Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2512 - You're Not Qualified

Chapter 2512 – You’re Not Qualified

“Who is that guy? He actually arrived here via a Spatial Gate! How extravagant!”

“Is that guy tired of living?! Can’t he see that even an expert like Blue Frost is getting cornered?”

“Does he think Troubled Times is a reasonable person?”

The spectating players inside the Extreme Light Shelter were stunned when they saw Shi Feng suddenly appear in the middle of the battlefield.

They never imagined that such a situation would occur.

Even from several yards away, everyone could clearly sense the frightening aura Troubled Times exuded. The strength he possessed had definitely reached inhuman levels. There was no doubt that the current Troubled Times could defeat Blue Frost in just a handful of moves. In fact, Troubled Times was most likely more than capable of soloing Blue Frost’s entire team.

Yet, there was actually someone who experienced Troubled Times’s domineering strength and still dared to provoke him.

“A measly Tier 3 player dares oppose our commander? Bastard, you’re a hundred years too early! I’ll let you know now what true strength is!” the Level 108, Tier 3 Shield Warrior standing behind Troubled Times bellowed in anger, then raised his shield and axe and charged at Shi Feng, determined to let the Swordsman know just how powerful the Sentinel Shelter was.

“This person actually dares provoke Troubled Times just so that he can become famous. With this, nobody in the entire Dark Den can save him. The Sentinel Shelter definitely won’t stop hunting him down until he’s back to Level 0.”

“Wait, that’s not right. That person seems to be wearing Zero Wing’s Guild Emblem too. He should be here to rescue Blue Frost’s team.”

“What’s the point of coming out now? Can’t he see just how frightening Troubled Times is right now? Let alone Blue Frost’s team, even our Extreme Light Shelter’s number one adventurer team would be no match for Troubled Times. What can a lone person like him possibly hope to accomplish?”

At this moment, some players with good eyesight noticed the silver, six-winged emblem pinned on Shi Feng’s Black Cloak. However, even after seeing this Guild Emblem, nobody felt optimistic about this situation. Everyone merely sighed at or ridiculed Shi Feng’s actions.

Before today, with Zero Wing’s help, Shelter One definitely had a chance to grow into one of the Dark Den’s top three Shelters. However, now that Shelter One was faced with the overbearing Sentinel Shelter, it was fated to fall into oblivion.

“He shouldn’t have gone,” Graceful Monarch, who was spectating atop the Extreme Light Shelter’s wall, muttered to herself. She was initially surprised when she saw Shi Feng making an appearance on the battlefield. Afterward, however, she could not help but shake her head and sigh.

In the eyes of Tier 2 experts, Shi Feng, who was a Tier 3 player, would indeed be considered very strong. However, his current opponents were the Tier 3 Demonized experts from the Sentinel Shelter.

“It seems he has quite the backbone!” Purple Rakshasa was surprised as she watched Shi Feng land before Troubled Times. “However, if even Blue Frost is struggling against the Sentinel Shelter, what can that guy possibly hope to accomplish?”

Nobody had a better idea of exactly how powerful Demonized players were than she did.

Demonized players’ Basic Attributes and physique far surpassed those of regular players of the same tier. One could say that, at this point in time, aside from Illusory Words, nobody in the entire Extreme Light Shelter could pose a challenge to the Sentinel Shelter. Unfortunately, there was no reason for someone of Illusory Words’s stature to interfere in such an affair.

However, when Purple Rakshasa turned to Illusory Words, who stood beside her, she noticed a heavy and shocked expression appear on Illusory Words’s face. It was as if the Cleric had just seen a ghost.

“Why is he here?” Illusory Words muttered, her eyes wide with astonishment. Right now, the shock she felt was obvious even to the ordinary players present.

Vice Guild Leader Illusory?” Purple Rakshasa could not help growing curious as she looked at Illusory Words.

Previously, Illusory Words had maintained her composure when bathed in Troubled Times’s imposing aura. Now, however, Illusory Words actually looked shaken after seeing an ordinary Tier 3 Swordsman who exuded not the slightest bit of aura. This situation was simply unbelievable.

Vice Guild Leader Illusory, do you know that person?” Graceful Monarch asked. She, too, could clearly sense Illusory Words losing her composure.

Previously, Graceful Monarch had already carefully observed Shi Feng and understood that he possessed considerable strength. However, it was not at a level where experts of her caliber needed to pay much attention. The only thing she found noteworthy about Shi Feng was that he was an expert of Zero Wing. However, if even Blue Frost, a Vice Guild Leader of Zero Wing, had failed to gamer Illusory Words’s interest, how could a measly Tier 3 expert from Zero Wing possibly do so?

