Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2505 - One-man Army

Chapter 2505 – One-man Army

As the bodies of Mythology’s eight empowered experts started disintegrating into particles of light, time inside the Starlight Bar seemed to freeze as everyone stared at Shi Feng’s figure in stunned silence. Only much later did everyone snap out of their daze.

“So strong!”

“So, this is the true power of a fully unlocked Mana Body?”

When everyone looked at the gash before Shi Feng, which was four meters deep and extended over 30 meters, they no longer had any words to describe their current feelings of shock and admiration.

Although every one of Mythology’s empowered experts was ridiculously strong and more than capable of annihilating all the spectating players inside the bar, in front of Shi Feng, Mythology’s eight empowered experts were as frail as little children. They didn’t even manage to put up any resistance whatsoever before getting annihil^^

The strength Shi Feng displayed thoroughly shattered everyone’s understanding of the strength of Tier 3 classes. At the same time, all of the independent experts present gained newfound hope.

Originally, in a fight between Tier 3 players, the outcome would generally be determined by the number of Tier 3 players each side possessed. An individual Tier 3 player couldn’t change the outcome of a team battle involving Tier 3 players. Hence, everyone believed that if Tier 3 independent players wished to avoid getting suppressed, they had no choice but to join a superpower.

However, Shi Feng had thoroughly shattered this belief.

In front of him, feared and revered Tier 3 players were nothing. Even a group of Tier 3 experts would fall to him in just a few moves.

Shi Feng had proven that, even if one was alone, one could still play the role of an army. Just like the Heroes of legends, he had the strength to change the fate of an entire kingdom or even an empire.

Meanwhile, so long as they fully unlocked their own Mana Bodies, they, too, could replicate Shi Feng’s feats.

“Commander, with that kind of combat power, don’t you think that Black Flame is stronger than the Five Great Super Guilds’ true monsters?” the ruthless man from Storm Heart asked Krow, his eyes filled with reverence as he gazed at Shi Feng.

Since Shi Feng had single-handedly defeated eight peak experts with combat power rivaling Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species of the same level, his strength could definitely rank at the top among the experts on the western continent. The feat he accomplished today would start a new chapter of development in God’s Domain and maybe even the virtual gaming world.

Throughout the long history of the virtual gaming world, the various superpowers had constantly oppressed the experts belonging to non-superpowers. There was no way to reverse the situation. This was especially true with the Five Great Super Guilds that stood above even the various superpowers. The Five Great Super Guilds were not existences that individuals could hope to challenge.

However, Shi Feng had broken this curse time after time.

First, Shi Feng had made Netherworld Empire concede by using a Divine Dragon. Now, he had defeated Mythology’s monstrous team with his own strength. Such amazing battle records would definitely be immortalized in the annals of the virtual gaming world.

“I don’t know whether he is stronger than the Five Great Super Guilds’ true monsters or not, but after today’s battle, Black Flame’s name will most likely spread throughout the western continent. No one would dare have any ideas about the Starlight Fortress anymore,” Krow said, excitement flashing across his eyes as he looked at Shi Feng.

The Five Great Super Guilds were the absolute titans of the virtual gaming world. Many newly risen superpowers might have challenged the Five Great Super Guilds before, but it had been over two decades since a non-superpower had dared to do so.

Now, not only did Shi Feng challenge Mythology’s prestige, but he had even routed the Great Super Guild.

Just this point alone was more than enough to make Shi Feng the topic of discussion for the western continent’s independent players and shake the foundations of the entire continent.

This was because Shi Feng’s feat had illuminated the path for players that did not belong to the various superpowers.

Moreover, with the strength Shi Feng had just displayed, Krow believed that no one could threaten the Starlight Fortress so long as Shi Feng was present. In fact, Krow suspected that, even if today’s matter spread, no one would believe it.

The benefits provided by a fully unlocked Mana Body are actually that excellent?

While the spectating players inside the bar were filled with shock and excitement over this matter, Fithalia was gaping at Shi Feng in surprise and confusion from behind him.

In God’s Domain, any powerful Skill or Spell possessed a long Cooldown, even Tier 0 Skills and Spells.

However, Shi Feng had executed the same devastating attack 11 times in a row—with almost no gap between each attack.

He couldn’t have executed a combat technique, as combat techniques relied on the movements of the physical body to execute powerful attacks. Moreover, combat techniques would not attract Mana or make it manifest as a giant greatsword.

The only explanation Fithalia could think of for this situation was that Shi Feng’s attack was a special effect resulting from fully unlocking his Mana Body.

If that was the case, then what Divine Tribe needed to do from now on wasn’t to devote its efforts to raiding super- large-scale Team Dungeons or increasing the number of Tier 3 experts it had, but figuring out how to unlock the Mana Body of players.

