Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2507 - Returning to the Eastern Continent

Chapter 2507 – Returning to the Eastern Continent

“We’re returning so soon? But we just managed to stabilize the situation here. The Starlight Fortress has also just entered a phase of rapid development. If we leave now, I’m afraid problems will crop up in no time at all.” Aqua Rose could not help being confused when she heard Shi Feng say that they were returning to the eastern continent. “The Starlight Fortress aside, what should we do about the Hell Legion’s 300 experts? Do you intend to have them guard the Starlight Fortress, Guild Leader?”

Currently, the importance of the Starlight Fortress was not the slightest bit inferior to the eastern continent’s Stone Forest City. In fact, the fortress was generating a much larger income in Magic Crystals than Stone Forest City. It would be a huge waste if they simply packed up and left after making a quick buck.

However, the most important aspect of the Starlight Fortress wasn’t the Magic Crystal income it generated but its environment. The Starlight Fortress’s ancient environment made it the best location for developing one’s Mana control on the western continent.

“Although the Starlight Fortress can bring us a ton of wealth and resources, it is just a tiny area on the western continent. If we wish to have a truly stable foothold on the western continent and gain a constant supply of resources from it, we need a kingdom or empire of our own. With just the number of players the Starlight Fortress is capable of attracting, securing a place of our own on the western continent will be a pipe dream,” Shi Feng explained, smiling. “Therefore, before the eastern continent’s superpowers shift their development focus toward the western continent, we need to occupy as many teleportation portals on the eastern continent as possible and send our members over. Otherwise, with just the one portal we currently possess, securing our hold over the Starlight Fortress will be our limit.”

Originally, he had not planned on extending Zero Wing’s development to the western continent, merely on gaining some additional resources for the Guild. After all, travel between the two main continents was simply too difficult.

With Zero Wing’s current ability, developing on both continents simultaneously was impossible.

However, after acquiring the Starlight Fortress and the Silver Divine Dragon, as well as witnessing the power of Mana Techniques, he had changed his mind.

During his previous life, the various superpowers had not placed much importance on Mana Techniques. Hence, he had thought that Mana Techniques were nothing to write home about.

However, after witnessing and learning the Heavenly Blue Saint Eliadi’s Mana Technique, he understood just how much help Mana Techniques could provide players in challenging their future Promotion Quests. This was especially true for the Tier 4 Promotion Quest. Mastering a proper Mana Technique should reduce the difficulty of players’ Tier 4 Promotion Quest by at least 30%. Even if players failed to master a Mana Technique, the knowledge they gained should still improve their combat power by a significant margin.

After all was said and done, Tier 3 was only a transitional phase for the various powers of God’s Domain. Ultimately, the ones who would truly decide the strength of a power would be the experts standing at the peak of the game. This was also the reason why first-rate powers could never compete with the various superpowers.

Meanwhile, the Starlight Fortress was currently the best location for players to develop their Mana control.

However, the current teleportation portal Zero Wing controlled only allowed a maximum of ten players to be teleported to the western continent each week. Just transferring all official and reserve members of Zero Wing’s main force to the western continent would take several months. By then, everything would be too late.

Time waited for no man. With God’s Domain’s current popularity, the development of powers was absurdly fast; this was especially true for the superpowers. With the number of experts and territories the various superpowers occupied, so long as they had sufficient funds and resources, their development speed could be far superior to the current Zero Wing’s.

Hence, what Shi Feng needed to do now was occupy more teleportation portals on the eastern continent, thereby increasing the number of players Zero Wing could send to the western continent. That way, the Guild would be able to secure resources and advantages from both continents. At that time, the development speed of its experts would easily outstrip that of the various superpowers’ experts.

Aqua Rose’s eyes glowed with excitement at Shi Feng’s words.

If Zero Wing truly became capable of teleporting a large number of experts over to the western continent, then the Guild would no longer have to worry about clashing with the various superpowers in the future. It might even become a true superpower. After all, the various superpowers might be superior to Zero Wing when it came to the number and quality of expert players, but in terms of Guild resources and income, Zero Wing was not the slightest bit inferior to ordinary superpowers.

“Guild Leader, in that case, why do we need to employ the Hell Legion? In any case, the Starlight Fortress shouldn’t face any problems in the short term. During this time, so long as we can continuously transfer large batches of players over to the western continent, including the ten of us here, we won’t need the Hell Legion to defend the Starlight Fortress at all,” Aqua Rose explained.

