Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2495 - Star Valley Shaken

Chapter 2495 Star Valley Shaken

“Star Valley has a Demon God’s Legacy[l]?”

“What’s going on? The system is releasing a God’s Legacy? Won’t it make players invincible in God’s Domain?!”

“The Demon God’s Shrine? I have to check it out!”

After the system announcement, many players in Star Valley practically glowed with excitement. They wanted nothing more than to charge toward the Demon God’s Shrine to investigate the event.

In God’s Domain, Legacies were even more important than weapons and equipment.

Legacies could transform players’ foundations, setting them up with a more advanced starting point than others. With a powerful Legacy, players could also learn stronger Skills or Spells. They could even obtain top-tier weapons and equipment that were specific to their Legacy. An ordinary Legacy could boost an ordinary player into the ranks of experts.

However, Legacies were incredibly rare in God’s Domain, even rarer than Epic items. Most importantly, Legacies weren’t publicly available. Players could only obtain one through luck.

And yet, not only did the Demon God’s Shrine offer a Legacy to the general public, but the system had also declared that it was a Demon God’s Legacy. This wasn’t just some random Legacy, barely related to the Demon God. Why wouldn’t players go crazy over this news?

Gods’ Legacies were the highest-ranking Legacies in God’s Domain! Even the various Super Guild’s bigshots dreamed of obtaining one. Unfortunately, Gods’ Legacies were so rare that players could only find them if they were truly lucky.

While the players in Star Valley were in an uproar, news had reached the various superpowers.

“What? A Demon God’s Legacy?”

“Someone has managed to uncover a Demon God’s Legacy? Look into this matter immediately! Find out who was responsible for activating the Demon God’s Shrine! That player must have more details about the development! I want all of our Guild’s Tier 3 experts sent to Star Valley immediately. We must secure the Demon God’s Legacy before the other powers!”

The various superpowers went mad when they learned of the Demon God’s Shrine, dispatching organized expert teams to Star Valley. They also ordered investigations into the player responsible for activating the shrine.

For a time, the various powers’ experts and independent experts flooded Star Valley.

While all of these players gathered, hunting for the Demon God’s Shrine, silence reigned over the Hell Legion, which rested a short distance away from the Star Tomb. None of them were sure whether they should congratulate Shi Feng or pity him.

None were more familiar with the situation than they were.

Shi Feng was responsible for activating the Demon God’s Shrine in Star Valley and for the availability of a God’s Legacy, yet he couldn’t have anything to do with it. This Legendary Event was the Main God System’s way of ridiculing the Swordsman.

The situation also changed what they understood about God’s Domain.

Shi Feng had already turned their understanding of the game upside down, yet this Legendary Event had gone beyond that.

Despite contributing the most to this Legendary Event’s activation, Shi Feng had the lowest chance of obtaining the event’s reward.

It almost seemed like the Demon God, Atlock, were deliberately spiting Shi Feng for his wit. Although Shi Feng had acquired the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest’s contents, he had no chance of obtaining this God’s Legacy. Atlock was acting as vindictive as any human. Hell Legion’s members even wondered if the Demon God was human, with human emotions, rather than a computer program…

That was a God’s Legacy they were talking about!

Such a Legacy was many times more precious than a Fragmented Legendary Item. The two weren’t even in the same realm in terms of their value.

“Is it really necessary to go so far over an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest?” Shi Feng gave the system notification a bitter smile.

Normally, the Demon God’s Temptation should’ve ended the moment he escaped the temple. That was the outcome every player that had plundered a Demon God’s Temptation had met with during his past life, but for some reason, his situation turned out to be wildly different.

Not only had the Demon God continued to chase him after he had left the temple, but Atlock had even posted a bounty on his head. He had even offered a God’s Legacy as the bounty’s reward. This was just absurd…

“It’s just a God’s Legacy, Guild Leader! It’s not worth our time!” Cola said, clicking his tongue as he read the system announcement.

“Right! We’re strong enough that we’ll have plenty of chances to obtain other Gods’ Legacies in the future!” Aqua Rose added, nodding in agreement.

Although Cola and Aqua Rose tried to reassure their Guild Leader, the Hell Legion’s members realized that they were simply putting up a strong front. They were talking about a God’s Legacy, after all. Only the most fortunate players had a chance to obtain one?

Moreover, based on how this event had been triggered when Shi Feng slipped through Atlock’s grasp, the requirements to obtain the Legacy likely involved targeting Shi Feng. NPCs often hunted down God’s Domain’s players, but since the Gods couldn’t appear on the continent right now, Atlock was forced to post a bounty.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you don’t need to be concerned about this. The Demon God might be using a God’s Legacy as bait, but obtaining it will likely be a major challenge. This might even be another of the Demon God’s traps. At least you managed to get your hands on the treasures in that chest,” Hell Rush said, trying to console Shi Feng.

“Thank you for your concern, Commander Rush, but I don’t really mind the situation,” Shi Feng said, smiling at Hell Rush when he saw the man’s pity.

He didn’t actually care that Atlock had placed a bounty on his head. He was far more concerned about the tripled death penalty and weekly level reduction, but as long as he took extra care and maintained his leveling speed, the penalties shouldn’t pose a problem.

While the Demon God’s Legacy might be more valuable than a Fragmented Legendary item, perhaps even more than a Legendary item, he had no desire for it. Atlock’s Legacy was on par with Aqua Rose’s Sea God’s Legacy; at most, it was a Peak Legacy.

Moreover, Hell Rush didn’t know that Atlock wasn’t the only Demon God after his life…

He had plenty of timebombs threatening his life in God’s Domain. What was one more?

If offending a Demon God meant that he could get his hands on a Fragmented Legendary item, he didn’t mind offending a few more.

None of the Hell Legion’s members believed Shi Feng’s claim, however. They had all witnessed the Swordsman’s strength. If anyone had a chance of obtaining the Demon God’s Legacy, it’d be Shi Feng, but since the man in question had brushed the issue off, they could only nod and smile in response.

“Right, Guild Leader, what did you get from the treasure chest?” Cola eagerly asked, ignoring the Hell Legion’s skeptical looks.

Cola’s question reminded Shi Feng that he hadn’t inspected the items. He immediately opened his back to see what he had won.

He had been too busy fleeing for his life earlier, so he hadn’t had the time to investigate his loot. Once he had escaped the Star Tomb, his personal system notification and the regional announcement had demanded his attention.

As Shi Feng inspected the items, he was stunned.

It’s no wonder why that Demon God’s reaction was so extreme. If I had been in his position, I’d have gone crazy, too. When Shi Feng saw the crystal radiating Divine Might in his bag, realization dawned on him.