Otherwise, just one expert with a fully unlocked Mana Body could dictate the direction of a Guild war. In fact, just the presence of one such expert might make raiding current super-large-scale Team Dungeons possible.

Meanwhile, the Mythology members still inside the bar were momentarily dumbfounded by this situation.

They had never imagined that Shi Feng would actually be powerful enough to destroy Sandstorm’s group with just 11 attacks. Sandstorm and the others each boasted more than twice the Defense of ordinary Tier 3 MTs. Their HPs also exceeded 2 million. They could survive against actual Mythic monsters for quite some time.

However, Shi Feng had taken no more than eight seconds to finish them off. He defeated Sandstorm’s group so quickly that the rear line healers couldn’t save them.

Vice Commander, eight of our Advanced Battle Arrays have already shattered. We only have one remaining. Should we continue fighting?” a Tier 3 Ranger asked Silver Ghost.

The Advanced Battle Arrays they prepared were no ordinary items. Not only did producing these battle arrays require a lot of precious materials, but using them was also remarkably expensive.

This time, the Guild had decided to supply their team with nine sets of Advanced Battle Arrays only to ensure that they secured the Starlight Fortress and gained the initiative when the Demon God’s Shrine activated.

Meanwhile, they had used eight sets right off the bat, leaving only one set for Silver Ghost’s use.

Every Mythology member present knew full well how strong Silver Ghost was. In the entire trump card legion, aside from the commander, nobody else was a match for Silver Ghost. In fact, even Trembling Hand, the ex-First Vice Commander of the legion, lasted only 20 moves against Silver Ghost; everyone else couldn’t even last ten moves.

Silver Ghost’s presence was also the reason for their confidence in the success of the operation this time. However, the combat power Shi Feng displayed was simply too frightening; they could not help having doubts.

Just as Silver Ghost was about to reply, a deafening roar that shook everyone down to their very souls suddenly sounded from somewhere far away from the Starlight Bar.

“It’s come already? What a pity. Save the battle array for now. We’re retreating!” Silver Ghost said, sighing as he glanced at the shattered roof of the bar. He then turned to Shi Feng and said, “Mythology will give up on the Starlight Fortress this time. However, we will meet again, Guild Leader Black Flame!”

As soon as Silver Ghost finished speaking, a spatial tear opened up before him. Even though the Divine Dragon had already used Spatial Imprisonment on the space around the Starlight Bar, it actually failed to stop the spatial tear from forming. When this spatial tear appeared, Mythology’s members promptly hurried into it and disappeared from the Starlight Bar.

Meanwhile, shortly after Silver Ghost left, a large group of Tier 3 experts suddenly turned up around the Starlight Bar. These Tier 3 experts numbered more than 400, and their appearance made the players inside the bar nervous.

“It seems we came a little too late,” Hell Rush said, cursing silently when he saw that no Mythology member remained inside the miserable Starlight Bar.

To be certain of dealing with Mythology’s 30-plus experts, he had gone to great lengths to gather more Tier 3 experts from Netherworld Empire. However, he never thought that he would still arrive a step too late.

“You did arrive a little late. The battle just ended, and Mythology’s experts have left already,” Fithalia said, nodding. “However, I believe they won’t come to harass the Starlight Fortress anymore, at least not in the near future.”

“They won’t come back soon?” Hell Rush was a little confused by Fithalia’s words. From what he understood of Mythology, the Guild definitely wouldn’t rest until it achieved its goals.

“Mhm. You can see what happened yourselves.”

Fithalia did not wish to dwell on the matter. Instead, she sent Hell Rush and the others the battle video she recorded. This was because even she herself couldn’t understand many aspects of this battle. It would be much better for Hell Rush and the others to watch it themselves.

In the video, Shi Feng could first be seen sending Sandstorm flying with a normal attack. Then, he could be seen thoroughly overwhelming Mythology’s eight empowered peak experts. Throughout the whole exchange, he looked like a God, an existence that players could not resist.

Whether it was Hell Rush and the other Hell Legion members or MacAffrey and Crimson Witch, who had made contact with Shi Feng shortly after he arrived on the western continent, every one of them nearly had their eyes fall out of their sockets.

For a moment, they all wondered if the Shi Feng portrayed in the video was the same person they knew.

It had only been a while since they last met Shi Feng, yet not only did Shi Feng manage to fully unlock his Mana Body during this period, but he had even gained enough strength to defeat eight peak experts possessing the strength of Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species all by himself.

Was he still human?

Meanwhile, during the time Hell Rush and the others were flabbergasted over this matter, battle videos showing Shi Feng’s fight in the Starlight Bar started spreading like the plague. These videos soon landed in the hands of the western continent’s various superpowers.

“What’s going on?”

“Mythology was defeated?”