Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2518 - Kill No Matter the Distance

Chapter 2518 – Kill No Matter the Distance

“Have you locked on to him, Fire?” Shi Feng asked, turning toward Fire Dance a short distance away.

Players had many ways of escaping to live another day in God’s Domain, and when one wanted to hunt a fleeing player, they could rely on tracking scrolls, Skills, and Spells.

Of all of the main classes, the Assassin was the most adept at tracking and taking out targets.

Once an Assassin reached Tier 3 and unlocked their Mana Body’s full potential, their tracking abilities would undergo a qualitative transformation. They could use their own Mana to lock on to another player’s Mana signature. Unlike Tracking Scrolls, this method didn’t add any debuffs to the target, making it nearly impossible to detect. Unless the targeted player could remove the Mana the Assassin had left on them, they couldn’t shake off the tracker.

“Rest assured, Guild Leader; my Mana is on him. Even if he runs to the edge of the world, I can find him,” Fire Dance confirmed, nodding.

She had locked on to every Sentinel Shelter member’s Mana signature even before she had killed the Tier 3 Shield Warner. Even if Aqua Rose and Violet Cloud hadn’t taken action, none of the Sentinel Shelter players participating in the fight had had any chance of escaping with their lives.

“Guild Leader, do you really intend to chase after Troubled Times? The spatial tear’s destination is a city enveloped in darkness energy. There’s a 90% chance that it is in Demon players’ territory. Those Demon players are extremely biased against other races. Even if you manage to make it there, you’ll have a hard time reaching Troubled Times,” Blue Frost hurriedly interrupted, attempting to dissuade Shi Feng from hunting down the Berserker in question.

Although Troubled Times still posed a threat to Shelter One, the Sentinel Shelter would need some time to recover from losing so many of its top experts. Meanwhile, Shelter One could use this chance to grow stronger. After today’s battle, Zero Wing’s fame would spread across the Dark Den, after all, and a large number of players would show up to join Shelter One. The shelter wouldn’t have to worry about its development speed.

Once they upgraded Shelter One to a Large Shelter, Troubled Times would have a hard time threatening the shelter.

“Of course. These players have chosen to be one of Zero Wing’s enemies, and I need to ensure that they know the price for doing so!” Shi Feng resolutely declared.

Another time, he might have let the matter slide.

But times had changed. As the Dark Den had more contact with the outside world, more superpowers would have designs on the Otherworld.

If superpowers wanted to develop in the Dark Den, they’d need a Shelter first, but reaping the Otherworld’s benefits would take ages if they had to construct and grow a Shelter from scratch. Hence, they would try to take over already developed Shelters.

Now that the Sentinel Shelter was the first power to target Shelter One, he had to teach them a lesson and use them as an example, showing other powers that Zero Wing was not to be provoked. If he didn’t act now, more powers would target his Shelter in the future.

“I understand. I’ll see to the necessary preparations, but now that the various powers are fighting over the Bronze Teleportation Gates, traveling to the main continent is incredibly challenging. I’m afraid that we’ll need some time before we can go after Troubled Times…” Blue Frost said.

Blue Frost understood what Shi Feng intended when he heard the man’s reply. It was clear that Shi Feng wanted to make an example of Troubled Times, but traveling between the Dark Den and the main continent wasn’t easy. Thus far, the Bronze Teleportation Gates were the only reliable way to do so, but Shelter One wasn’t a high enough rank to own such a gate.

They would have to borrow a Large Shelter’s Bronze Teleportation Gate. Unfortunately, these gates’ available slots were limited, and most had already been distributed. Traveling to the main continent any time soon wouldn’t be a simple task.

As soon as Blue Frost finished speaking, however, a crisp, pleasant voice interjected.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, if you wish to visit the Demon’s city, I can help you with that.”

A Horned Eagle slowly descended from above, and the pleasant voice had come from none other than Illusory Words. ‘You know where it is?” Shi Feng asked, surprise flashing in his eyes.

He knew that Demon players’ territories were on the main continent, but they were akin to secret lands. Not only were they incredibly difficult to find, but their locations were also relatively unstable. Because of this, even the various superpowers had struggled to exterminate Demon powers during his previous life.

“It would be more precise to say that I came from that city,” Illusory Words said, smiling.

“If that’s the case, what’s your price?” Shi Feng asked.

He doubted that Illusory Words would help him for free. The woman was one of Crimson Emperor’s Vice Guild Leaders, after all, and although their two Guilds weren’t enemies, they weren’t friends, either.

“I don’t need payment. Consider it Crimson Emperor’s attempt to befriend Zero Wing,” Illusory Words replied with a smile, shaking her head.

“Alright. As long as Crimson Emperor doesn’t provoke Zero Wing, Zero Wing will avoid clashing with Crimson Emperor,” Shi Feng agreed with a nod.

“I’ll have to thank you then, Guild Leader Black Flame. I will report this to my superiors later,” Illusory Words said. She breathed a sigh of relief the moment Shi Feng agreed to her proposition. “Before you go there, however, I must warn you. Demon’s Heart, an up-and-coming Dark Guild, rules over that Demon City. The Guild had been developing rapidly in the Ten Saints Empire. It’s almost like it just appeared out of thin air. Even the Super Guild Battle Wolves, has suffered heavy losses against Demon’s Heart. Since Troubled Times has the city’s coordinates, I assume that he has quite a close relationship with the Dark Guild.

“That Demon City happens to be Demon’s Heart’s main headquarters. Demons control the entire map, in fact. The demonic residents target and attack any non-Demon player they find. You should avoid exploring too much of the map if you wish to slay Troubled Times.”

While Illusory Words had explained the situation, Blue Frost, who had initially approved of the hunt, revealed a grim expression.

They might not have had an issue if Troubled Times’ relationship with Demon’s Heart had been only on the surface, but it’d be a different story if he were close with the Dark Guild.

Even Super Guilds had a headache when it came to Demon’s Heart. If Troubled Times hid within the Dark Guild’s headquarters, trying to hunt him down would be suicidal.

“Demon’s Heart? So, that’s why he was so confident.” Realization dawned on Shi Feng.

Demon’s Heart had been one of the Six Great Dark Guilds in God’s Domain during his past. The entire Guild consisted of Demon players, and although it didn’t have as many players as other superpowers, every member had extraordinary combat power. Ordinary players had had no chance against them. Many Super Guilds had suffered huge losses at the hands of Demon’s Heart back then. The Dark Guild had even slain several Super Guilds’ Guild Leaders. It was practically as powerful as the Five Great Super Guilds.

As far as Shi Feng could remember, Demon’s Heart had begun to grow stronger around this time during his previous life, too.

“If Troubled Times thinks he can take Zero Wing on just because he’s got a powerful backer, he is sorely mistaken!” When Shi Feng recalled Troubled Times’s bold exit, he sneered. He turned to Illusory Words, asking, “Vice Guild Leader Illusory, how many people can you help me transport to the main continent?”

“I don’t have many slots available. May I know how many people you wish to take with you, Guild Leader Black Flame? If I don’t have enough, I can borrow some slots from other Guilds,” Illusory Words offered after giving the matter some thought.

“A little over 300.”