Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2499 - Epic Mana Body Unlocked

Chapter 2499 – Epic Mana Body Unlocked

As Shi Feng pulled the God’s Heart from his bag, faint Mana pulsed throughout the dark and quiet core room. It wasn’t a lot of Mana, but it had enough power that space within the room trembled.

When the pulse encountered the room’s magic barrier, it, too, began to tremble, almost failing to block the Mana.

Sure enough, a God’s Heart is intensely powerful. I only took it out of my bag, and it nearly felled the room’s magic barrier. Shi Feng stared at the magic barrier around the room, astonished.

Fortunately, he was within an ancient fortress’s core room. This magic barrier was far stronger than ordinary versions. Even Mythic monsters would have an extremely hard time trying to destroy it. Had he retrieved the God’s Heart in any other location within the Starlight Fortress, the barrier wouldn’t have been able to contain the Mana pulse. The energy would’ve escaped and caught the attention of everyone within the fortress.

However, this pulse of Mana had also substantially increased the Mana density in the room. A gentle layer of mist now filled the core room. If players trained here, they’d likely be able to practice Bronze Combat Techniques without rest. They could train to their heart’s content.

Following which, Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes to appraise the God’s Heart.

[Augustus’s Damaged Heart] (Inferior Divine Artifact Rank Material)

This is the Barbarian God Augustus’s Heart and crystallization of Eternal Energy. When Augustus had fallen, the Demon God, Atlock, had secured his heart and repeatedly modified it. Once one has activated the magic array engraved on the heart, the user will be exposed to dense Eternal Energy for 12 hours. The magic array will require 3 months to recover after each activation. Restoring the magic array’s Eternal Energy is possible by sacrificing 1 God Crystal.

Amazing! Atlock had transformed a Consumable God’s Heart into a tool that can supply endless Eternal Energy! When Shi Feng read Augustus’s Heart’s description, he was shocked.

Gods’ Hearts were typically one-time-use Consumables. When players released the Eternal Energy contained within, the God’s Heart would release all of its energy. Eventually, the God’s Heart would run out of Eternal Energy and fade from existence.

Only a few Tier 5 NPCs could control the release of Eternal Energy from a God’s Heart, allowing them to use the item multiple times. Even so, they couldn’t change the fact that the God’s Heart would vanish when it ran out of Eternal Energy.

And yet, Atlock had successfully modified Augustus’s Heart, transforming it into a tool that could offer endless Eternal Energy. Shi Feng had certainly hit the jackpot this time. It was no wonder why Atlock was so determined to kill him, even using a Demon God’s Legacy as bait.

Although one could only use the modified Augustus’s Heart for 12 short hours, it was more than enough time for players. The only major flaw was the 3-month Cooldown. Even so, Augustus’s Heart was unbelievably amazing.

Players would encounter countless roadblocks on their road to higher tiers in God’s Domain, and it wasn’t possible to overcome all of these roadblocks at once. Players would have to face them, one after another. The Tier 3 Mana Body and Tier 4 Mana control were two examples. However, Shi Feng could overcome them all with Augustus’s Heart.

Moreover, he could use a God Crystal to circumvent the Cooldown. He was immensely satisfied with his latest endeavor.

If word of Augustus’s Heart spread, all of God’s Domain would go into a frenzy, including both players and NPCs.

Shi Feng took a moment to suppress his excitement and began to activate the magic array within Augustus’s Heart. He was prepared to accept the Heavenly Blue Saint’s Mana Body Legacy.

However, Shi Feng frowned when he examined the array.

This magic array was more complex than any he had encountered before. Manipulating it would be intensely challenging, even now that he had become an Intermediate Master Magician. A Basic Master Magician would have no chance of activating this magic array.

Sure enough, the Main God System won’t just hand players so much power. Shi Feng gave the magic array a bitter smile.

He had wanted to use the God Crystals he had on hand to help Cola and the rest unlock their Mana Body’s full potential once he had done so himself. The sooner they did so, the more they would benefit in the future.

However, it seemed that that wouldn’t be possible…

Activating Augustus’s Heart’s magic array would be absolutely impossible unless one had become an Intermediate Master Magician. His dream of forming an army of powerful experts had just shattered.

Becoming a Master Magician in God’s Domain was far easier than becoming a Master Forger, yet very few players were capable of accomplishing the feat.

Naturally, reaching every subsequent rank after becoming a Basic Master Magician was incredibly difficult, even more so than rising through the ranks after becoming a Master Forger.

In all of Zero Wing, only Aqua Rose and Violet Cloud had high chances of becoming Basic Master Magicians. Everyone else would still have a long road ahead of them, and two players simply weren’t enough to form an army.

Shaking his head, Shi Feng banished his thoughts and began to focus on learning and decoding the magic array.

Ten minutes… Twenty minutes… Forty minutes…

As he completed the final strand of Mana’s trajectory, Augustus’s Heart lit with a colorful glow. Streams of purple mist then flowed from the item and into Shi Feng.

Suddenly, Shi Feng felt incredibly comfortable, and his mind was unprecedentedly clear. The Eternal Energy proved many times more effective than the densest Mana.

Wasting no time, Shi Feng retrieved the Memory Crystal Eliadi had given him and started to study her Legacy on the Mana Body.

The goddess’s Mana Body Technique was more complex than her Mana Technique Legacy. Not only did it contain information on Mana and the methods to control it, but it also contained concise information on the structure of Mana Bodies.

According to Eliadi’s research, the higher a Mana Body’s rank was, the more complex it would be. Subsequently, one would need a more complicated Mana control method to use their Mana Body. An Epic Mana Body was on par with a super-large-scale magic array consisting of several hundred smaller arrays.

There were many ways to control this super-large-scale magic array, but only one would give a player full control over the entire array; they’d have to construct a simple magic array that would allow the user to control multiple core arrays. The more core magic arrays this simple array could control, the more power the super-large-scale magic array could exhibit.

If Shi Feng had tried to process all of the information within the Memory Crystal before he had obtained Augustus’s Heart, none even the densest Mana would save him from the headache. Fortunately, the Eternal Energy around him was amazingly beneficial. Not only did it boost his comprehension and memory, but it also allowed him to try to create the simple magic array that was necessary for controlling the flow of Mana within his Mana Body.

For a time, Shi Feng radiated stronger and weaker Mana at random intervals. At his strongest, he radiated dense enough Mana to rival that within Stone Forest City, and at his weakest, he radiated roughly the same density as the Mana found in ordinary NPC cities.

During the process, Shi Feng rapidly unlocked more of his Mana Body’s potential.

40%… 55%… 70%…

However, as Shi Feng continued to unlock his Epic Mana Body, his progress slowed. By the time the Memory Crystal’s duration ended, Shi Feng had only reached 82% of his potential. He was still far from 100%.

In the nine hours since he had activated Augustus’s Heart, he had only unlocked 91% of his Mana Body’s potential…

Just as the 12 hours were almost up, an intense wave of Mana exploded from Shi Feng’s body, forming a mist in the core room. The mist was light, easy to miss if one weren’t paying attention, but it was undeniable that Shi Feng exuded Mana that was so dense it condensed into its liquid form.

Finally, success!

Shi Feng’s eyes flew open, flashing with excitement as he observed the Mana that automatically flowed throughout his Mana Body.