Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2509 - Struggle over a Bronze Teleportation Gate

Chapter 2509 – Struggle over a Bronze Teleportation Gate

“Purple, why are you here?” When the female Swordsman named Graceful Monarch turned toward the clear and pleasant voice, joy and surprise flashed across her eyes.

In the next moment, a beautiful Level 107, Tier 3 female Elementalist, dressed in light-blue robes and holding a dark- purple wooden staff, walked over to Graceful Monarch. Similar to Graceful Monarch, this female Elementalist was almost at the Void Realm. However, in the female Elementalist’s presence, the surrounding Mana was much tamer than before, looking as if it had found its owner.

The appearance of this female Elementalist immediately caught the attention of the surrounding players; everyone turned to look at her, many of the female players present eyeing her with awe and worship.

“What?! Purple Rakshasa?! She actually came here?!”

“It seems our Extreme Light Shelter has hope of protecting our Bronze Teleportation Gate this time.”

“That’s only natural. After all, Purple Rakshasa is one of the Dark Den’s Three Great Elementalists, just like Shelter One’s Blue Frost. Although she just got promoted to the position recently, she’s not the slightest bit weaker than Blue Frost. With her youth, she might even surpass Blue Frost and become the number one Elementalist in the Dark Den.”

As the various experts present looked at the luxuriously dressed Tier 3 female Elementalist, they broke into a heated discussion among themselves. The originally tense atmosphere enveloping the Shelter also lightened considerably due to her appearance.

Purple Rakshasa? When Shi Feng looked at the female Elementalist who looked like a prideful female leopard, he, too, was surprised. He never thought that he would meet her, one of God’s Domain’s famous Twelve Sacred Elementalists.

During Shi Feng’s previous life, Blue Frost had served as one of the capable generals of Fantasy Shrine and received the first-rate Guild’s full support. This was the reason why he had managed to become a Tier 5 expert in God’s Domain. Purple Rakshasa, however, had spent her entire career in God’s Domain as an independent player, yet not only did she manage to reach Tier 5, but she had even become one of the publicly acknowledged Twelve Sacred Elementalists.

Back then, aside from Tier 6 God-ranked experts, there was nobody capable of doing anything against Purple Rakshasa. The only unfortunate thing was that Purple Rakshasa had not come across sufficient fortuitous opportunities. Otherwise, she might have become a Tier 6 Mage God.

While Shi Feng’s group was observing Purple Rakshasa, the latter had simply glanced at Shi Feng’s group before returning her attention to Graceful Monarch, mindless of the fact that Shi Feng’s group of ten consisted entirely of Tier 3 players.

Currently, Tier 3 players might still be very powerful, but they were no longer as rare as before. Moreover, there were stark differences between players even after reaching Tier 3, unlike when players were still at Tier 2.

The reason for this was the difference in Mana Body rank.

If players merely completed the most basic trial when challenging their Tier 3 Promotion Quest, their strength would not increase by much. Meanwhile, the majority of the Tier 3 experts she normally saw had gotten promoted to Tier 3 using this method.

Such Tier 3 experts might be unreachable existences in the eyes of ordinary players, but for experts of her caliber, such Tier 3 experts were no different from ordinary Tier 2 experts. They merely had a few more Basic Attributes than their Tier 2 counterparts.

“The Extreme Light Shelter’s Bronze Teleportation Gate is our lifeline to the outside world. If we really let Guilds from the outside world monopolize it, then local players like ourselves will be doomed. I naturally have to put in some effort into defending it,” Purple Rakshasa said as she faced Graceful Monarch.

“I understand. But both Blue Frost and yourself are Elementalists. The combat power you two can exhibit in a team battle is several times greater than what physical classes like myself are capable of. If we have the two of you helping us, the Extreme Light Shelter will have a much greater chance of successfully defending the Bronze Teleportation Gate,” Graceful Monarch said, sighing.

If the upcoming battle were merely a small-scale team battle, she would be confident of the Extreme Light Shelter emerging victorious. Unfortunately, the battle over the Bronze Teleportation Gate’s management rights was a large- scale war that would involve hundreds of thousands of players. It was not a battle that melee players like herself could hope to make a difference in.

