Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2510 - Zero Wing's Guild Leader, Black Flame "One hundred Tier 3 experts?!"

Chapter 2510 – Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame “One hundred Tier 3 experts?!”

“So, this is the strength of a super-first-rate Guild?”

“That Cleric walking in the lead is amazing! Not only is she geared in a complete set of Level 105 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, but she even has three Epic Weapons and Equipment! With this kind of equipment, she can probably suppress Purple Rakshasa with Basic Attributes alone!”

When the residents of the Extreme Light Shelter saw Crimson Emperor’s members, their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets from shock.

Aside from all 100 members of Crimson Emperor’s team being Tier 3, just the weapons and equipment Crimson Emperor’s members sported were enough to blind the eyes of everyone in the Shelter.

After all, not to mention Level 105 Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment, barely any Level 105 weapons and equipment existed in the Extreme Light Shelter. Moreover, the majority of them were even Mysterious-Iron rank.

However, even the weakest piece of equipment on Crimson Emperor’s members was Level 105 Secret-Silver rank.

Unprecedented shock filled Graceful Monarch’s heart at this scene. At the same time, she finally understood why Purple Rakshasa had strongly recommended that the Extreme Light Shelter partner with Crimson Emperor.

The Extreme Light Shelter was one of the top 10 Shelters in the entire Dark Den, with a large number of expert players based in it. However, when compared to Crimson Emperor, the Extreme Light Shelter was like a candle flame before a raging firestorm.

The difference in Tier 3 experts aside, just the difference in combat standards was already more than enough to instill despair in Graceful Monarch. From what she could tell, even the weakest expert among Crimson Emperor’s team was at the Flowing Water Realm, with many of them experts at the Void Realm. In fact, Graceful Monarch couldn’t even fathom the depths of the female Cleric at the lead. However, her instincts told her that this female Cleric was definitely far stronger than herself. She doubted she could last more than five moves against this female Cleric.

Graceful Monarch had to admit that Purple Rakshasa was right. It really would be meaningless even if Zero Wing’s Blue Frost arrived. After all, they could most likely resolve the struggle over the Bronze Teleportation Gate this time with just Crimson Emperor’s people.

A short moment later, Crimson Emperor’s members arrived before Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa. The combined aura released by 100 Tier 3 experts was enough to stifle the breath of the surrounding players.

“Graceful, let me introduce you. This person here is Illusory Words, a Vice Guild Leader of Crimson Emperor. Previously, it was only thanks to Vice Guild Leader Illusory that I managed to complete that Epic Quest of mine. Without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to develop as quickly as I did,” Purple Rakshasa said in a respectful tone.

“So long as we have Vice Guild Leader Illusory’s help, we definitely won’t have a problem defending the Bronze Teleportation Gate.”

Purple Rakshasa had personally witnessed Illusory Words’s strength before. Back then, with just her own strength, Illusory Words had suppressed a Grand Lord of the same level. If not for the excessive HP of Level 100-plus Grand Lords, Illusory Words would’ve been more than capable of soloing it.

Illusory Words’s strength was something Purple Rakshasa had been seeking to attain all this time. Compared to Illusory Words, the Dark Den’s top-ranking experts, such as Blue Frost, were nothing.

“Greetings! I am Graceful Monarch, the commander of the Extreme Light Shelter’s number one adventurer team!” Graceful Monarch said, introducing herself. “I believe you already know about the struggle over the Bronze Teleportation Gate. On behalf of the Extreme Light Shelter’s various adventurer teams, I hope that you can assist us in defending our Bronze Teleportation Gate. The Extreme Light Shelter is willing to offer 30% of the gate’s slots to Crimson Emperor for the successful defense of the gate. May I know what you think of this proposal, Vice Guild Leader Illusory?”

The main function of the Bronze Teleportation Gate was to facilitate travel between the Dark Den and the outside world. However, the gate limited travel to a maximum of 1,000 players daily. It naturally held an incredibly huge temptation for the Dark Den’s players and the players of the outside world. As a result, the gate had become the Extreme Light Shelter’s main source of income.

However, as luck would have it, powers in the outside world had somehow obtained a key that could control the Bronze Teleportation Gate and gained the right to contest for the gate’s authority.

Fortunately, the Extreme Light Shelter was the one responsible for activating the Bronze Teleportation Gate and held a dominant position over it. Hence, the Extreme Light Shelter could send as many players as it wanted to defend the gate. On the other hand, the key allowed its user to send only a maximum of 5,000 players to contest for the gate.

Originally, Graceful Monarch had been relatively confident that the Extreme Light Shelter could protect the Bronze Teleportation Gate all by itself. She had recruited the help of Shelter One’s Zero Wing merely as a precaution.

