Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2502 - Silent Starlight Bar

Chapter 2502 – Silent Starlight Bar

As Shi Feng and Fithalia entered the Starlight Bar, interrupting the black-clad Mythology members’ conversation, an uproar broke out among the spectating patrons.

“Crap! Isn’t that beauty Fithalia, the commander of one of Divine Tribe’s trump card legions?!”

“It seems they’re going to start another fight!”

“A fight? This’ll be a war! I hadn’t thought I’d get lucky enough to watch this unfold personally!”

Many of these players were experts with vast information networks. They were, more or less, aware of the struggle between the various superpowers over the Starlight Fortress. Now that Mythology had taken the initiative to pick a fight with the Starlight Fortress, a war between the various superpowers was unavoidable. Although, none of them had expected it to begin so soon.

Clashes between experts, particularly those from the various superpowers, were extremely rare learning opportunities in God’s Domain, especially for the players that got to watch the fights personally. They’d be able to learn far more than from watching a recording of the battle.

This was precisely the reason that the various powers constantly tried to gain entry tickets to the various superpowers’ Dark Arena. Unfortunately, without adequate connections, normal players didn’t even qualify to enter the Dark Arena.

However, compared to the battle unfolding right before their eyes, the Dark Arena’s battles were nothing.

The various superpowers’ participants in the Dark Arena never went all-out, but this situation would be different. To secure the right to rule the Starlight Fortress, all parties involved would fight with everything they had.

While the bar’s spectating patrons became excited, Mythology’s members turned to give Shi Feng cold looks. Every one of them was restless, eager to get the fight started.

Sensing these black-clad players’ hostility, Fithalia felt a headache brew.

She had tried to convince Shi Feng to gather some manpower before confronting Mythology’s members, but Shi Feng had headed for the Starlight Bar the moment he had heard about their arrival. Shi Feng was the only player that had a claim over the Fortress Lord’s Mansion. If anything happened to him, defending their hold on the fortress would become far more difficult.

The various superpowers had already stationed plenty of experts in the Starlight Fortress. If the fortress suddenly lost its owner, they’d cause a huge commotion. Not even Divine Tribe’s forces would be able to stop them.

In the end, she had no choice but to follow Shi Feng to the Starlight Bar, contacting the players under her command to meet them there on the way.

Shi Feng, however, had done the unexpected again and picked a fight with Mythology before the backup she had called could get there…

They were currently facing over 30 peak experts!

And these weren’t any ordinary peak experts. Not only could they hide their auras, but they were all incredibly fast. If these peak experts decided to attack as one, the consequences would be dire.

“You’re quite daring, you bastard!” the short-sword wielding Assassin youth said, sneering at Shi Feng. “Show me whether or not you have the strength to support that courage!”

Just before the Assassin could step forward, however, the silver-haired youth beside him extended a hand, blocking his path.

“Commander?” the Assassin asked, confused about why his leader had stopped him.

But the silver-haired player hadn’t offered an explanation. Rather, he smiled at Shi Feng.

“So, you’re Guild Leader Black Flame!” the silver-haired youth said, smiling. “Allow me to introduce myself. “I am Silver Ghost, the First Vice Commander of Mythology’s number one trump card legion.”

“Is he the player that foiled Vice Guild Leader Cold Shadow’s plan?”

“It’s no wonder why he spoke so boldly earlier.”

“He’s really brave. He actually came here without any backup. Does he intend to offer a compromise?”

After Silver Ghost’s introduction, realization dawned on the rest of Mythology’s members. Their goal was to seek out Shi Feng and negotiate.

“Since Commander Fithalia has come with you, I’m sure she told you about my offer. What do you think about it, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Silver Ghost patiently asked, glancing at Fithalia before returning his gaze to Shi Feng.

Silver Ghost had fought Fithalia personally, so he knew that she was a monster-level expert. She also had a party of peak expert bodyguards. Normally, she and her bodyguards shouldn’t have any issue defeating a 100-man team of Tier 3 experts.

Unfortunately, his team wasn’t here for Fithalia. Even with her strength, she had no chance against three or four of his subordinates. She’d be doomed if over a dozen of his teammates attacked at once.

The only real threat in the Starlight Fortress was Netherworld Empire’s Hell Legion. Not only did the Hell Legion consist of 300 Tier 3 experts, but they were all extraordinarily strong, as well. However, if his team intended to cause chaos in this fortress, not even the Hell Legion was powerful enough to stop them.

