Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2486 - Earthen Chieftains' Loot

Chapter 2486 – Earthen Chieftains’ Loot

When Shi Feng finished speaking, Hell Rush and the others revealed astonished expressions on their faces.

“You want to employ us for a month?” Hell Rush could not help hesitating upon hearing Shi Feng’s demand. Had the Swordsman asked for financial assistance, he could’ve easily approved the request with his authority. However, hiring the entire Hell Legion for one whole month was a different story.

The Hell Legion was one of Netherworld Empire’s trump card legions. The legion’s first priority was the improvement of its members’ strength and level, which was why the Guild would invest tons of resources in the legion.

It might be fine if Shi Feng wished to employ the Hell Legion for one or two days, but an employment period of one whole month was something else altogether. A month might not be particularly long, but it wasn’t particularly short, either.

Netherworld Empire might be willing to use money and resources to exchange for the improvement of its members’ combat power, but not a large amount of its trump card legion’s time. After all, the reason behind Netherworld’s considerable investment of resources in the development of its members was to buy time for itself. To be precise, it was to save time and gain an advantage over their competitors. Selling the time of one of its trump card legions would be akin to putting the cart before the horse.

Moreover, the Hell Legion had plenty of tasks it needed to handle. If it operated under Shi Feng for a month, these tasks would have to be set aside.

You can rest assured that during this one month, your level won’t fall behind others in the slightest. In fact, your equipment standard won’t fall behind, either. You’ll also be free to do whatever you want for most of this one month. I will only need your help during certain times,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw the hesitation on Hell Rush’s face. “Most importantly, you will get to receive guidance on how to unlock your Mana Bodies ahead of everyone else. I can guarantee that all of you will unlock your Mana Bodies within this one month.”

Shi Feng understood Hell Rush’s concerns. After all, the Hell Legion was Netherworld Empire’s strongest trump card legion. Although the Great Super Guild invested the best resources it had in the legion, that did not mean the legion would automatically grow stronger. The legion still had to cherish every second available to improve itself so that it could compete and surpass the teams and legions of other superpowers.

No Guild would be willing to let its strongest legion waste one whole month working for someone else, even in exchange for the method to accelerate the process of unlocking one’s Mana Body.

I’m afraid I don’t have the authority to decide on this matter. I need to report this to my superiors first and leave the decision to them,” Hell Rush said. Although Shi Feng’s words were tempting, he still shook his head and did not give a definitive answer.

The Hell Legion was Netherworld Empire’s trump card legion. The resources Netherworld Empire could obtain and invest in the Hell Legion were not something Shi Feng could possibly get his hands on.

Moreover, Netherworld Empire might not have any methods to accelerate the unlocking process of a player’s Mana Body now, but that might not be the case a few days later. If the Great Super Guild happened to come across such a method soon after signing a contract with Shi Feng, the Hell Legion would waste one month of its time for nothing. With the Hell Legion’s capabilities, the opportunities it stood to lose out on from one month’s idleness were massive.

“Alright. I’m not in a hurry to settle this deal. You can think it over once you return,” Shi Feng said, not the slightest bit surprised by Hell Rush’s reply. After all, this was no longer a decision Hell Rush could make as the Hell Legion’s commander; only Netherworld Empire’s Guild Leader and Grand Elders could.

Thank you for your understanding, Guild Leader Black Flame. We will give you a reply as soon as possible,” Hell Rush said, nodding. Inwardly, though, he felt that the likelihood of his higher-ups approving this transaction was minimal. After all, a month was simply too long, especially with the number of Tier 3 players in God’s Domain rapidly increasing.

Meanwhile, Cola, who had overheard the conversation, looked at Shi Feng in confusion.

“Guild Leader, are you really planning to let them enter the Legacy Gate?” Cola asked in a quiet tone, a pained expression appearing on his face.

Cola had personally experienced the Legacy Gate’s benefits. It was undoubtedly the best place to improve one’s Mana Body. However, the number of slots to enter the Legacy Gate each month were limited. Zero Wing barely had enough for itself. He felt that giving the slots to Netherworld Empire would be a huge waste. After all, a Tier 3 expert with a fully unlocked Mana Body brought plenty of advantages. Moreover, letting the Hell Legion use the Legacy Gate would expose the Starlight Fortress’s true value.

Although the Hell Legion indeed possessed a lot of Tier 3 experts, Zero Wing wasn’t weak, either. Zero Wing might not be capable of producing 300 Tier 3 experts in the next 10 or 15 days, but producing up to 200 Tier 3 experts should be no problem. By then, Zero Wing should also have a few more experts that had fully unlocked their Mana Bodies.

“Mhm. I have an important use for the Hell Legion’s experts,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

“An important use?” Shi Feng’s words confused Cola. He simply couldn’t understand what Shi Feng would need the Hell Legion for. In terms of combat power, the Hell Legion’s experts were far inferior to Fire Dance’s group of five; in fact, the five could beat up the entire Hell Legion handily. At best, the Hell Legion would be useful for raiding Dungeons.

