Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2496 - Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest's Treasures

Chapter 2496 – Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest’s Treasures

“What’s wrong, Guild Leader?” Aqua Rose asked, curious when she saw Shi Feng’s odd expression.

They had gone to great lengths to loot the shrine’s treasure chest. If the items weren’t valuable, they’d have suffered a great loss.

“It’s nothing. I’m just surprised by how excellent our harvest is,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “Not only did we obtain a few Legendary materials and the Star of Light I was after, but we’ve also obtained an Epic Weapon Set, a Fragmented Legendary item, and a Dark-Gold Set Equipment Forging Design.”

Shi Feng then shared the information on the several weapons, equipment, and design he had obtained in the team chat. He had no intention of the items.

[Absolute Shadow] (Dagger [Main-hand], Epic Rank)

Level 100 – Level 150

Equipment Requirement: Strength 2,3〇〇

Attributes adjust according to user’s level.

Attack Power +6,325 (Level 100)

Strength +422, Agility +376, Endurance +350 Attack Speed +18

Attacks carry the power of shadows. During attacks:

Reduce target’s Defense by 30%;

35% chance to cause 270% damage;

10% chance to trigger Shadow Raid, increasing user’s Attack Speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

When equipped:

Main Attribute increased by 10%;

Secondary Attributes increased by 8%

Reaction speed increased by 10%;

All of weapon Skills’ effects increased by 10%;

Completion Rate with all weapon Skills increased by 2%;

Ignore Levels +10.

Additional Passive Skill-

Shadow Strike: Every attack accumulates 1 point of Shadow Energy(independent from Sub Absolute Shadow). When 12 points of Shadow Energy have been accumulated, all Shadow Energy will automatically release, increasing user’s Strength by 100%.

Set effect-

When both Main and Sub Absolute Shadow are equipped:

Main Attribute increased by an additional 15%;

Secondary Attributes increased by an additional 10%;

Physique increased by an additional 15%;

Gain the Finishing Skill, Dark Dance.

Dark Dance: When activated, user enters Stealth and Attack Speed increases by 20%, and Movement Speed increases by 30%. User leaves Stealth if attacked or attacking.

Duration: 15 seconds

Cooldown: 10 minutes

[Absolute Shadow] (Dagger [Sub-hand], Epic Rank) Level 100 – Level 150 Equipment Requirement: Strength 2,100 Attributes adjust according to user’s level.

Attack Power +5,725 (Level 100)

Strength +385, Agility +355, Endurance +324 Attack Speed +16

Armor penetration increased by 20%;

25% chance to cause 300% damage;

15% chance to trigger Phantom Strike, creating an impact equivalent to 120% of user’s Strength to a 3*15 yard area. When equipped:

Secondary Attributes increased by 7%

Frenzied Shadow: Every attack accumulates 1 point of Shadow Energy(independent from Main Absolute Shadow). When 30 points of Shadow Energy have been accumulated, all Shadow Energy will automatically release, increasing user’s Attack Speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

[Magic Light Pendant] (Necklace, Fragmented Legendary Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 2,000, Vitality 2,100 Attributes adjust according to user’s level.

All Attributes increased by 35%;

Obtain Magic Light Body, increasing physique and Mana affinity by 30%.

Additional Passive Skill 1-

Mana Draw: Draws Mana from the environment to recover user’s Mana. User regenerates 1% of their maximum Mana every 5 seconds.

Additional Passive Skill 2-

Mana Heart: All Spell effects increased by 30%. All casting time reduced by 25%. All Spell Completion Rates increased by 5%.

Additional Active Skill-

Mana Recharge: Forcefully elevates all Spell effects by 1 tier (to a maximum of Tier 5) for 12 seconds. Cooldown: 3 hours

[Dark Demon Set Forging Design] (Dark-Gold Rank)

Set Level: Level 110 – Level 125 Six-piece set:

Dark Demon Gauntlets

Dark Demon Breastplate

Dark Demon Helmet

Dark Demon Leg Guards

Dark Demon Boots

Dark Demon Bracers

Class Restriction: Plate Armor Classes

Four-piece effect: Increases Main Attribute by 10% and all Skill Completion Rates by 3%.

Six-piece effect: Increases physique by 20%. Upgrades physical armor to magic armor.