“I have no reason to consider it. Since Zero Wing is strong enough to capture the Starlight Fortress, it’s strong enough to hold it. If you want a fight, bring it on!” Shi Feng calmly stated, eyeing Silver Ghost.

“How unfortunate.” Silver Ghost could only sigh at Shi Feng’s reply.

“Why are you still wasting your time with him, Commander?” The Assassin youth sneered. “Let my group deal with him. If we don’t teach him a lesson, he’ll continue to assume that Mythology is powerless against him!”

“That’s right! If we don’t show him our strength, he’ll likely assume that we left earlier because we were afraid of him!” The rest of Mythology’s team nodded.

Their previous visit to the Starlight Fortress had merely been a form of greeting. Now that Shi Feng had rejected their goodwill, they had no reason to hold back. In fact, if they continued to act passively, Shi Feng would treat their Guild as a joke.

“Alright. Your group can deal with him, but make it quick. Everyone else, pay attention to your surroundings. Retreat as soon as the Divine Dragon approaches!” Silver Ghost said, granting the Assassin youth permission to take action.

“Thank you, Commander! I’ll make sure to end the fight quickly!” the Assassin youth replied with a hungry expression. He turned toward Shi Feng and continued, “You’ve been pretty arrogant, bastard! Let’s see if you can back up those words!”

Suddenly, divine runes lit up all across the Assassin’s body and enveloped another three Mythology members behind him.

A powerful aura began to radiate from the Assassin youth, growing stronger by the second. After just three seconds, his aura was so intense that a sense of dread overcame everyone in the bar.

“How is his aura so powerful?”

“It’s almost as intense as a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species of the same level!”

The bar’s patrons gaped at the young Assassin.

“Is this a sample of Mythology’s foundations?” The situation shocked the ruthless man from Storm Heart.

Although it wasn’t possible to determine a player’s strength based on their aura, that aura would at least hint at their strength.

At this stage of the game, Tier 3 players still struggled to defeat Great Lords of the same level, and in Star Valley, players couldn’t use their Berserk Skills. If a player had the strength of a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species of the same level, they’d be able to move through Star Valley unhindered. With that kind of power, even killing Tier 3 MTs would be as easy as swatting a fly.

They hadn’t actually used their full strength earlier? Fithalia watched on with a grim expression. When she felt the Assassin’s violent aura, she was overcome with despair.

She had hoped that the Hell Legion’s experts and Zero Wing’s five experts, those that had fully unlocked their Mana Bodies, would be enough to suppress Mythology’s invading experts, but seeing these black-clad players now, she found the idea laughable.

A peak expert that was as powerful as a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species could even toy with a Tier 4 summoned creature. After all, players’ combat techniques allowed them to push their combat power to its limits, perhaps even beyond them.

Aside from the Starlight Fortress’s Divine Dragon, no one in the fortress could stop the Assassin before her.

“An Advanced Battle Array?” Shi Feng muttered when he saw the divine runes coating the Assassin youth’s body.

“You seem to know a lot, bastard, but that won’t change anything!” Licking his lips, the Assassin youth continued, “Now, I’ll teach you just how foolish your decision was!”

The Assassin then took a step forward, instantly vanishing. Neither he nor his aura could be found within the bar. It was as if he had never been there in the first place.

“I guess Zero Wing’s Guild Leader is going to die,” Krow, Storm Heart’s commander, said, closing his eyes.

Not only did that young Assassin have Basic Attributes that could rival a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species, but he could also completely conceal his presence. Krow couldn’t even sense the youth’s life aura. With such capabilities, that Assassin was practically invincible among players.

Fights between experts were typically so fast that they were impossible to follow with the naked eye. Thus, experts usually had to rely on all five senses during combat. Otherwise, their opponent would quickly overwhelm them.

Now that the Assassin youth had vanished, players couldn’t rely on their sight to keep up with his ghostly speed. Trying to keep up was a joke.

How was one supposed to find an enemy they couldn’t even detect?

However, at the moment Mythology’s Assassin had vanished, Shi Feng unhurriedly unsheathed Killing Ray and slashed the empty air to his right.


Suddenly, the sound of clashing metal filled the Starlight Bar, and an intense impact shattered the ground. All players within 30 yards of the Swordsman stumbled back from the shockwave.

Almost as everyone heard the first collision, another loud bang followed.

A figure then slammed into the wall to Shi Feng’s right, indenting the wall. It was none other than the Assassin youth that had only disappeared a moment ago…