Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2515 - Apex Sword

Chapter 2515 – Apex Sword

Seeing the Mana on the battlefield gather around Aqua Rose and Violet Cloud, Troubled Times, expression darkened further.

The Mana Body was the very symbol of Tier 3, and any player that reached Tier 3 understood one thing: they had no control over their Mana Bodies. They needed to learn about and adapt to their Mana Bodies first. Only then could they gain full control over their Mana Bodies and exhibit the true strength of a Tier 3 class.

However, it wasn’t easy to unlock a Mana Body’s full potential. Very few Tier 3 experts had even begun.

And yet, two experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies had joined the fight, and both were magical class players…

“What?! This can’t be true, can it?! They’ve already unlocked their Mana Bodies’ full potential?!”

“What kind of Guild is Zero Wing?”

Intense shock flashed in Graceful Monarch’s and Purple Rakshasa’s eyes as they stared at the distant Aqua Rose and Violet Cloud.

Zero Wing was already amazing to have a monster like Shi Feng, but now, they learned that the Guild had two magical class experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies, as well. What was up with this?

Even at this stage of the game, it was incredibly unlikely that the various superpowers would have a single expert with a fully unlocked Mana Body, yet Zero Wing had two…

How did they do it?

Even Illusory Words stared with wide, shocked eyes. She couldn’t bring herself to believe what she was seeing.

Since more of the various superpowers’ members had begun to reach Tier 3, these superpowers had shifted their focus toward helping their Tier 3 members unlock their Mana Bodies’ potential, rather than nurturing more Tier 3 players. Controlling one’s Mana Body wasn’t like controlling the physical body, however. Players’ Mana control needed to be excellent to accomplish the task. Unlocking one’s Mana Body required such high Mana control that even magical class players, who often manipulated Mana, only had a small edge over physical class players.

Unlocking a Mana Body’s potential was a gradual process. Players needed to conduct repeated experiments, slowly learning how their Mana Bodies operated. This process was impossible to skip since every player had a different Mana Body.

The current top player in Crimson Emperor had only unlocked 35% of their Mana Body’s potential, and the Guild’s remaining Tier 3 experts hadn’t even unlocked 1%. As one unlocked more of their Mana Body, the process became more difficult. Based on Crimson Emperor’s estimates, a Tier 3 player should need two or three months, at least, of relentless effort to unlock their Mana Body’s full potential, notwithstanding any fortuitous encounters.

And now, Illusory Words learned that Aqua Rose and Violet Cloud had both fully unlocked their Mana Bodies…

How could she possibly believe this?

Moreover, the Mana the two women commanded was truly frightening. Despite standing several hundred yards away, Illusory Words could sense the torrent of Mana flowing toward them. It felt like watching whales take a breath of air.

Those two women were practically moving Mana Engines.

Before anyone could recover from their daze, Aqua Rose and Violet Cloud had finished chanting the final verses of their incantations.

As they did, a blue, twofold magic array appeared above the battlefield, covering a 100-yard radius. Meanwhile, several hundred silver magic arrays manifested around Violet Cloud.

Tier 3 Super Spell, Frostburst Waterfall!

Shadow Rage!

With the help of their Mana Bodies, the women’s Spells drained all of the Mana in a 400-yard radius.

Suddenly, countless ice shards rained down from above, and as they passed, space froze. Any Tier 2 Demonized player these ice shards encounter transformed into ice sculptures and died instantly. When the ice touched a Tier 3 Demonized expert, they plundered one-third of their HP.

While Aqua Rose’s ice covered the battlefield, the shadow blades Violet Cloud’s Shadow Rage danced among the fleeing Demon players. Not only had her Mana Body strengthened her shadow blades, but the Fragmented Legendary ranked Magic Light Pendant did so as well.

Three hundred shadow blades, with power approaching the Tier 4 standard, struck the Sentinel Shelter’s fleeing members. The blades were so powerful that not even Tier 3 experts could block them without taking some damage.

