s Hand and scare the Sentinel Shelter’s strongest expert, Troubled Times, away.

While this news spread, word of Shi Feng’s hunt for Troubled Times shook the Dark Den’s various Shelters. It was a hot topic among countless players in the Otherworld.

“What? Zero Wing is going to hunt down Troubled Times?”

“How ruthless! But I like it! If Zero Wing succeeds, the Sentinel Shelter is as good as finished!”

“That shouldn’t be possible. Troubled Times is no fool. Once he discovers a marker on him, he’ll just wait in the city until it disappears. Zero Wing won’t be able to reach him.”

“That’s why the Guild is taking over 300 players on the hunt. I bet that Zero Wing won’t hesitate to kill him even in a city. Troubled Times is pitiful. With so many experts going after him at the same time, he has no chance of surviving!”

“I don’t think Troubled Times will lose everything. I’m sure he’ll take all of those experts with him to the grave. It really makes you wonder what Zero Wing is thinking by pulling such a crazy stunt.”

Zero Wing’s generosity equally shocked and confused the Dark Den’s players. They had never thought that Zero Wing was ruthless enough to gamble the lives of 300-plus experts just to take out a defeated general. Even if Zero Wing succeeded, the Guild would suffer massive losses.

Lava Valley, Demon City:

Several middle-aged men, one of which was none other than Troubled Times, the commander of the Sentinel Shelter’s number one adventurer team, sat around a table in one of Demon City’s high-class bars.

“Commander Troubled, the Zero Wing you spoke of is insane. The Guild actually plans to come here just to deal with you!”

“It’s just 300-plus experts. If they dare come to this city with so few players, they’ll be wiped out before they even reach the city gates.”

“I know, right? We’re in Demon territory. Zero Wing’s experts won’t even get past the several large adventurer teams in the surrounding area. Even if they’re lucky enough to make it here, Demon’s Heart controls this city. Even Dragons would have to lay low here.”

When the middle-aged men around Troubled Times heard this, they all laughed.

The Sentinel Shelter was no match for Zero Wing in the Dark Den, but it would be a different story in Demon City.

Even if Zero Wing’s 300-plus experts magically appeared in the city, they couldn’t touch Troubled Times.

Attacking a player in Demon City meant declaring war against Demon’s Heart!

“Right, Elder Heart, when will Vice Guild Leader Light return?” Troubled Times asked a Level 108, Tier 3 Elementalist. “Does he need anything of me?”

“The Vice Guild Leader is currently meeting with an important person, so he told us to rest for now. He’s already commissioned the city’s large adventurer teams to deal with the Zero Wing issue; rest assured. I doubt you’ll even get to see Zero Wing’s experts by the time this has been settled,” the Elementalist named Furious Heart replied, smiling.

“The city’s large adventurer teams are getting involved?” The news allowed Troubled Times to breathe a sigh of relief.

Demon City’s large adventurer teams wouldn’t be able to harm Shi Feng in the outside world. At best, they might take out Zero Wing’s other experts, but in Demon territory, non-Demon players were severely suppressed. They wouldn’t be able to use their Berserk Skills. In other words, the terrifying Berserk Skill Shi Feng had used in the Dark Den wouldn’t be available to him.

Shi Feng would have to face a large number of Demon players and a few that had Basic Attributes on par with or greater than Troubled Times’.

While Troubled Times chatted with Demon’s Heart’s Elders, a five-meter-tall, Space-time Gate appeared in a volcanic region within the Lava Valley’s outer area.

Numerous figures burst forth from the gate, and leading the group was none other than Shi Feng.

I’m finally back. Shi Feng gave a rueful sigh when he felt the familiar Mana around him. “Sure enough, one can only fully exhibit their full strength in a familiar environment.”

He couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable both on the Mana-deficient western continent and in the Mana-rich Dark Den. The instant he returned to his own continent, however, he felt his Mana affinity improve.

“Everyone’s through, Guild Leader. What should we do next?” Blue Frost asked Shi Feng. He felt a little nervous around the Hell Legion’s members, who had concealed their appearances under Black Cloaks.

“Good! Since everyone’s here, it’s time we pay Demon City a visit!” Shi Feng declared with a grin. He then had Fire Dance lead the way toward Troubled Times.