Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2504 - The Power of Mana Techniques

Chapter 2504 – The Power of Mana Techniques

When Killing Ray descended, the Mana around Shi Feng immediately gathered to form a phantom greatsword around the Sacred Sword.

Immediately afterward, the phantom greatsword, which was 20 meters long, tore apart space. Those looking at the phantom greatsword from a distance noticed a pitch-black trail in the phantom greatsword’s wake.

“A Skill?”

When Sandstorm and the others saw the phantom greatsword ripping even space itself, they were sure that the greatsword’s power was at the Tier 4 standard. They instinctively thought to dodge the attack. After all, although they possessed Basic Attributes rivaling Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species of the same level, they were still a far cry from the Tier 4 Mythic standard.

However, Shi Feng’s attack had appeared too suddenly and was too fast. Moreover, the attack had a very large AOE. Evading it was simply impossible; they had no choice but to receive it directly.

“Block it together!” Sandstorm shouted.

Following which, under Sandstorm’s lead, all eight experts from Mythology executed Tier 3 Skills simultaneously. Triple Shadow!

Spatial Severance!

Thunder’s Wrath!

All eight melee players used their strongest Offensive Skills without hesitation, every one of which was executed at a Completion Rate of 90% or better.

For a time, over a dozen attacks could be seen striking the descending greatsword.


The instant the attacks of both sides collided, a powerful storm blew, sending all Tier 2 players within a 50-yard radius stumbling back. A small crater even formed on the ground directly beneath the point of impact.

As the dust settled, a gash that was over 20 meters long and 2 meters deep appeared in the middle of the bar.

As for Sandstorm and the others, although they were not bashed into the floor, they were still forced to retreat five or six steps before they managed to stabilize their footing, each step they took shattering the tiles beneath them. The force from the impact also left their hands trembling violently, and every one of them lost over 100,000 HP.

For a time, shock and confusion reigned in the entire bar.

Previously, everyone had already found it unbelievable that Shi Feng had sent Sandstorm flying with a normal attack. Now, he had actually overwhelmed Sandstorm and seven other experts of similar strength with a single move. Shi Feng’s combat power was simply heaven-defying.

“Skills executed with a fully unlocked Mana Body are actually so powerful?” Krow’s eyes brimmed with shock when he saw that Shi Feng remained standing at his original location despite clashing with eight of Mythology’s empowered experts.

Although everyone had gained a general understanding of the Mana Body after reaching Tier 3 and knew that the Mana Body could provide a player with a huge boost in combat power, he had never imagined that the boost would be this amazing.

At this moment, aside from Krow, many other Tier 3 players also grew excited upon seeing this scene. Now, their desire and eagerness to fully unlock their Mana Bodies waxed even higher.

After all, Shi Feng had just proven to them that it was possible for a Tier 3 player to exhibit power at the Tier 4 standard. This meant that they could clash against Mythic monsters of the same level. They might not be able to kill Mythic monsters yet, even with that kind of power, but they would, at least, have the foundations to raid Mythic monsters.

Mythic monsters!

At this stage of the game, Level 100-plus Mythic monsters were Bosses that generally only first-rate powers or above could raid. However, players could get rich overnight from the loot these Bosses dropped.

Meanwhile, Fithalia, who stood behind Shi Feng, was also momentarily stunned by this scene.

She never thought that Shi Feng’s strength had reached such frightening heights. He had actually managed to overwhelm eight of Mythology’s empowered peak experts single-handedly. With this kind of strength, Shi Feng alone would most likely be more than enough to safeguard the entire Starlight Fortress. Nobody would be capable of threatening the Starlight Fortress so long as he was present.

However, just when Fithalia and the other spectating players thought that Mythology would retreat after this exchange, Silver Ghost, who had quietly watched the exchange from a corner of the bar, suddenly started clapping his hands.

