Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2492 - Apex Battle

Chapter 2492 – Apex Battle

Now that the temple’s outer magic array had been disabled, players could summon Personal Guards inside the temple. As Shi Feng activated the Summon Guard Scroll, a summoning array appeared before him, and as it completed, a blonde woman in luxurious crimson robes emerged.

The moment this woman appeared, the Mana, which had frozen due to Atlock’s incredible Divine Might, began to relax and move. Shi Feng also felt some of the pressure on him subside, making it far easier to move.

“What a high leveled Personal Guard!” Thunder Beast exclaimed when he saw Anna.

Anna had already reached Level 119, while the strongest Personal Guard in Netherworld Empire had only reached Level 115. Anna was undoubtedly the highest-leveled Personal Guard Thunder Beast had ever seen.

Although the gap only consisted of four levels, the amount of EXP those four levels required was astronomical.

“What is he trying to do? Is he planning on throwing away his Personal Guard’s life as well as his own?” When Hell Rush saw Shi Feng summon Anna, he was sure the Swordsman had gone mad.

Anna’s level was high, but Atlock was Level 120. There was a considerable difference between a Level 119 NPC and a Level 120 NPC. Most importantly, Anna was only Tier 3, whereas Atlock was Tier 4. Factoring in the difference between their Life Ratings, Anna didn’t even have a chance of serving as a distraction to buy time. The Demon God would kill her instantly. Shi Feng was simply insane for summoning his Personal Guard here.

Before Hell Rush and his companions could say more, however, Anna began to chant an incantation. A gigantic, threefold magic array then appeared on the temple’s ceiling, illuminating the dusky temple and surrounding area with its dazzling, golden glow.

After a moment, a woman in silvery-white armor with three pairs of pure-white feathery wings slowly descended from the golden magic array.

“How is that possible?! A Tier 4 Higher Valkyrie!?”

Every member of the Hell Legion stated at the Valkyrie with wide, shocked eyes.

Players on the western continent were quite familiar with the concept of Valkyries. The continent’s major NPC cities generally summoned these beings when they fought powerful Demonic Creature armies. Valkyries were considered major NPC cities’ trump cards.

Higher Valkyries, on the other hand, had the Life Rating to rival Dragons. They were nigh_invincible among those of the same tier.

A Dark Dragon had once assaulted a border city in the west, and the War God’s Temple’s Branch Temple Master had stepped up and summoned a Higher Valkyrie to save his city. Facing both the Branch Temple Master and his Higher Valkyrie, the Dark Dragon had been forced to retreat.

And now, Shi Feng revealed that he, too, could summon a Higher Valkyrie. Even if he did so by relying on his Personal Guard, the fact that he had this ability would shock all on the western continent.

A Tier 4 Higher Valkyrie was even stronger than a Tier 4 Hero of the same level, and the Valkyrie would have no issues destroying a minor NPC city by themself. Moreover, unlike the Silver Divine Dragon, Shi Feng’s Higher Valkyrie wasn’t chained to the Starlight Fortress[l]. He could take this Valkyrie wherever he went and summon her to aid him in battle…

Just how many trump cards does he have? Hell Rush was at a loss for words.

Not only was Shi Feng’s Mana control and combat power extraordinary, but he could also summon a Higher Valkyrie whenever it pleased him. He was practically a one-man army.

If the various superpowers that wanted to assassinate Shi Feng found out about this, they’d likely abandon any such thought in an instant.

Once the Higher Valkyrie had joined the battle, Shi Feng activated the Ring of Gospel’s Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance. The projected world extended its power to suppress the Demon God while Ring of Brilliance boosted the Higher Valkyrie’s Attributes.

“A Higher Valkyrie and World Projection?” A hint of interest flashed in Atlock’s gaze when he saw his new opponent. “It seems you are quite capable, adventurer. Unfortunately, all your efforts are useless against my phantom doppelganger!”

Suddenly, Miniature World’s power stopped 100 yards away from the Demon God.

Not even Miniature World’s projection can suppress him? Shi Feng was astonished to see Miniature World prove ineffective against Atlock. As expected of a God’s Phantom, this won’t be easy.

He had known that a God’s Phantom wasn’t an ordinary NPC. His only hope in activating Miniature World was that it would barely suppress Atlock. However, Miniature World’s power couldn’t even reach the Demon God, much less suppress it.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had prepared for this, and he immediately activated the Hero’s Tome.

A pillar of light then rose within the temple, and a man in white clothing and wielding a golden sword stepped out of the light.

[Arslet] (Hero, Tier 4 Sword Saint) Level 131

HP 112,000,000/112,000,000

This was the main reason Shi Feng had dared to challenge a Demon God’s Phantom.

A Tier 4 Hero’s Life Rating couldn’t compare to that of a Demon God’s Phantom, but with Arslet’s higher level, he could be able to mitigate much of Atlock’s advantage.

Meanwhile, Arslet’s arrival had rendered the Hell Legion speechless.

