Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2494 - Legendary Event

Chapter 2494 – Legendary Event

When Shi Feng disappeared, Atlock’s became even more incensed.

You think you can escape my grasp, thief?”

The Demon God’s eyes narrowed as he shifted his gaze to the forest’s southern end. With a cutting hand gesture, Atlock created a Spatial Gate, stepping into it and leaving only Anna, Arslet, and the Higher Valkyrie in the temple.

As Atlock left, the temple began to fade away. The players outside of the temple gasped as it did. They had never dreamed that Shi Feng would get away, accomplishing a feat that not even the west’s various superpowers could overcome.

Although Shi Feng had relied on a cheat-like method to do so, it was an undeniable fact that he had secured the treasure from a Demon God’s Temptation.

What surprised everyone more, however, was the fact that the Demon God’s Phantom had reached Tier 5 at the very last minute…

After witnessing the Demon God’s Phantom’s combat power at Tier 4, they all knew that it was practically invincible at this stage of the game now that it had reached Tier 5. Destroying an entire empire should be a piece of cake for the being, much less an entire kingdom.

Furthermore, the Demon God’s Phantom had left the temple to chase down Shi Feng. The situation was simply absurd.

“Commander, let’s get out of here! If that Demon God returns, it won’t rest until every last one of us is dead!” Thunder Beast urged Hell Rush once Atlock had left through the Spatial Gate.

Even without Shi Feng’s warning to flee, they knew how dangerous their current predicament was.


Hell Rush could only sigh as he glanced toward the forest’s southern area. Although Shi Feng had secured the treasure, a Tier 5 Demon God’s Phantom was now hunting him. Shi Feng’s chances of surviving were practically non-existent.

An enraged Tier 5 Demon God was no trivial existence. Not even a Tier 5 Dragon would escape Atlock’s wrath.

While the Hell Legion and Zero Wing’s experts pulled back to the passage leading to the Star Tomb’s first floor, Shi Feng, who had fled by using a Tier 3 Instantaneous Movement Scroll, activated Disintegration Power, forcing himself to Tier 4. He then activated Gale Domain and flew toward the Star Tomb’s exit with as much haste as possible, no slower than a Flying Mount.

Before Shi Feng had made it 2,000 yards, however, a Spatial Gate opened in his path, and Atlock emerged.

He teleported here directly?

The sight of the Demon God’s Phantom left Shi Feng speechless. He hadn’t expected Atlock to be this vicious.

Based on what Shi Feng remembered from his past, the Demon God’s Phantom guarding the temple shouldn’t chase after a player once they left the temple with the treasure, yet not only had Atlock continued the chase, but the Demon God’s Phantom had teleported to him, as well…

“I will eliminate every trace of your soul from this world, thief!” The moment Atlock spotted his prey, he began to chant an incantation.

The sky above Shi Feng shattered, and an endless torrent of fire descended, covering a 4,000-yard radius.

Tier 5 Curse, Extinction Flames!

Normally, Tier 5 Divine Mages needed over a dozen seconds to cast this Spell, yet Atlock cast it instantaneously.

To make matters worse, players couldn’t even use Tier 3 Instantaneous Movement Scrolls within Extinction Flame’s AOE.

Noticing the inferno from a distance, the Hell Legion and Zero Wing’s members were astonished. Even from so far, they could see flames engulf the area above the entire southern forest, threatening to devour the wooded area.

How could anybody escape such a terrifying attack?

Suddenly a spatial tear opened before the team, and a figure jumped through it. The figure was none other than Shi Feng, who looked incredibly miserable. His HP was already in the red.

“Guild Leader Black Flame? You actually managed to escape?” Hell Rush was surprised to see the Swordsman.

The rest of the team could only stare at Shi Feng in shock.

The Demon God had clearly used a Tier 5 Curse against Shi Feng, yet he had escaped with his life. It was unbelievable…

“Everyone, get ready! The Demon God’s Phantom hasn’t noticed me yet! I’ll open a Spatial Gate that teleports us to the first floor! As soon as it opens, go through it!” Shi Feng shouted his command when his teammates only stared at him.

The only way to flee from a Tier 5 Curse like Extinction Flames was to teleport out of range with a Tier 4 Instantaneous Movement Scroll. Although Shi Feng didn’t have one on hand, he had the Seven Luminaries Ring, an extraordinary lifesaving tool.

With the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Space Movement, he could teleport to any location within a 600,000-yard radius, but when he had jumped into the spatial tear the Skill created, the Curse’s flames had followed, scorching him and nearly taking his life. Fortunately, he had activated Disintegration Power, which temporarily granted him a Tier 4 player’s Defense and HP. If he had only relied on Heavenly Dragon’s Power’s Defense and HP, that attack would’ve been the end of him.

However, Space Movement had a 3-minute Cooldown. If the Demon God came at him again, he wouldn’t survive.

He couldn’t just leave the Hell Legion and his comrades here, and now that Atlock was so furious, the Demon God’s Phantom would transform every inch of the Star Tomb into a land of death. Aqua Rose and the others could only survive if they left the Regional Dungeon now.

Shi Feng didn’t waste any time in summoning the Spatial Gate. The rest of his team realized that they were in a race against time, as well, and they charged through the Spatial Gate the moment it was complete, vanishing from the Star Tomb’s second floor.

By the time Atlock had realized what was happening and used Space Movement himself, everyone had fled through the Spatial Gate already.

“Despicable thief! I will never let you get away with this!” Atlock roared as the Spatial Gate disappeared as well. Meanwhile, once Shi Feng was outside of the Star Tomb, he received a system notification.

System: You have triggered the Legendary Quest, ‘Demon God’s Wrath.’. You have stolen Demon God Atlock’s treasure, and the Demon God has employed the Soul Curse against you in retaliation. Not only will Demon God Atlock and his kin hunt you, but you will suffer triple the death penalty. In addition, you will lose one level every seven days. Once your level falls below Level 100, the Demon God will find you.

Quest content: Kill Demon God Atlock’s phantom doppelganger. No time limit. Quest reward unknown.

As Shi Feng received the system notification, everyone else heard the sound of a system announcement.

Star Valley Region System Announcement: A player has triggered Star Valley’s Legendary Event, ‘Demon God’s Wrath.’ A Demon God’s Shrine will activate in Star Valley in one day. Players will have the opportunity to receive the Demon God’s Legacy at that time.

The system announcement repeated three times, and all players within Star Valley heard it clearly. For a time, an uproar shook Star Valley to its very core.