Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2501 - Mythology Arrives Starlight Fortress, Starlight Bar:

Chapter 2501 – Mythology Arrives Starlight Fortress, Starlight Bar:

The Starlight Bar was usually the most popular bar in the Starlight Fortress, but right now, the bar, which was half the size of a football field, was silent as everyone stared at the group of players in black, drinking quietly in the middle of the establishment. No one even dared to breathe too loudly.

The rest of the crowd wasn’t simply reacting in such a way because the black-clad players had appeared like a group of magicians. Rather, their reactions were due to the fact that every one of those players wore Mythology’s Guild Emblem.

“So, they’re the rumored experts from Mythology?”

“Amazing. I see them, yet I can’t sense their presence. How did they do it?”

“It seems that even Mythology can’t help but get involved now that the Demon God’s Shrine had appeared.”

Once everyone had gotten over their shock at seeing these players, they quietly chatted amongst themselves. Some players were afraid, while others were excited.

Mythology was one of the Five Great Super Guilds in the virtual gaming world; every player on the western continent was familiar with its reputation.

News of Mythology’s black-clad players causing chaos had already spread throughout the fortress. Not only had these players avoided the Divine Dragon’s wrath, but they had also managed to slay quite a few of Divine Tribe’s experts.

Even Fithalia, the commander of one of Divine Tribe’s trump card legions, had lost her life in battle.

In response, Divine Tribe had dispatched even more experts to patrol the Starlight Fortress’s streets. It had even sent plenty of Tier 3 Personal Guards to join the patrols.

However, not only had Mythology’s experts snuck into the city again, but more of them had come, as well. Now, they even congregated in the Starlight Bar, the fortress’s most popular bar, drinking like normal customers. They treated the Starlight Fortress like they would their own hometown.

“Mythology is amazing, boss. They’re completely disregarding the fortress’s Divine Dragon. It seems the Starlight Fortress will soon have a new owner,” the ruthless man from the Storm Heart adventurer team admired as he watched the black-clad players from Mythology.

When he had encountered the Starlight Fortress’s Divine Dragon, he had only felt fear. Players had no chance against it in his opinion, yet these black-clad players acted as if the Divine Dragon didn’t even exist, coming and going from the fortress as they wished. Mythology’s foundations were simply frightening.

“Mythology certainly is stronger than the other superpowers. Aside from those players’ ability to conceal their presence, their combat standards are impressive. They’re all bona fide peak experts. Several of them are even stronger than I am. I don’t even know how I would fight that silver-haired youth leading the group. I don’t think he’s even human,” Krow said as he observed Mythology’s members, a trace of fear flashing in his eyes. “If they decide to cause a scene in the fortress, there will be a mess, and no one will be able to do anything about it. With the situation as it is, even Zero Wing, with all its advantages, will have to make concessions for them.”

Krow knew that the various superpowers were no match for the Five Great Super Guilds, but he had never imagined that the gap between them would be this massive.

Mythology’s black-clad players were at least Level 107, but their auras were even powerful enough to make an expert like him feel uncomfortable. The weakest member of the group had Basic Attributes to rival a Grand Lord of the same level. Fighting just one of those players would pose a huge problem for him. If he had to face two or three simultaneously, there was a very high likelihood that he’d fall.

To make matters worse, there were over 30 of these experts in the bar, and all of them could completely conceal their auras. This was just a nightmare.

There was also the silver-haired leader to worry about. Although Krow could not sense the youth’s aura, his instincts told him that if he came within 30 yards of the young man, his life would be forfeit.

While the bar’s patrons quietly watched Mythology’s experts, the group in question acted as if none of the surrounding players existed at all, chatting with each other and utterly carefree.

“Commander, the higher-ups are being really stubborn. They still want us to negotiate with Zero Wing as a show of respect for Netherworld Empire. Why should we have to show anyone any respect? We should just capture the Starlight Fortress. With the fortress, Mythology can claim the Demon God’s Legacy once the Demon God’s Shrine activates!” a tall, slim woman carrying a war hammer and sturdy shield grumbled.

As far as she was concerned, Netherworld Empire had only partnered with Zero Wing because it wasn’t strong enough to take the fortress for itself, but Mythology was a different story. Capturing the Starlight Fortress wouldn’t be difficult for her team, especially now that they had grown stronger.

Not even taking out Netherworld Empire’s Hell Legion would be an issue, let alone capturing the Starlight Fortress. They had no reason to fear the Guild.

“I concur. We’d be better off giving Zero Wing a beating and taking the Fortress Lord’s Mansion. We shouldn’t need to go to the trouble of targeting Divine Tribe to get at the eastern Guild. If we don’t teach him a lesson, Black Flame will think the west is just like the eastern continent,” a young assassin carrying two short swords added, nodding in agreement.

Mythology’s power was limited on the eastern continent, and thus, what it could accomplish there was limited, but in the west, squashing Zero Wing would be child’s play. Not even the Divine Dragon’s protection could save Zero Wing’s players. Mythology’s foundations on the western continent were just that far beyond what Zero Wing could imagine.

“Don’t get careless. Netherworld Empire has its reasons for working with Zero Wing. Based on recent reports, Zero Wing already has five members with fully unlocked Mana Bodies. Those players are extraordinarily strong. If they show up, follow the back-up plan. Activate your battle arrays and face them in four-man cells. The rest of you will continue as we initially planned. If the Divine Dragon approaches, retreat immediately,” the silver-haired team leader ordered, watching his impatient team members.

“Rest assured, Commander. Aside from the Dragon, these players are nothing. I don’t know how those Zero Wing players unlocked their Mana Bodies’ full potential so quickly, but so what?” the Assassin youth loudly and fearlessly proclaimed. “If Zero Wing’s members really do show up, I’ll make sure none of them leave alive!”

The rest of Mythology’s team nodded.

Fully unlocking one’s Mana Body might substantially increase one’s combat power, but their Advanced Battle Array was no trivial matter. As long as they activated their battle arrays, they could combine the strength of four players. The player that received all this power would be even strong enough to take down a Mythic monster of the same level, much less Tier 3 players.

If Zero Wing’s members dared to show their faces, their team could slap them down with ease.

“Is that so? I’d like to test your claim, then.”

Suddenly, everyone in the bar heard a deep voice, and the speaker immediately caused an uproar. Every player in the Starlight Bar spun toward the speaker, assuming whoever had been so bold must be crazy. This player had just directly challenged Mythology’s experts. They must be suicidal!

Two people, a man and a woman, walked into the bar. The woman was the beautiful, elegant Fithalia, while the man felt as dark as night.