First, Shi Feng had called forth a Tier 4 Higher Valkyrie, and now, a Tier 4 Hero. He was practically out to decimate both heaven and earth!


Once Arslet had joined the battle, Shi Feng didn’t hesitate to give the command to attack.

The Higher Valkyrie and Arslet attacked the Demon God simultaneously, moving so fast that not even Tier 3 experts could keep up. Only Fire Dance and the others, who had fully unlocked Mana Bodies, barely caught sight of the two Tier 4 beings as they moved.

While the two NPCs began their assault, Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power and charged toward the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest in the core of the temple.

Normally, the combination of a Tier 4 Higher Valkyrie and a Tier 4 Hero would be a disaster wherever they went, but against the Tier 4 Demon God’s Phantom, they were nothing.

Short of enlisting the help of a Divine Dragon of the same level, stopping an Ancient God’s phantom would be utterly impossible.

Shi Feng only hoped that the two summoned NPCs could buy him as much time as possible. He didn’t need a lot; 20 or 30 seconds would be enough.

Treasure chests within Demon God’s Temptations were never locked, and Inferior Legendary Treasure Chests were no exception. Players would be able to open any treasure chest they found in a Demon God’s Temptation, although activating the chest would still require 20 seconds.

During his previous life, the first independent player to successfully loot a Demon God’s Temptation had only succeeded because he had possessed an Ancient Magic Crystal and the Tier 5 Defensive Spell it had contained. Although the Ancient Magic Crystal had been a single-use item, the Spell within had allowed the independent player to survive the 20-second activation time and retreat from the temple with the prize. If not for that Tier 5 Defensive Spell, the independent player would never have survived to claim the treasure, even after decoding the temple’s outer magic array.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng didn’t have a Tier 5 Defensive Magic Scroll or any tool that could protect him from a Tier 5 being’s attacks. He could only rely on the Higher Valkyrie and Arslet to distract the Demon God’s Phantom long enough for him to escape.

As Shi Feng slid up to the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest, two explosions rang out behind him.

Two figures had been thrown into one of the temple’s walls, the Higher Valkyrie and Arslet. Both bore visible wounds. Obviously, the Demon God’s attack had repelled them, and they had each lost a significant chunk of their HPs.

The difference between the two side’s combat power was clear. This was more of a one-sided slaughter than a battle.

Every player outside of the temple gaped in shock after witnessing that first strike.

The two NPCs could decimate a minor NPC city on their own, yet the Demon God had sent both powerhouses flying with a single attack.

None of them could imagine what kind of power a player would need to clear this trial.

Shi Feng had already found a cheat-like loophole to tackle the Demon God’s Temptation, allowing him to use magic tools in the battle, and yet he was still at such a despairing disadvantage. If one tackled this challenge normally, not even a Tier 5 player would survive, much less a Tier 4 player. Moreover, that was assuming the Demon God’s Phantom would still be Tier 4.

Fortunately, neither summoned being was a player. They had incredibly high HPs. Even for the Demon God, killing them should take at least 20 seconds.

“Foolish human! You dare to steal my treasure?! I will obliterate you!” Atlock bellowed when he noticed Shi Feng activating the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest.

A ball of silver fire then appeared in Atlock’s free hand, and it grew as the seconds ticked by. After just two seconds, the fireball had grown to the size of a two-story building. Once Atlock was satisfied with the size of his fireball, he hurled it at Shi Feng.

Shi Feng felt the threat of death as the silver flames approached, and he immediately instructed the Higher Valkyrie and Arslet to use their strongest moves to defend him.

The Higher Valkyrie responded by throwing her Spear of Thunder at the Demon God, while Arselt executed a Tier 4 Taboo Skill, Demonsional Flurry.


The temple shook violently when the attacks landed, and the silver fireball dissipated, saving Shi Feng from certain death.

“Despicable ant, do you think your little tricks are enough to stop me?!”

Atlock’s rage grew after the Higher Valkyrie and Arslet countered his fireball, and he raised his axe, swinging it at both summoned beings.

Space before the Demon God’s Phantom shattered, forming multiple spatial tears that reached for Shi Feng’s summoned guards.

A Mana Technique? The attack felt unsettlingly familiar to Shi Feng. It was so similar to Eliadi’s Third Sword, Holy Annihilation. However, a Tier 4 God’s Phantom had used this move, not a Tier 3 Heavenly Blue Saint.

Neither the Higher Valkyrie nor Arselt could counter this attack, and it sent both flying into the temple’s walls once more. This time, the temple’s solid walls began to crack.

Both summoned beings were now heavily injured…

“Foolish thief! Now it’s your turn!” Atlock roared, sneering as he turned toward Shi Feng.

Atlock then swung his axe at the Swordsman, who stood over 50 yards away.

Space before Shi Feng started to break, and spatial tears flew toward Shi Feng like a torrent of water.

Realizing that the Higher Valkyrie and Arselt couldn’t come to his rescue this time, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and activated the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Absolute Domain.

Block it!