When they saw the several items’ details, both Zero Wing’s members and the Hell Legion were stupefied.

“Aren’t this Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest’s items a little too awesome?!”

“They’re more than awesome! If an Assassin equipped those daggers, they could reach for the heavens! Not only would their Attack Power be off the charts, but they could kill other players undetected!”

“Those daggers are impressive, but they’re garbage compared to the necklace for magical classes. I bet I could even challenge my Tier 4 Promotion Quest as soon as I meet the level requirement with that necklace.”

“That Dark-Gold Set Equipment is just as incredible. The six-piece set effect actually converts the set’s defensive rank into magic armor. Opponents would have a hard time dealing damage to a player in that set. If an entire team could wear the Dark Demon Set, they’d become an unstoppable army!”

Every member of the Hell Legion drooled when they saw the items. They had never dreamed that Zero Wing would gain such astounding items. Not only had Shi Feng secured a Fragmented Legendary item, but he had also obtained a top-tier Epic Weapon Set and Dark-Gold Set Equipment Forging Design.

These items were likely as valuable as the Demon God’s Legacy-

Hell Rush was particularly jealous, especially when he saw the Dark Demon Set. It was godly equipment for plate armor classes. For a moment, he even forgot about the Demon God’s Legacy.

Magic armor was closest to rivaling divine armor. Not only did it reduce the damage from non-piercing attacks of the same tier by 30%, but it also reduced magic damage by a significant margin. It even doubled the damage reduction from attacks of a lower tier. To put it simply, every plate armor class dreamed of obtaining such equipment.

If he could arm the Hell Legion’s plate armor members with Dark Demon Sets, they’d become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Although the Demon God’s Legacy was amazing, it wouldn’t be as visibly effective at this stage of the game. Its effects would only become more apparent once players had reached higher levels and tiers. The Dark Demon Set, on the other hand, could offer immediate results the moment players equipped it.

After seeing these items, Hell Rush was certain that Shi Feng hadn’t suffered from this transaction.

Shi Feng might’ve lost an opportunity to gain a Legacy, but with these items, he could boost the strength of Zero Wing’s main force. They’d be particularly helpful when Zero Wing raided super-large-scale Team Dungeons.

“You’re too impulsive, Guild Leader. You shouldn’t have shared that information. Now, it won’t be long before the various superpowers find out about those items. Some of them will try to take them from us, especially aiming for that Magic Light Pendant. I’m afraid that the various superpowers’ magical class experts will do everything in their power to get their hands on it…” Aqua Rose scolded. She had felt a little exasperated when Shi Feng had shared the weapons’ and equipment’s details with the Hell Legion’s members.

She realized that Shi Feng wanted to reassure that Zero Wing hadn’t suffered, but exposing a Fragmented Legendary item like the Magic Light Pendant was unwise.

“It won’t hurt anything if they know. Besides, hostile powers will assume that we’ve gained something powerful even if we didn’t say anything. I just opened an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest, after all. Rather than let them guess blindly and target us in secret, they might as well know everything. That way, we can reduce the risks,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “Alright, it’s about time for us to head back.”

Hiding the details of his harvest wouldn’t have been an issue if the Hell Legion hadn’t watched him open the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest, but they had seen everything. Hiding his harvest was impossible.

He’d much rather reveal the items and use them to elevate Zero Wing’s fame than encourage the various superpowers to hunt the Guild in the dark to find out what he had obtained. Top-tier weapons and equipment were always a hot topic among players. As the public learned about these items, they’d come to know about Zero Wing.

He had another purpose for revealing these items to the Hell Legion; he needed to conceal the crystal inside his bag. That crystal alone was worth more than the other items combined.

Even high-tiered NPCs would try to take the crystal from him if they found out about it. He wouldn’t even be surprised if an NPC attacked within an NPC city.

This crystal was actually a God’s Heart, something even more precious than Legendary items. The small crystal was enough to cause an uproar across all of God’s Domain…

Shi Feng didn’t even dare to appraise the crystal at the moment, much less take it out of his bag. On the off chance that the crystal caused a commotion, he’d die from regret.

With that said, Shi Feng retrieved a Return Scroll and teleported back to the Starlight Fortress. He had lingered in the Star Tomb for long enough.