“Amazing! Truly amazing! It’s no wonder Vice Guild Leader Cold Shadow praised you so much!” Silver Ghost said, his joyful reaction making it seem as if the loss of Sandstorm’s group had nothing to do with him. Chuckling, he continued, “Unfortunately, the moment Sandstorm and the others activated their battle arrays, the outcome of this battle was already decided. Even if you can exhibit power at the Tier 4 standard, you still can’t stop us!”

As soon as Silver Ghost finished speaking, the healers that were powering up the battle arrays started casting Healing Spells on Sandstorm and the others. Not only did Sandstorm and the others recover all of their lost HP instantly, but their trembling hands also reverted to normal.

Upon seeing this scene, Fithalia, who had previously breathed out a sigh of relief, wore a grim expression once more.

Due to Shi Feng’s frightening display of strength, she had forgotten that this wasn’t some official competition between experts but a brawl between Shi Feng and Mythology’s experts instead. Victory would be decided only when one side was annihilated. Meanwhile, in a team battle, it was very normal for melee players to rely on healers.

“You were pretty good before, huh, punk? Let’s see how you’re going to keep it up!” Sandstorm, who had fully recovered, sneered as he looked at Shi Feng.

The Swordsman’s strength had indeed exceeded his expectations. However, the eight of them weren’t having a duel with Shi Feng right now but a fight to the death. If Shi Feng couldn’t kill them, this battle would not end.

Meanwhile, current Tier 3 players had a very limited number of Tier 3 Skills and Spells at their disposal. Moreover, unlike Shi Feng, Sandstorm’s side had healers. Just like Silver Ghost had said, the outcome of the battle between both sides had been decided since the very beginning.

“Is that so?” Shi Feng smiled.

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, he held Killing Ray with both hands and raised the Sacred Sword overhead once again. The Mana inside the bar immediately swarmed toward the Sacred Sword.

“Impossible!” Sandstorm fell into a daze at this extremely familiar scene.

The Cooldown of Skills and Spells generally increased, the stronger and higher-tiered they became. Since Shi Feng had exhibited power at the Tier 4 standard with his attack, the Skill he had used should have had a Cooldown of several minutes or, at least, a few dozen seconds. However, only about six seconds had passed since Shi Feng executed his attack, yet he was using the same move again.

This shouldn’t be possible!

However, before Sandstorm and the others could snap out of their daze, Shi Feng’s Killing Ray was already chopping at them once more.

Just like before, a gigantic, phantom greatsword appeared out of thin air and descended on Sandstorm’s group like a mountain.

However, after all was said and done, Sandstorm and the others were peak experts who had fought on many battlefields before. They immediately responded to the attack with Tier 3 Skills of their own.


When the attacks of both sides collided, another powerful storm blew. However, due to the Tier 3 Skills used this time being weaker than the ones they used before, Sandstorm and the others ended up in a much more miserable state. Every one of them also sustained more than -130,000 damage. Even so, for Sandstorm and the others, who possessed more than 2 million HP, this amount of damage was negligible.

Just as the slightly miserable Sandstorm was about to ridicule Shi Feng once more, he suddenly sensed the Mana inside the bar rushing toward Shi Feng yet again. Moreover, the Swordsman was gathering Mana at a much faster rate than before.

Before Sandstorm and the others could say anything, Shi Feng’s Killing Ray chopped at them anew.

This time, Sandstorm and the others reacted too slowly to Shi Feng’s attack, so they failed to defend themselves using their Tier 3 Skills. As a result, every one of them suffered over -300,000 damage.

“Bastard! I’ve already said that the outcome of this battle has been decided from—”

Although Sandstorm, who was close to kneeling on the ground, tried to retaliate with mockery, before he managed to finish his words, Shi Feng swung Killing Ray down again.

Once… Twice… Thrice…

For a time, explosions rocked the entire Starlight Bar, one after another. Aside from this sound, nothing else could be heard inside.

Finally, after Shi Feng executed his 11th attack, the world around him fell silent as Sandstorm and the seven other empowered experts from Mythology collapsed on the rubble, their HPs zeroed out. Now, they exhibited neither aura nor Mana.