The Tier 2 players didn’t even have time to resist before they died.

For a time, the several hundred fleeing players from the Sentinel Shelter transformed into ice sculptures or were shredded by the shadow blades; they all transformed into particles of light. Not even the running Tier 3 experts could escape death…

Despite the world of ice and light the battlefield had become, none of the Extreme Light Shelter’s spectating players found the scene beautiful. They only felt fear and dread as they gazed at the destruction.

Everyone already knew that magical class players could exhibit far greater combat power on a battlefield than physical class players, but they couldn’t help the shock they felt as they watched the two women destroy their enemies.

Aqua Rose and Violet Cloud had only used a total of two Spells, after all.

Despite such a large-scale bombardment, not only hadn’t the women’s attacks harmed their allies, but they had also drastically reduced the number of players from the Sentinel Shelter. Only four seconds had passed since they had cast their Spells, yet they had slain over 200 players. Moreover, the death toll climbed as more time passed. Not even a 100- man team of Tier 3 experts would prove this effective…

Every player that had come from the Sentinel Shelter was a Demonized player. Even their Tier 2 members had combat power nearly on par with a Tier 3 player’s after transforming into their Demon form. Just landing a hit was a struggle for Tier 3 players, much less killing them. Moreover, Demonized players possessed far higher HP, Defense, and Magic Resistance than human players. At most, a Tier 3 Skill or Spell would deal high damage to these players. It would take a lot more to instant-kill them.

However, Aqua Rose and Violet Cloud’s Spells had instant-killed the Sentinel Shelter’s Tier 2 players, giving the enemy healers no chance to help them.

Moreover, the absurd damage the Spells dealt wasn’t the most frightening aspect about them.

What truly amazed everyone was the fact that those Spells seemed like they had a life of their own, always targeting players’ blind spots. Only Refinement Realm experts and above had any chance of blocking them. Everyone else would have to bear the full brunt of the projectiles’ hits…

“Black Flame!” Troubled Times’ eyes bulged as he watched one subordinate after another fall. Every player he had brought with him was an expert from the Sentinel Shelter, and they all played crucial roles in the shelter. The Berserker skidded to a stop and pulled a gigantic, pitch-black crystal from his bag. Maddened, he shouted, “Since you won’t let my people live, I’ll take you down with us!”

With that statement hanging in the air, Troubled Times shattered the crystal.

Suddenly, dark clouds formed above the plain, and a colossal spatial tear split the sky. A gigantic hand, as large as a mountain, then reached through the tear.

Both Blue Frost’s team and the players from the Extreme Light Shelter watched in horror.

“What?! The Demon King’s Hand?! How does he have that tool?!”

“Is Troubled Times insane?! Does he want everyone to die?!”

“It’s over! We’re all dead!”

The players from the Extreme Light Shelter cursed Troubled Times for his cruelty.

The Demon King’s Hand was every Dark Den player’s nightmare.

An independent player had once gotten their hands on this tool, and to avenge his fallen comrades, he had used the Demon God’s Hand to destroy the Shelter responsible.

The Demon King’s Hand had only attacked once, crushing the Shelter into dust.

The attack was a massive AOE. Although Troubled Times had summoned the Demon King’s Hand several hundred yards from the Extreme Light Shelter, it was still well within range…

Even Illusory Words felt the presence of death surround her, not to mention the Shelter’s residents. Unfortunately, it was too late to run. The Spell had already taken shape, and even space would freeze under a Tier 5 Spell’s influence.

She couldn’t even use Instantaneous Movement to flee…

Even if she could, she wouldn’t have time to escape the Spell’s AOE. Instantaneous Movement would only teleport her several dozen yards away…

The Demon King’s Hand? Even Shi Feng’s expression darkened when he saw the descending hand. He immediately activated Disintegration Power, forcing himself to Tier 4 before he leaped into the air, raising Killing Ray above his head with both hands.

“Block it!”

First Sword, Lightshadow!