She did not doubt Shi Feng’s ability to find more teleportation portals. After all, he had created plenty of miracles before.

However, she still felt that employing the Hell Legion was a huge waste. After all, the Hell Legion operated only on the western continent. Meanwhile, unlocking the Mana Body was a difficult task. Rather than waste time helping other people unlock their Mana Bodies, it would be much better to help their own Guild’s Tier 3 experts instead. That way, the Guild would receive even greater benefits.

“The Hell Legion is currently one of the strongest legions in God’s Domain. How can I possibly waste their strength on guarding a fortress? I plan to bring them back with us,” Shi Feng explained, chuckling when he saw the look of confusion on Aqua Rose’s face.

There was no need for him to worry about the Starlight Fortress’s security for the near term. After all, he had just defeated Mythology. Before the various superpowers gathered sufficient power, they wouldn’t dare do anything against the Starlight Fortress unless they no longer wished to mingle in Star Valley.

“They’re returning with us?” Aqua Rose was momentarily stunned when she heard Shi Feng’s words. “But we can send back only ten people each week. The Hell Legion has 300 members.”

They were talking about 300 players! They would need 30 weeks just to get the entire legion to the eastern continent!

“Of course. Why would I employ them otherwise?” Shi Feng retorted, smiling. “The ancient teleportation portal might be our only way of traveling from the eastern continent to the western continent, but we’re not limited to just one method of travel if it’s the other way around.”

Other powers could only rely on ancient teleportation portals to travel between the two main continents. However, Zero Wing was a different story. If that weren’t the case, he would never have made such a promise to Netherworld Empire.

“Is it really possible?” For a moment, Aqua Rose felt as if Shi Feng was joking.

“Relax. However, there’s also no need for us to rush to return right now, either. We still need to wait for Divine Tribe to finish collecting the rare materials we need,” Shi Feng said confidently.

After witnessing the Starlight Fortress’s effects and obtaining the Heavenly Blue Saint’s Legacy, he had given this matter careful thought. Although he didn’t know why, traveling between the two main continents was incredibly difficult. However, for some reason, players in the various Otherworlds had a very easy time traveling to the two main continents.

Taking advantage of this point, he was fully capable of bringing everyone to an Otherworld first, then returning to the eastern continent via said Otherworld.

Opening a path to an Otherworld might be difficult for other people, but it was a simple task for Shi Feng.

This was because he possessed the Legendary item Moloch’s Ring. With Moloch’s Ring, he could open a Gate of Darkness and arrive at the central area of the Dark Den. The Gate of Darkness did not place a limit on headcount. It merely had a time limit of three minutes, which was definitely enough to let 300 players pass through the gate.

Originally, Shi Feng had wanted to avoid using Moloch’s Ring. After all, the more times he used the ring, the stronger it would become, and the less time he would have to prepare before it tried to devour him. However, if using the ring once meant that he could bring 300 Tier 3 experts back to the eastern continent, he would be more than happy to do so.

Following which, Shi Feng spent another day or so waiting inside the Starlight Fortress. During this time, he not only signed an employment contract with Netherworld Empire but also had Yan Tianxing and Yi Luofei familiarize themselves with the Starlight Fortress’s Fortress Lord’s Mansion and various other matters. He planned to have the two of them remain behind to manage the Starlight Fortress.

As to why he made such a decision, it was so that Zero Wing could manage the Starlight Fortress properly, as well as ensure the development of the adventurer alliance branch that would be established here. After all, when it came to managing adventurer teams, the two of them had a much better understanding than he did.

While he was doing all that, Fithalia and many other Divine Tribe experts had brought a ton of rare materials and nonbag space materials unique to the western continent over to the Starlight Fortress, the value of this batch of materials exceeding 3 million Magic Crystals. Shi Feng stored all of them inside his Epic Spatial Bag. Once he brought these things back to the eastern continent, he would definitely make a killing.

“Guild Leader, the Hell Legion and Fire Dance’s group have already gathered,” Aqua Rose reported as she met Shi Feng on the second-floor hall of the Fortress Lord’s Mansion, a hint of skepticism in her tone. Even now, she still couldn’t bring herself to believe that Shi Feng could transport over 300 players back to the eastern continent.

“Alright! Let’s return to the eastern continent!”

Shi Feng could not help smiling when he saw Aqua Rose’s expression. He then started incanting and summoned a Gate of Darkness in the second-floor hall. After the gate opened, he ushered everyone into it.

In no time at all, the crowded second-floor hall emptied out.