Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2490 - Mana Technique Legacy

Chapter 2490 – Mana Technique Legacy

So, this is a Mana Technique Legacy?

Shi Feng was shocked when a virtual space manifested within his mindscape.

Within the virtual space, his body performed the three sword strikes Eliadi had used against him in the Legacy Trial. It almost felt as if someone were controlling him, yet he could feel the flow of movement and Mana inside him. He could also sense how his body and Mana were controlled.

This simulation was far more effective than watching someone else perform the technique.

It’s no wonder why so few people learned Mana Techniques in the past. This isn’t something you can learn by watching someone else.

Not only did one have to master the Four Major Elements to use a Mana Technique, but they’d also have to master the Three Supreme Elements.

Even Master Magicians struggled to create magic arrays that manipulated all of the Four Major Elements. One would have to familiarize themself with each of the four Mana types’ movement patterns and create an array based on these patterns.

The Heavenly Blue Saint’s Mana Technique, however, was even more complex, requiring one to understand all seven elements. Moreover, one would also need to guide all seven through their Mana Body to execute the technique…

Executing the Mana Technique, Holy Annihilation, was many times more difficult than performing the Bronze Combat Technique, Lightning Flash.

Executing Lightning Flash relied on physical movement, an action that players could become intimately familiar with. Physical control was natural, both in the real world and in the virtual world, but controlling Mana and one’s Mana Body was a different story. Both were foreign sensations. Becoming comfortable with one and gaining rudimentary control was already an incredible challenge. Trying to understand them completely and gaining precise control was even more difficult.

Fortunately, this Memory Crystal has recorded some basic information on how to manipulate the seven elements. Even if I knew how to execute Holy Annihilation, it’d be useless without these details. After watching himself complete Lightshadow and his breakdown analysis of the Mana conduction, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He didn’t allow himself to relax, however. Rather, he started to focus on learning Mana’s basic patterns.

The Memory Crystal’s simulation wouldn’t last long, usually only three to four hours, while some didn’t even last that long. One would be dreaming if they thought they could study within the simulation for a full day.

Players could only try to learn as much as possible during the limited duration. The Memory Crystal didn’t care how successful a player was.

Time passed quickly while Shi Feng immersed himself in his own mindscape.

One hour… Two hours…

From an outsider’s point of view, Shi Feng had sat by one of the ancient pillars to rest. He wasn’t doing anything interesting.

“How much more time is Black Flame planning to waste, Commander? We’ve been in the Star Tomb for four days now. Are we really going to let him continue to waste our time, as well?” Thunder Beast asked Hell Rush, glancing at Shi Feng’s motionless form by the pillar.

At least they had been able to grind monsters when they had first arrived. Although they hadn’t obtained any loot, the monsters had awarded an abundance of EXP. They had gained a bit more Mana control during their fights on the second floor. Fortunately, helping Shi Feng hadn’t been a complete waste.

But now?

They had spent over a day in this area already, just resting. Aside from killing the occasional group of Earthen Giants that had wandered too close to the Demon God’s Temptation, they hadn’t done a thing.

All of the various superpowers’ experts were frantically grinding and leveling right now, yet the Hell Legion was stuck here, doing nothing.

“Let’s wait a little longer. We agreed to accompany Black Flame into the Star Tomb for five or six days, whether or not he finds what he’s looking for. The fifth day isn’t over quite yet. After the agreed-upon time, if he wants to remain, we’ll retreat,” Hell Rush said. He wasn’t pleased about the situation, either.

If the Hell Legion were one of Netherworld’s ordinary expert legions, this wouldn’t have been a major issue, but that wasn’t the case. The Hell Legion was Netherworld Empire’s strongest trump card legion. Every member was an expert among experts. They did not have a ton of time to waste with Shi Feng.

“Black Flame is stubborn. Not even the various superpowers have found success in a Demon God’s Temptation. What can he possibly accomplish by himself?” Thunder Beast grumbled, glaring at Shi Feng.

When the two had finished speaking, Shi Feng’s eyes fluttered open, and he returned his attention to decoding the magic arrays engraved on the stone pillar before him.

This time, the magic arrays were much easier to decode, and the surrounding Mana began to gather around Shi Feng. “What did he do?” Thunder Beast was shocked to feel more and more Mana gather around Shi Feng. The Mana became so dense that it actually became visible!

The layer of mist that had formed around Shi Feng was incredibly thin, and one could miss it if they weren’t paying attention, but there were so few locations in God’s Domain that had dense enough Mana for it to condense in such a way. Naturally, the various superpowers coveted every one of these locations.

“His Mana control has improved!” Hell Rush couldn’t believe his eyes. “And it’s improved quite a bit!”

“You can actually attract so much Mana with better Mana control?” Thunder Beast gave his commander a skeptical look.

“With enough control, it is possible. I’ve met a Tier 4 magical class NPC that gathered a ridiculous amount of Mana just by manipulating the Mana around him. He hadn’t even used any Skills or Spells,” the female Elementalist beside Hell Rush contributed.

“Black Flame is just a Swordsman; how can he have so much control over Mana?” Thunder Beast glanced at Shi Feng again, astonished.

Matching a Tier 4 magical class NPC’s Mana control should be impossible for players at this stage of the game, yet not only had Shi Feng accomplished the feat as a Tier 3 player, but he had done so as a non-magical melee class, as well.

“Is this why he’s so confident that he can help others unlock their Mana Bodies’ potential?” Hell Rush wondered, recalling Shi Feng’s previous declaration.

Although Hell Rush had seen that Aqua Rose and her companions had unlocked their Mana Bodies’ full potential, he had assumed it was a result of some means Zero Wing had to accelerate the process. He had had his doubts about whether this method could help the Hell Legion’s several hundred members do the same within one month. Every player had a different Mana Body, and unlocking their potential would differ as well.

Seeing Shi Feng with Mana control to rival that of a Tier 4 magical class NPC, however, the Swordsman’s claim seemed more plausible.

A player’s Mana control played a huge part in unlocking their Mana Body, which was why magical class players found the task much easier than physical class players.

And yet, even Zero Wing’s members, especially Aqua Rose and the other magical class players, stared at Shi Feng, dumbfounded. Their Mana control had been much greater than Shi Feng’s, especially after they had unlocked their Mana Bodies’ full potential.

After resting for three short hours, however, Shi Feng had gained far more control, pulling leagues ahead of them.

Just what was going on?

But before anyone could regain their senses, the glow from the magic arrays on the stone pillar began to fade. As it did, the faint layer of black fog around the temple began to dissipate, and the gloomy atmosphere vanished completely…