“I do. Of course, I do,” Illusory Words said, a smile blooming on her face when she saw the curious gazes Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa were directing at her. “He’s the person I told you about before. He’s Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame!”

As soon as Illusory Words mentioned the name of “Black Flame,” Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa were momentarily stunned.

Vice Guild Leader Illusory, you’re saying that he is Zero Wing’s Guild Leader?” Purple Rakshasa instinctively denied the truth of Illusory Words’s statement. “How is that possible? I met him before. Let alone the aura of a Tier 3 player, even the Mana fluctuations he is giving off are very weak for a Tier 3 player. How can he possibly be the monster you mentioned?”

In God’s Domain, all expert players would exude an aura of strength. After they reached Tier 3, the Mana fluctuations their bodies caused would also become much more difficult to hide. Moreover, even if a player managed to conceal those Mana fluctuations, an expert’s instincts would still warn them if they were standing before an opponent with monstrous strength. Take Illusory Words, for example. Despite Illusory Words having concealed her strength completely, Purple Rakshasa’s instincts still warned her against fighting the Cleric.

However, Purple Rakshasa could not sense anything from Shi Feng. In her mind, Shi Feng was the textbook example of an ordinary Tier 3 player.

“So, he is that rumored Guild Leader of Zero Wing?” Graceful Monarch muttered doubtfully as she looked at the distant Shi Feng. Similar to Purple Rakshasa, she found Illusory Words’s statement incredible and suspected it was a joke.

The Black Flame Illusory Words mentioned was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. Even if he wasn’t as strong as Illusory Words said he was, he should, at least, be stronger than Blue Frost and his teammates. Otherwise, with the personalities of Blue Frost and the others, they definitely wouldn’t be willing to submit themselves to his command.

On the other hand, someone of Illusory Words’s stature had no reason to play jokes on experts like them.

While Purple Rakshasa and Graceful Monarch were half-doubting Illusory Words’s statement, Blue Frost suddenly exclaimed in bewilderment.

“Guild Leader?!”

Although Blue Frost did not speak very loudly, his words swept through the battlefield, and subsequently, the Extreme Light Shelter, like a typhoon.

“What?! He really is Zero Wing’s Guild Leader?!”

Purple Rakshasa and Graceful Monarch goggled in shock upon hearing Blue Frost’s words. They never thought that Shi Feng, who looked like the average passerby, would actually be the person responsible for recruiting experts like Blue Frost and his teammates, as well as the monster that Illusory Words admired.

Originally, they thought that, with the several hundred yards separating Illusory Words and Shi Feng, the Cleric might have recognized the wrong person. However, such a mistake was definitely impossible for Blue Frost. Setting aside the fact that Blue Frost possessed the extraordinary body of a Tier 3 player, he was one of Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leaders. He might as well resign from his position if he couldn’t recognize his own Guild Leader at that proximity.

Everyone from the Sentinel Shelter was also dumbfounded at this scene. They never thought that this rude intruder would actually be Zero Wing’s Guild Leader.

“Are you kidding me? How can this weak bastard be Zero Wing’s Guild Leader?”

They knew very clearly what kind of strength and potential Blue Frost and his teammates possessed. In their opinion, the person responsible for recruiting Blue Frost’s group had to be a dragon among men. Otherwise, how could that person have persuaded an expert of Blue Frost’s caliber to join Zero Wing?

Upon sensing the skeptical looks everyone was giving him, Shi Feng could not help a bitter smile.

Previously, he had become so famous that everybody knew about him. Now, however, this group of people was actually questioning his identity.

“So, you’re Zero Wing’s Guild Leader! However, what about it? Whether it is you or Blue Frost’s group, none of you will be leaving this place alive!”

The Level 108, Tier 3 Shield Warrior who was charging at Shi Feng remained unfazed, even after finding out Shi Feng’s identity. Instead, he proceeded to activate Brutal Collision and rammed his shield at Shi Feng.

However, before the Level 108 Shield Warrior could reach Shi Feng, a lithe figure suddenly appeared behind the Shield Warrior, catching him unawares. The snowy short sword this lithe figure wielded then transformed into a black streak of light that pierced through the Shield Warrior’s armor and stabbed straight into his heart.

By the time the Shield Warrior reacted to the attack, a bloody rose had bloomed on his chest. Damage exceeding -400,000 also appeared above his head, the attack plundering all of his HP.

“You’re not qualified to fight our Guild Leader!”