Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2514 - Not to be Trifled With

Chapter 2514 – Not to be Trifled With

As the dust settled on the battlefield, the watching players from the Extreme Light Shelter, who had assumed that Shi Feng’s group was in for a bitter battle, were dumbfounded as they stared at Troubled Times embedded in the ground.

“Is he really a Tier 3 player?”

They had all felt Troubled Times’ aura after he had taken on his Demon form. It was strong enough to rival Grand Lords of the same level. Combined with the Berserker’s profound combat techniques, he could kill Tier 3 experts with little- to-no effort. Tier 3 players had no hope against him.

Only experts who had reached Tier 4 would have the power to suppress a monster like Troubled Times.

And yet, Shi Feng, who looked ordinary and didn’t even have the aura of a Tier 3 player, had overwhelmed the Berserker with brute strength. Everyone watching felt as if the Main God System were joking with them.

“He’s actually this strong?!”

When Purple Rakshasa and Graceful Monarch saw Troubled Times’s embedded figure, their minds went blank. Although Illusory Words had told them that Shi Feng was monstrously strong, even going so far as to insist that she was no match for the Swordsman, they hadn’t believed it.

First, Shi Feng had repelled 17 Tier 3 Demonized experts with one move. Then, he had used another move that tore space apart and left Troubled Times heavily injured. The man’s Strength was simply unheard of.

With just this ridiculous strength, Shi Feng was more than capable of making fools of 100 Tier 3 players.

When Demonized, Trouble Times enjoyed inhuman Basic Attributes. If any other Tier 3 player had stood against Shi Feng’s attack, they would’ve instantly perished.

In other words, Shi Feng was powerful enough to instant-kill Tier 3 players. There was almost no difference between Tier 2 and Tier 3 before him. At most, Tier 3 players were slightly stronger ants.

Purple Rakshasa and Graceful Monarch now, more or less, understood why Illusory Words admired Shi Feng, declaring that he alone could change the tide of the upcoming war.

Sure enough, he’s grown stronger. While Illusory Words watched Shi Feng, who stood proudly among the Sentinel Shelter’s players, she couldn’t contain her bitter smile.

After the battle on Dragonheart Island, the various superpowers had recognized Shi Feng as a peerless monster, one not to be provoked, but they had continued their development since then. Adding to the fact that they had stronger foundations than Zero Wing, Illusory Words had been sure that she should’ve caught up to Shi Feng a little She had never imagined that the distance between her and the Swordsman had grown…

She had been humble when she had told Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa that she wouldn’t last more than three moves against Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. In truth, she had been confident that she shouldn’t have any issues taking five or six hits from Shi Feng. She had recently obtained a Bloodline, and her Life Rating was beyond that of an ordinary Tier 3 player, after all. Her Basic Attributes had also substantially increased.

But now, she realized how sorely mistaken she had been.

When Shi Feng’s attack had torn apart space itself, she realized that his strike had Tier 4 power. Combined with the attack’s large AOE and high Attack Speed, she knew she didn’t have a prayer of dodging or blocking the attack without an Invulnerability Skill or Spell.

Naturally, Blue Frost and his teammates were dazed after seeing the outcome of the exchange between Shi Feng and Troubled Times. They didn’t react like Zero Wing members at all.

“Blue, is that really our Guild Leader?” a Level 108, Tier 3 Guardian Knight prodded Blue Frost.

When they heard the question, several other recent additions to the Guild turned to their Vice Guild Leader with curious looks.

Aside from Shelter One’s good development prospects, they had joined Zero Wing because of Blue Frost’s individual strength. They didn’t view Zero Wing’s larger branches in the outside world as important. Many of the Dark Den’s Shelters had allied with powers from the outside world, too. Aside from financial support, Shelter One didn’t receive any benefits from Zero Wing’s main branch. Their connection was far weaker than the other Shelters that had outside powers’ support.

This was precisely the reason that they doubted the main branch’s strength.

After witnessing Shi Feng’s display, however, even a fool could tell that Zero Wing was no simple Guild. With such a powerful Guild Leader, they were confident that Shelter One would eventually grow into one of the Dark Den’s top three Shelters.

“Mhm… He’s our Guild Leader, Black Flame,” Blue Frost muttered, replying to his teammate’s question, but as he stared at Shi Feng, he couldn’t help but question his own memory. The power the Swordsman had just used was too overwhelming. The man was nothing like the Shi Feng he remembered.

When Shelter One’s Zero Wing members heard the confirmation, their eyes lit with excitement.

Before they could celebrate, however, Troubled Times pulled himself out of the crater around him, glaring at Shi Feng with a grim expression. If he hadn’t blocked that attack with a Tier 3 Taboo Skill, he would’ve lost more than half of his HP.

“It seems that I’ve underestimated you, Frost. With such a Guild Leader to back you up, you’re out of my reach, but don’t think this one failure will be enough to stop the Sentinel Shelter’s advance. Demon players will only grow stronger as time passes! Our next meeting will be the end of Shelter One!” Troubled Times said, sneering at Blue Frost. He then shouted to his teammates, “Everyone, retreat!”

Following their orders, every player from the Sentinel Shelter turned and fled. They gave Shi Feng and Fire Dance no opportunities to strike. When Blue Frost heard Troubled Times’ warning, however, he paled.

Meanwhile, the Extreme Light Shelter’s members couldn’t help but shake their heads and sigh.

As Troubled Times had said, Demon players and ordinary players were on different levels. Demon players could continue to upgrade their Demon rank, bolstering their combat power as time passed.

Shi Feng might be able to stop the Sentinel Shelter’s Demon players right now, but how long could he continue to do so?

Moreover, Shi Feng was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. He couldn’t stay in the Dark Den indefinitely. Once he left, Shelter One, which constantly fought the Sentinel Shelter over resources, would suffer…

“You’re not wrong, but that only holds true if you escape with your lives!” Shi Feng growled, watching Troubled Times preparing to flee.

Demon players could increase their combat power by raising their Demon rank, but they had a fatal flaw. They couldn’t afford to die. Once a Demon player died, they’d lose a significant fraction of the strength and Reputation they had built up. It was a problem that constantly plagued Demon players.

“I admit that you’re exceptionally powerful, Guild Leader Black Flame, but if we focus on escape, how many of us can you really kill? You’re better off saving your energy!”

The moment Troubled Times finished his statement, he split into five clones of himself. All five clones then split up and fled in different directions. As he did, the rest of the Sentinel Shelter’s Tier 3 experts used their trump cards as well, either boosting their Movement Speeds or creating a group of doppelgangers to cause confusion on the battlefield.

It was obvious that the Sentinel Shelter’s experts were quite adept at escaping and surviving. None of them were afraid of Shi Feng or Fire Dance’s pursuit.

“Is that so?” Even as Troubled Times ran, Shi Feng showed no intention of chasing him down. Rather, he chuckled and asked, “What if we invite two Tier 3 magical classes to join the fray?”

Suddenly, Troubled Times realized that something felt off.

Magical classes were more suited for team battles than physical classes. They could exhibit far more combat power on the battlefield, which was why Graceful Monarch had gone out of her way to invite Blue Frost to the Extreme Light Shelter.

Suddenly, space roughly 100 yards away from the battlefield began to blur. A translucent barrier of water then appeared, in front of which stood two women in elegant mage robes. All of the Mana within 300 yards of the women gathered to them. The Mana density around them became so high that it formed a thin layer of mist in the area.

“This is… Is that a fully unlocked Mana Body?”