Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2503 - First Sword, Lightshadow

Chapter 2503 – First Sword, Lightshadow



For a time, everyone in the Starlight Bar became dumbfounded.

Shi Feng had deflected the young Assassin, who seemed as strong as a Tyrannosaurus-rex and was fully capable of concealing his aura, with a normal attack. Who would ever believe this?

“Is he really a Tier 3 player?” the ruthless man from Storm Heart was stunned when he saw the Assassin embedded in the bar’s wall.

The Assassin youth still had most of his HP remaining, but that was precisely what frightened the ruthless man.

If Shi Feng had merely noticed the Assassin’s movement and found an opportunity to strike the youth’s weak point, it would’ve still shocked the man, but he would’ve, more or less, understood how Shi Feng’s attack and thrown the Assassin.

However, seeing that the Assassin had only lost a small amount of HP from the hit made it clear that Shi Feng’s sword hadn’t struck the Assassin directly. The youth had actually blocked the attack with his own blades.

In a battle of brute force, the young Assassin had lost…

The Assassin youth’s Basic Attributes rivaled that of a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species of the same level. Not even ordinary Tier 3 players with active Berserk Skills were that strong.

And yet, Shi Feng had emerged victorious in a battle of Strength. Moreover, the Swordsman had done so without relying on Skills or tools. He hadn’t used a Berserk Skill, either. He had merely executed a normal attack…

When Mythology’s other members saw the Assassin embedded in the wall, they, too, were dazed.

“Sandstorm lost?!”

“How is that possible? Did he fail to control the battle array’s power?”

All of these Mythology members knew just how powerful a player was after the boost from the Advanced Battle Array the Assassin youth, Sandstorm, had used. Sandstorm would even have the strength to take on Tier 4 Mythic monsters, not to mention Tier 3 players.

Using the Advanced Battle Array was expensive, so they couldn’t use it casually. The only reason that Silver Ghost had agreed was to prove Mythology’s strength to Zero Wing.

None of them had expected this outcome.

Shi Feng had sent Sandstorm flying with a normal attack. For a moment, they wondered if Sandstorm had been careless and failed to grasp the battle array’s power.

How is he so strong?

Fithalia, on the other hand, stared at Shi Feng’s back with wide, astonished eyes.

Although she had heard MacAffrey and the others claim that Shi Feng was a monster-level expert, she had assumed that was only the case against ordinary Tier 3 players. However, she had just watched him throw one of Mythology’s experts, whose strength had been enhanced by an Advanced Battle Array, with one normal strike. Just what was going on?

While everyone wrestled with their shock over the situation, Silver Ghost turned to Shi Feng, guessing, “So, you’ve unlocked your Mana Body’s full potential already.”

In his opinion, Shi Feng’s strength was secondary. What was more impressive was the fact that the Swordsman had kept track of Sandstorm’s movements.

No ordinary Tier 3 player should be able to sense Sandstorm’s aura, and with the Assassin’s speed, keeping track of him visually should be impossible. The only explanation Silver Ghost could think of was that Shi Feng had fully unlocked his Mana Body and relied on his Mana Body’s incredible Mana to create a Mana Field around himself. Shi Feng had then relied on the Mana Field to locate Sandstorm.

They could conceal their auras thoroughly, but their physical existence remained. Their ability didn’t hide them from Mana, which was how Shi Feng could rely on his Mana Field to locate the Assassin.

Silver Ghost’s statement caused an uproar within the Starlight Bar.

“What? He’s already unlocked his Mana Body’s full potential?”

“I haven’t even heard of a single expert among the various superpowers to accomplish that feat, have you?”

Any player capable of visiting the Starlight Fortress was an expert, and many of them had already reached Tier 3. Naturally, the topic of Tier 3 Mana Bodies had long since become a hot topic among players like them.

It had already become common knowledge that players wouldn’t be able to exhibit the full power of a Tier 3 class after completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quests. They still needed to unlock their Mana Bodies’ potential. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an easy task. Most players didn’t even have a clue about how to go about unlocking their Mana Bodies. All they could do was work to improve their Mana control.

And yet, while players were still trying to figure out how to start unlocking their Mana Bodies, they learned that Shi Feng had already completed the task. Why wouldn’t they be surprised?

“It’s no wonder why he dared to provoke Mythology!”