However, after seeing Crimson Emperor’s team, she came to understand how mistaken she was.

In front of a true superpower, the 100-plus Tier 3 experts the Extreme Light Shelter possessed were nothing but a joke. As for Tier 2 players, they were nothing more than cannon fodder before Tier 3 players. The most they could do was whittle down the Stamina of the enemy’s Tier 3 players. However, if the Extreme Light Shelter’s Tier 3 experts couldn’t stand up to the enemy’s Tier 3 players, then the efforts of the Shelter’s Tier 2 players would be for naught.

After Graceful Monarch finished speaking, she looked at Illusory Words nervously.

Conceding 30% of the gate’s slots was already the Extreme Light Shelter’s various adventurer teams’ bottom line. After all, aside from the slots for the various adventurer teams, the Shelter had to sell some to earn the resources and Coins for its own development.

However, Crimson Emperor would be pivotal to a successful defense of the Bronze Teleportation Gate.

The Extreme Light Shelter wasn’t the only Shelter with a teleportation gate connecting the Dark Den with the outside world. However, its Bronze Teleportation Gate was currently the sole teleportation gate to have a key fall into the hands of a superpower in the outside world. The keys for the other teleportation gates had yet to be discovered.

Meanwhile, for a teleportation gate that had its key discovered, the Shelter that ruled the gate would face a power struggle once a month. Moreover, the timing of the struggle was the same for all teleportation gates. In other words, Crimson Emperor would be able to help only one Shelter at a time.

The Extreme Light Shelter might be the only Shelter available for Crimson Emperor to partner with right now, but that wouldn’t be the case in the future. It was only a matter of time before a power in the outside world discovered the keys of the teleportation gates of the other Shelters. At that time, Crimson Emperor would have more, and possibly better, partners to choose from.

During the time Graceful Monarch and Purple Rakshasa were quietly waiting for Illusory Words’s reply, the latter actually had her eyes directed behind Graceful Monarch. To be precise, she was looking at the departing backs of Shi Feng’s group.

Vice Guild Leader Illusory, is something wrong with those people?” Purple Rakshasa asked when she noticed Illusory Words staring at Shi Feng’s group with a strange expression.

“It’s nothing. I just felt that those people looked somewhat familiar. However, it shouldn’t be possible for them to appear here,” Illusory Words said, shaking her head. She felt that she was overthinking things.

According to her Guild’s investigation, Shi Feng’s group was currently on the western continent. With the western continent’s resources at hand, why would they come to such a small world to compete for resources?

“Are you talking about them? They are experts belonging to Shelter One’s Zero Wing. They should be here to trade with the Extreme Light Shelter,” Graceful Monarch said as she turned to look at Shi Feng’s group, which had already moved over 300 yards away from her position. “Previously, I invited Blue Frost, Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leader, to help in defending the Bronze Teleportation Gate. Unfortunately, it seems that Vice Guild Leader Frost got pinned down by some problems on his side. Otherwise, with the help of his team, we’d have a much easier time defending the gate.”

“Shelter One’s Zero Wing has only a few noteworthy experts. Everyone else is not worth mentioning whatsoever. If Zero Wing’s members really participate in the defensive battle this time, they’ll be fortunate to stay alive,” Purple Rakshasa said nonchalantly as she glanced at Shi Feng’s group. “It is simply impossible for Zero Wing’s Tier 3 experts to bring about any significant changes to the defensive battle this time.”

In normal times, Tier 3 experts would indeed be very amazing. However, the defensive battle this time would be extraordinary. Ordinary Tier 3 experts would be no different from Tier 2 experts.

“No, that might not be the case,” Illusory Words objected, shaking her head. Wearing a look of admiration, she continued, “If it’s that person from Zero Wing, then Zero Wing can easily win the defensive battle by itself.”

“Does Zero Wing really possess such an expert?” Graceful Monarch asked curiously.

Graceful Monarch had a relatively good understanding of Shelter One’s Zero Wing. Among the Guild’s members, the strongest was Blue Frost. However, he was only slightly stronger than the current Purple Rakshasa. In front of Illusory Words, he wouldn’t last more than ten moves.

Hence, Graceful Monarch found it very difficult to believe that Zero Wing possessed an expert capable of turning the tide of the defensive battle this time all by themself and earning the admiration of an expert of Illusory Words’s caliber.

Purple Rakshasa similarly wore a skeptical look at Illusory Words’s statement.

Upon seeing that neither Graceful Monarch nor Purple Rakshasa believed her, Illusory Words chuckled and said, “Of course, it does! That person is Zero Wing’s current Guild Leader, Black Flame!