Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2511 - Shocking Appearance at the Shelter "Is Zero Wing's Guild Leader really so amazing?"

Chapter 2511 – Shocking Appearance at the Shelter “Is Zero Wing’s Guild Leader really so amazing?”

Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa could not help the skepticism on their faces when they heard Illusory Words’s statement. They felt that the Cleric was joking.

Both of them were familiar with the strength of Shelter One’s Zero Wing. They also knew that Zero Wing was a large Guild in the outside world. Naturally, the Guild Leader of Zero Wing should possess extraordinary strength as well; otherwise, an expert of Blue Frost’s caliber wouldn’t have joined it.

However, no matter how they thought about it, they simply could not imagine one individual being capable of turning the tide of the upcoming defensive battle.

After all, the defensive battle this time was a large-scale war, not some simple skirmish out in the fields. The opponents they had to face wouldn’t be limited to just expert players but would include powerful war weapons and tools as well.

In the face of powerful war weapons and tools, Tier 3 players were no different from Tier 2 players. Unless players had an Invulnerability Skill, they would almost certainly die upon getting attacked.

“Mhm. He is very amazing. It’s no exaggeration to call him a true monster,” Illusory Words said, nodding. Upon seeing Graceful Monarch’s and Purple Rakshasa’s skeptical looks, she smiled helplessly and continued, “With my present skills, I wouldn’t last more than three moves against him.”

“Even you can’t last more than three moves?”

Both Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa were astounded at this revelation. Although they couldn’t fathom Illusory Words’s strength, instinct told them that they had only one viable option if they went up against the Cleric.


Aside from escaping, no other option would keep them alive. In fact, the outcome would be the same even if both of them went at her together.

However, a monster like Illusory Words was actually saying that she couldn’t last more than three moves against Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. How could this be possible?

“If you meet him one day, you’ll naturally know whether I am telling the truth or not,” Illusory Words said, chuckling. She did not bother elaborating.

In response, Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa still maintained a dubious attitude to Illusory Words’s statement.

However, they did not pursue this matter. Instead, they shifted the conversation to the details of the upcoming defensive battle.

During the time Graceful Monarch and the others were discussing among themselves, Shi Feng had left the Extreme Light Shelter together with Fire Dance and the others, completely ignorant of the words that Illusory Words had said about him.

“Guild Leader, are we leaving so quickly? I saw many Attribute Gemstones on sale at very low prices here. There are even Tier 3 Skill and Spell Books available. It’s a huge waste to leave this place so soon,” Aqua Rose said when she noticed that Shi Feng had no intention of lingering in the Extreme Light Shelter.

It would’ve been fine if she hadn’t entered the Extreme Light Shelter. However, after entering it, she discovered that the Shelter was a treasure trove.

Not only were Attribute Gemstones 50% cheaper than on the eastern continent, but even Tier 3 Skill and Spell Books, which were incredibly rare on the eastern continent, were available. Although these Tier 3 Skill and Spell Books were all for ordinary Skills and Spells rather than Control or AOE Skills and Spells, if put up for auction in the various kingdoms and empires, they would still cause a huge uproar. Tons of people would vie to purchase them.

After all, the power of Tier 3 Skills and Spells were significantly stronger than their Tier 2 counterparts. They would be of great help to players when dealing with both players and monsters.

Yes. We need to leave at once. Those Attribute Gemstones and Tier 3 Skill and Spell Books might be precious, but we have much more important things to do,” Shi Feng said.

The Dark Den was a special Otherworld. Originally, he thought that it would still be some time before the main continent’s various powers started extending their hands toward the Dark Den.

He never imagined that not only had the main continent’s powers discovered the Dark Den so soon, but there was even a means of travel between the Dark Den and the main continent already.

Others might not realize the implications of this matter, but Shi Feng, who had a profound understanding of God’s Domain, knew just how frightening this matter was.

In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the various powers would go crazy upon realizing the Dark Den’s benefits.

Skill and Spell Books at the Tier 3 standard and above were incredibly rare in the outside world. Players wouldn’t necessarily obtain one even if they raided Level 100-plus super-large-scale Team Dungeons. Most Otherworlds shared the same problem. However, the Dark Den was an exception. Let alone Tier 3 Skills and Spells, even Tier 3 Taboo Skills and Curses were relatively easily obtainable here.

Meanwhile, aside from unlocking the potential of one’s Mana Body, the next fastest way to improve one’s combat power would be to learn more Tier 3 Skills and Spells.

Nowadays, competition in God’s Domain was intensifying, and the various powers were all frantically searching for ways to increase their own strength. With such a perfect opportunity to elevate the combat power of their Tier 3 experts, the various powers would naturally go crazy.

While there still weren’t many passages linking the Dark Den and the main continent in existence, Shi Feng needed to occupy as many advantages in the Dark Den as he could and accelerate Shelter One’s development. Only by doing so would he be able to provide Zero Wing’s experts with a continuous supply of Tier 3 Skill and Spell Books.

Currently, although Shelter One’s development was progressing relatively smoothly, it barely ranked within the top 10 Shelters of the Dark Den. It was quite inferior even to the Extreme Light Shelter.

Normally, it was incredibly difficult to accelerate the development of a Shelter, as it depended on the effort and contribution of the Shelter’s residents. To accelerate a Shelter’s development, one had to raise the quality of the players residing in the Shelter.

For other powers and players, this might be quite a challenge. For the current Shi Feng, however, it wasn’t a difficult task at all, because he was already an Intermediate Master Magician, with the ability to construct and strengthen town and city magic arrays.