However, it was a different story for magical class players. This was especially true for Blue Frost and Purple Rakshasa, two of the Dark Den’s Three Great Elementalists. Both of them possessed plenty of Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells, which would be extremely valuable in the upcoming war.

It was no exaggeration to say that just one of them could contribute as much as several dozen melee experts like Graceful Monarch herself. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have sought out Blue Frost to manage the Bronze Teleportation Gate together.

“Blue Frost’s team is indeed very strong. This is especially true if those several lunatics are participating, as well. However, if you think you can win against the outside world’s superpowers in the upcoming war by relying just on them, you’re in for a rude awakening. You don’t know how powerful the outside world’s superpowers are,” Purple Rakshasa said, shaking her head. “Even with my current self, I can barely hold my own against two or three peak experts belonging to superpowers simultaneously. As for the various superpowers’ Domain Realm monsters, I’d have trouble surviving against one of them. However, each of these superpowers has several Domain Realm monsters.”

They have several experts that even you can’t defeat?” Graceful Monarch’s eyes widened in shock when she heard Purple Rakshasa’s words.

After all, Purple Rakshasa could trounce over a dozen Tier 3 experts by herself. Even the peak experts of first-rate Guilds were no match for her.

Graceful Monarch found it truly hard to believe that the outside world’s superpowers had multiple experts that surpassed Purple Rakshasa.

“Mhm. I met a lot of experts during my last visit to the outside world. I have to admit that the combat standards there are much higher than the Dark Den’s. We only have an advantage when it comes to Tier 3 Skills and Spells, as well as Level 100 weapons and equipment,” Purple Rakshasa said humbly.

“What should we do, then? If what you say is true, our Shelter doesn’t stand a chance,” Graceful Monarch said, frowning.

Although she had long since known that the outside world’s superpowers were not simple, she never thought that they were this strong.

“Hence, like I said before, partnering with Vice Guild Leader Fantasy is our best option. With Crimson Emperor’s help, we can easily secure our hold over the Bronze Teleportation Gate and gain more time for preparations,” Purple Rakshasa advised. She then glanced at Shi Feng’s group before continuing, “Otherwise, even if Shelter One’s experts arrive, we will still lose the gate.”

“It seems we have no choice but that,” Graceful Monarch said, consenting to Purple Rakshasa’s suggestion. She knew that the Elementalist never lied. Hence, when she saw the serious expression on Purple Rakshasa’s face, she understood that the chances of the Extreme Light Shelter winning without Crimson Emperor’s help was minuscule.

Following which, Graceful Monarch had Purple Rakshasa contact Crimson Emperor’s side before turning her attention to Shi Feng’s group.

“I apologize for mistaking your identities before. I also hope that you don’t take Purple Rakshasa’s words to heart. She’s not looking down on Zero Wing. It’s just that the Extreme Light Shelter’s future is at stake right now. As compensation,

I can represent the Extreme Light Shelter in offering you a 20% discount on all expenditures inside the Shelter today. However, as the Extreme Light Shelter will be fighting a war soon, I advise you not to stay for too long. Otherwise, you’re likely to get embroiled in the fight. If that happens, you’ll have a difficult time leaving,” Graceful Monarch said in an apologetic tone to Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, just as Shi Feng was about to say something, Purple Rakshasa suddenly walked over with an excited look on her face.

“Graceful, good news. Vice Guild Leader Fantasy and her team has arrived already. She says that she’ll be here soon. At that time, you can negotiate the partnership with her,” Purple Rakshasa said, looking at Graceful Monarch.

Shortly after Purple Rakshasa finished speaking, a group of players appeared on the street some distance away. Standing at the head of this group of players was a female Cleric with a charming appearance. The arrival of this group of players caused an uproar among the nearby players.

This was because every member of this 100-man team was actually a Tier 3 player. The number of Tier 3 experts in this team almost equaled the total Tier 3 player population of the Extreme Light Shelter.