“Fire Dance and the others are indeed very strong after unlocking their Mana Bodies, but there are many things that cannot be solved with just a handful of players,” Shi Feng said, chuckling at the look of disdain Cola was giving the Hell Legion.

Fire Dance’s group of five might be capable of suppressing the Hell Legion now, but once the Hell Legion’s members fully unlocked their Mana Bodies as well, Fire Dance’s five wouldn’t even be able to flee for their lives. Moreover, the Hell Legion’s Tier 3 experts’ fully unlocking their Mana Bodies was only a matter of time.

Meanwhile, what Shi Feng needed was the Hell Legion with its members’ Mana Bodies fully unlocked.

Although the Silver Divine Dragon was already his companion, that was only temporary. He still had to complete Auerbeck’s trial within four months to make the contract permanent. Auerbeck’s trial was no trivial matter. He needed to raise his strength as quickly as possible in order to clear it.

Meanwhile, of the methods he could think of to boost his strength, the best one was to complete Solomon’s Sword.

However, the locations of the remaining fragments of Solomon’s Sword were simply too dangerous. The risk of failure was incredibly high if he went to these locations by himself, and even if Fire Dance and the others accompanied him. Hence, he needed the help of the Hell Legion.

Moreover, after obtaining the Hell Legion’s help, Zero Wing would no longer have to fear the various superpowers on the eastern continent. It could clash with them head-on and contest for the truly important resource points. Zero Wing would not have to rely on just a handful of Guild Towns and Cities to secure resources, which would, in turn, prevent the superpowers from easily suppressing its resource income.

Currently, the main source of weapons and equipment was still monsters. However, this would shift to Lifestyle players as players reached ever-higher levels.

If Zero Wing did not secure the necessary resource points early on, with the Guild’s current scale of development, the various superpowers would eventually rip it to shreds.

By the time Shi Feng and Cola’s conversation was over, Fire Dance and the others had lured the five Earthen Chieftains away from the main group of monsters. Upon seeing this, Hell Rush immediately led his team into action and started clearing out the weaker Earthen Giants.

As the Earthen Chieftains were gone, the strongest monsters before the tunnel were merely Level 112 Great Lords. For the Hell Legion members, whose Basic Attributes rivaled those of Great Lords and even Grand Lords of the same level, these monsters were a piece of cake. The only inconvenience was their reduced mobility, which slowed their clearing speed by a significant margin.

However, with Fire Dance and the others occupying the Earthen Chieftains, the Hell Legion did not face much pressure during battle. The legion systematically defeated the Earthen Giants, chipping away at their numbers.

Roughly two hours later, all of the Earthen Giants blocking the tunnel had fallen. Only the five Earthen Chieftains remained standing. At this moment, however, each of the Earthen Giants had less than 70% of their HPs remaining.

The Hell Legion members could not help but gulp audibly at the sight. Although they knew that Fire Dance and the others could solo the Earthen Giants, they still could not believe their eyes when they saw that each of the Earthen Giants had lost so much HP already.

“Alright, quickly get rid of these Earthen Giants!” Shi Feng commanded when he noticed the Hell Legion members staring dazedly at Fire Dance’s group.

Others might not be aware of the condition of Fire Dance’s group, but Shi Feng was. Fire Dance and the others might’ve burned a considerable portion of the Earthen Chieftains’ HP already, but they had also expended a significant amount of Stamina. With their remaining Stamina, finishing off the Earthen Giants all by themselves would be impossible. Ultimately, a group was still necessary to defeat monsters like the Earthen Giants. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered hiring the Hell Legion at all.

Shi Feng’s command promptly snapped everyone from the Hell Legion out of their daze, and they sprang to assist Fire Dance’s group with the five Earthen Chieftains.

Fire Dance’s group of five tanked the five Earthen Chieftains while the Hell Legion members helped deal damage from the sidelines. With the participation of the Hell Legion, the Earthen Giants lost HP rapidly. In the end, all five Earthen Giants fell within 30 minutes. The Hell Legion members had a much easier time with the Grand Lord ranked Earthen Chieftains than with the Great Lord ranked Earthen Giants.

When all five Earthen Giants collapsed simultaneously, the players’ experience bars started filling up rapidly. The amount of EXP the Earthen Giants awarded was much more bountiful than that of Grand Lords of the same level in the outside world.

In just three seconds, their experience bars had increased by 15%—far more EXP than they normally would gain after grinding for half a day.

Moreover, after the five Earthen Chieftains died, they had dropped several dozen items. The abundance of their loot surpassed even that of Mythic monsters in the outside world. For a moment, everyone from the Hell Legion was stupefied by this scene.