So long as he strengthened Shelter One’s magic array and improved its defensive capabilities, the Shelter would become a much safer place for players. Then, he wouldn’t have to worry about lacking talented players developing in Shelter One.

While Shi Feng was trying to find a secluded location to use the Seven Luminaries Ring to teleport to Shelter One, a series of explosions came from outside the Extreme Light Shelter. They were so loud that they echoed throughout the entire Extreme Light Shelter.

“What’s going on? Shouldn’t there still be several hours before the defensive battle starts?”

“Look over there! A group of people seems to be fighting there!”

“Isn’t that hovering Elementalist Shelter One’s Blue Frost? Who are those people around him? They’re so amazing!

They actually managed to reduce one of our Dark Den’s Three Great Elementalists to such a miserable state!”

The players standing guard on the walls of the Extreme Light Shelter gaped in shock as they looked at a nearby plain.

This was because Blue Frost and two dozen or so other Tier 3 experts were currently surrounded by a force of several hundred players. Moreover, not only was Blue Frost’s side at a complete disadvantage, but by the looks of it, it was also only a matter of time before Blue Frost’s side got annihilated.

Those were Tier 3 players they were talking about!

At this stage of the game, Tier 3 players were existences capable of instant-killing Tier 2 players. This was especially true for a Tier 3 expert like Blue Frost. He could instantly kill a group of Tier 2 players if he wanted to. Now, however, Blue Frost and his team were actually on the defensive—and didn’t even have any room to retaliate.

“Since when did the Sentinel Shelter’s people become so strong?” Graceful Monarch, who had hurried her way to the top of the Shelter’s walls, was surprised when she saw the players attacking Blue Frost’s team.

Others might not be familiar with the several hundred players attacking Blue Frost’s team, but she was.

These players were experts belonging to the Sentinel Shelter’s number one adventurer team, whom she had clashed with recently. However, back then, the overall strength of this adventurer team was significantly weaker than Blue Frost’s team. The adventurer team also had only a little over a dozen Tier 3 experts. There was no way it could match up with Blue Frost’s team at all.

Now, however, every one of the Tier 2 experts from the Sentinel Shelter had seemingly activated a Berserk Skill. They not only possessed frightening Basic Attributes but could also fly for short periods. Blue Frost’s team couldn’t shake off these Tier 2 experts even if they wanted to.

“Wait, that’s not right. All those people from the Sentinel Shelter are Demonized. Moreover, their Demonized ranks are considerably high.” Purple Rakshasa revealed a somber expression when she saw this scene.

Demonized players were extremely rare in the Dark Den. After her Tier 3 promotion, she had come across a Demonized player only once. Although the Demonized player was also Tier 3, his combat standard was only at the Refinement Realm standard. However, she had ended up fighting a bitter battle and had even nearly lost her life to the Demonized player.

Now, however, the Sentinel Shelter actually possessed several hundred Tier 2 Demonized experts and over a dozen Tier 3 Demonized experts.

The Sentinel Shelter originally possessed relatively great strength already, ranking among the Dark Den’s top 15 Shelters. Troubled Times, the commander of the Sentinel Shelter’s number one adventurer team, was even one of the rare few peak experts in the Dark Den. As for the remaining Tier 3 experts belonging to Troubled Times’s adventurer team, even the weakest among them was at the Refinement Realm standard. With all of these players Demonized, Purple Rakshasa couldn’t imagine how Blue Frost’s team could survive this battle.

While everyone from the Extreme Light Shelter was discussing this matter, Blue Frost and his teammates continuously lost HP.

“Frost, have you still not come to your senses?” a Level 108, Tier 3 Berserker asked as he quietly watched Blue Frost frantically fending off one attack after another. “The higher-ups have a very high opinion of you and your teammates’ potential; hence, they specifically instructed me to avoid harming you all. Why do you think the Tier 3 players on our side still haven’t made a move until now?”

Troubled, I admit that you’re far stronger than us now, but don’t even think about getting us to submit. Moreover, we have long since joined Zero Wing. Why must you keep on targeting us?” Blue Frost retorted as he looked at Troubled Times.

“That’s right. Zero Wing has treated us well. How can we possibly betray Zero Wing to join you?” Evening Lotus, the female Cleric standing beside Blue Frost, said in a determined tone.

“It seems you people have resolved yourselves to die!” Troubled Times frowned when he heard Blue Frost’s and Evening Lotus’s words. He then started walking toward Blue Frost and said, “In that case, I’ll let you all know just how laughable Zero Wing’s strength is before us!”

After saying so, Troubled Times’s body expanded in size, and his skin blackened. Two horns also suddenly sprouted from his forehead, and the aura his body exuded turned violent.

Upon sensing the change to Troubled Times’s aura, Graceful Monarch and the others spectating from a distance gasped. They never thought that Troubled Times had actually grown this strong. Just the aura he released already surpassed that of ordinary Grand Lords. Right now, he most likely could wipe the floor with a 100-man team of ordinary Tier 3 players.

However, as Troubled Times walked towards Blue Frost’s team, a deep voice suddenly appeared from the void.

“It seems you’re very confident in your strength! In that case, let me see if you really are as strong as you say you are!” As soon as this voice appeared, everyone turned to look at its origin.

Everyone’s eyes landed on a Spatial Gate that had appeared in midair. To be precise, everyone was looking at the cloaked man carrying two longswords walking out of the Spatial Gate.