Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2497 - Changes to the Starlight Fortress

Chapter 2497 – Changes to the Starlight Fortress

Star Valley, Starlight Fortress:

As Shi Feng and the others returned to the Starlight Fortress, they were surprised by the sight that greeted them.

Players now crowded the previously unpopular Starlight Fortress, and some hadn’t even reached Level 100 yet. These players hawked their wares from the fortress’s streets, selling all kinds of Resistance potions and equipment. Some of them even sold Level 100-plus Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment. Such prosperity made it hard to imagine that the Starlight Fortress was a Small Fortress that had only opened less than a week ago. It looked more like a Medium Fortress that had been open to the public for several months.

“Why are so many players here?” Thunder Beast was stunned and confused as he glanced at the crowded streets.

He knew that very few players, other than Divine Tribe and his team, had been in the fortress before they had left on their expedition. The Starlight Fortress’s entrance fee and general expenditures were exorbitant, after all. Remaining in the fortress for one extra day alone cost players another Magic Crystal. Not even experts like him could tolerate such a high price, not to mention normal players.

With how Shi Feng ran the fortress, Thunder Beast thought he would be fortunate to earn enough to sustain the fortress’s daily operations.

But contrary to his expectation, the Starlight Fortress practically overflowed with wealth, most of which came in the form of Magic Crystals. This fortress was almost more profitable than a Grade 3 ore vein.

The situation even astonished Hell Rush.

Even if the Demon God’s Shrine has attracted quite a few players to Star Valley, the Starlight Fortress shouldn’t have developed so quickly. What exactly happened here? Hell Rush watched the players wander the fortress’s streets in confusion.

He had expected the Starlight Fortress to become a popular location in Star Valley. Not many on the western continent could resist the temptation of a Demon God’s Legacy, and if they wanted to obtain it, they had to spend some time in the area.

There was no denying that the Starlight Fortress was the best resting spot in Star Valley. The cost of living in the fortress might be incredibly high, but compared to a Demon God’s Legacy, the cost was practically negligible.

However, less than half an hour had passed since the system announcement. How had so many players gathered in the fortress in less than 30 minutes?

“Commander, I think the Mana here has changed. Since we’ve arrived, my Mana affinity has increased,” a Tier 3 Elementalist informed Hell Rush. “I can even sense a significant amount of the Three Supreme Elements in the fortress’s ambient Mana…”

“The Three Supreme Elements? Doesn’t that mean that this environment can rival that of ancient times?” Hell Rush couldn’t help his growing excitement.

Ordinary players wouldn’t have a clue about the environment of ancient times or its effect on players, but as the Hell Legion’s commander, he understood much about God’s Domain. If the Starlight Fortress’s environment resembled that of ancient times, the players resting in the fortress would have a much easier time unlocking their Mana Bodies’ potential. Every player’s Mana Body consisted of all seven elements, and within an environment that lacked the Three Supreme Elements, unlocking one’s Mana Body was excruciatingly difficult.

“What did you do, Guild Leader? There are so many players here now! Our daily income should be far more than

200.000 Magic Crystals!” Aqua Rose asked Shi Feng when she saw the crowded streets. “With so many Magic Crystals, we won’t have to worry about producing the Dark Demon Set.”

Not only did the Dark Demon Set’s production require a lot of rare materials, but it also required a ridiculous number of Magic Crystals. Forging a single set required 10,000 Magic Crystals, and the other rare materials could only be purchased with Magic Crystals. Overall, crafting each Dark Demon Set would cost at least 20,000 Magic Crystals. Not even some ordinary powers could afford such an insane production cost.

Zero Wing had already spent almost all of its Magic Crystals on materials from Divine Tribe and during the Starlight Fortress’s capture. With how few they had left, developing the Starlight Fortress would prove challenging, not to mention crafting the Dark Demon Set.

The Starlight Fortress operated like a giant machine that relentlessly devoured Magic Crystals. Just keeping the fortress’s magic array running was a huge expenditure, to say nothing of the Summoning Tower and Fortress Prison.

Overall, the Starlight Fortress cost a minimum of 30,000 Magic Crystals per day. Zero Wing had already been forced to borrow Magic Crystals from Divine Tribe to sustain the fortress.