Realization dawned on Krow when he heard Silver Ghost’s statement. He had wondered why Shi Feng was confident enough to make an enemy of Mythology. These Mythology experts were incredibly powerful, and after they activated their battle array, they’d become monsters that current players stood no chance against. Only the Starlight Fortress’s Divine Dragon could suppress them.

However, even after he realized what Shi Feng had accomplished, Silver Ghost didn’t panic. He actually smiled.

The combat power boost from a fully unlocked Mana Body is certainly amazing. I hadn’t considered that Sandstorm wouldn’t be a match for you, even after activating his Advanced Battle Array,” Silver Ghost told Shi Feng. “However, I wonder how you’ll fare against eight experts on Sandstorm’s level?”

As Silver Ghost finished speaking, the Mythology members behind him promptly activated their battle arrays as well. In total, these players activated seven more battle arrays, and the combined aura of the arrays’ beneficiaries was so powerful that none of the Tier 2 players in the bar could move. As for the Tier 3 players, their legs began to tremble with fear.

Meanwhile, Sandstorm pulled himself from the hole in the wall and sneered at Shi Feng.

“Punk! I’ll admit that you’re strong, but you’re not strong enough to kill us! We can easily brush off your attacks’ damage with our enhanced recovery! This battle array even triples our Stamina and Concentration recovery rates! How long do you think you can last against us?” Sandstorm growled contemptuously.

The Advanced Battle Array didn’t just increase his Basic Attributes; it also boosted his maximum HP and Defense. Right now, his Defense was twice as high as Tier 3 MTs of the same level, and he had more than 2 million HP. Shi Feng’s attack might have had a lot of impact, but he had only taken a little over -10,000 damage. It wasn’t even enough to itch.

The spectators, who had relaxed after Shi Feng’s counterattack, fell silent again, and Fithalia continued to watch with a grim expression. She had never dreamed that Mythology had prepared so many Advanced Battle Arrays.

Shi Feng was likely at his limit dealing with one expert empowered by an Advanced Battle Array, but now, he’d have to take on eight of these experts. Moreover, every one of his opponents had incredible Defense and HPs. They could easily whittle Shi Feng down until he died.

“Let’s see you try!” Shi Feng indifferently replied, sweeping his gaze over Mythology’s members.

His comeback only incited another uproar within the bar.

“What?! He’s actually going to fight such a force?!”

“Cool! Too cool! As expected of the expert that took down the Starlight Fortress! Very few players in God’s Domain can match his courage!”

They had all assumed that Shi Feng would try to run from Mythology’s experts. Now that they had activated eight Advanced Battle Arrays, only the fortress’s Divine Dragon could stop them. However, Shi Feng chose to stay and fight. He was practically a Hero from legend.

“Are you crazy?!” Fithalia hissed at her companion. “They’re not going to fight you one-on-one! They’re going to come at you together!”

Shi Feng had repelled Sandstorm with a normal attack, but that was all. The outcome of an actual fight between the two wouldn’t be over that quickly. If Shi Feng could only deal a little over -10,000 damage, there was no way he could kill the Assassin. The Advanced Battle Array doubled Sandstorm’s battle recovery, which meant that the Assassin could easily chip away at Shi Feng’s HP while recovering his own.

If eight experts like Sandstorm attacked Shi Feng together, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader would be lucky to stay alive for a while, much less defeat these experts.

Before Fithalia could try to dissuade Shi Feng, however, Silver Ghost laughed.

“Very good. You are truly brave. It’s no wonder why you dare to make Mythology your enemy,” Silver Ghost said, smiling. He then turned to Fithalia and said, “I am a generous person. Why don’t you both try to take us on? I’ll even wait until your reinforcements arrive.”

“That won’t be necessary. You should really face me together. I’d like to see if you’re as powerful as you claim,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

“Bastard!” Sandstorm snarled, enraged. He immediately charged at Shi Feng again.

As the Assassin moved, the seven other empowered experts did the same, dashing toward Shi Feng like a violent gale.

All eight of Mythology’s experts were in perfect sync as they attacked Shi Feng simultaneously. As long as Shi Feng tried to attack one of them, the other seven would strike at his vitals. This was the same method they had employed to take down Fithalia.

While they charged at Shi Feng, however, he raised Killing Ray above his head and shut his eyes, patiently waiting for Sandstorm and his companions to reach him.

Thirty yards… Twenty yards… Ten yards…

Just as the Assassin youth and Mythology’s other experts were about to strike, Shi Feng’s eyes abruptly opened, and he swung his sacred sword in a downward arch.

First Sword, Lightshadow!