However, now that the Starlight Fortress’s player population had exceeded 200,000, the fortress earned a minimum of

200.000 Magic Crystals per day. Even after deducting the fortress’s various expenditures, Zero Wing would earn more than 100,000 Magic Crystals in daily profit.

Over 100,000 Magic Crystals of pure profit!

Zero Wing wasn’t even capable of earning so many Magic Crystals per day, even with Stone Forest City, Zero Wing City, and the Guild’s several ore veins.

“I haven’t done anything. Players are just becoming more perceptive,” Shi Feng said, chuckling at Aqua Rose’s excitement.

The Starlight Fortress was an ancient fortress. Once it opened to the public, it would gradually attract the Three Supreme Elements from its surroundings to recreate its original environment. However, this was a very long and arduous process. It would still take some time before the fortress had an environment that could rival that of ancient times. Even so, the feature was incredibly precious to God’s Domain’s players.

The environment wouldn’t only be useful to players trying to unlock their Mana Bodies’ potential. It would also help as players tried to climb through the tiers.

As players aimed for higher tiers, they had to have a basic understanding and control of the seven elements. Without this control and knowledge, they’d always be weaker than others of the same tier.

As for the matter of the Dark Demon Set, he had been nursing a headache over the issue, as well.

Forging a few sets might not be much of an issue, but if he wanted to mass-produce the Dark Demon Set, he’d need enough Magic Crystals to give the various superpowers heart attacks.

Fortunately, the Starlight Fortress had been developing wonderfully while he’d been gone. Without this progress, he would’ve only been able to stare at the Forging Design.

While he had solved the problem of materials, however, he still needed sufficient manpower. He couldn’t do it all by himself. He would need at least two other Advanced Master Forgers to ensure a reliable success rate when produ^^ the Dark Demon Set. The cost of failure would even be enough to put a first-rate Guild in the red.

Suddenly, a party of Level 106-plus peak experts, led by a beautiful woman, approached Shi Feng. The graceful woman was none other than Fithalia, the Divine Hymn Legion’s commander.

Surprisingly, Fithalia had lost a level, falling to Level 106, and a faint, deathly aura surrounded her, signifying that she was currently in a Weakened state.

The revelation shocked Shi Feng and the others.

“I’ve finally found you, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Fithalia said with a somber expression.

“Has something happened?” Shi Feng replied with a question.

Communication between those within the Star Tomb and those outside of it was severed. To contact players on the other side, one would have to do so through offline means. However, Shi Feng hadn’t been worried with Divine Tribe’s forces and the Silver Divine Dragon protecting the Starlight Fortress, and as such, he hadn’t left any of his Guild’s experts behind in the fortress.

“Mythology’s people arrived. Not only have they demanded that Divine Tribe hand over the temporary Residence, but they’ve also demanded that Zero Wing surrender 51% of the Starlight Fortress’s shares,” Fithalia said.

“What about your level?” It didn’t surprise Shi Feng that a Super Guild like Mythology had set its sights on the Starlight Fortress, but he was surprised to see that Fithalia had lost a level.

“It’s nothing. I fought Mythology’s people and lost,” Fithalia explained. “That’s what I want to talk to you about. I don’t know what kind of power Mythology’s members have obtained, but they can completely conceal their auras. Even when they fought inside the fortress, the Divine Dragon needed some time to sense them. If Mythology causes more chaos in the fortress, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to contain it…”

“Even you weren’t a match for them?” Hell Rush was stunned to hear about the recent events.

Hell Rush knew how strong Fithalia was. She was definitely as strong as he was. Even Mythology’s old monsters should have a difficult time defeating her, and her guards followed her everywhere. Logically, no one should be powerful enough to kill her.

“They have a way to conceal their auras?” Shi Feng fell into deep thought for a moment.

He was aware of plenty of methods to conceal one’s aura in God’s Domain, but none of those methods could hide one from a Divine Dragon, even for a short time.

“Mythology’s people also asked me to relay a message. They’ve said that they will show up once more after the Demon God’s Shrine has activated and hope that Zero Wing will have considered their proposal carefully. If Zero Wing refuses to cooperate, it will have to bear the consequences.”

Fithalia had a huge headache over the situation. The group of players Mythology had sent to the fortress was incredibly powerful, and they could completely hide their auras. If a fight broke out between them, the Starlight Fortress would pay the price.