Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2484 - Unlocked Mana Body

Chapter 2484 – Unlocked Mana Body

Hell Rush wasn’t the only one dumbfounded. The rest of Hell Legion’s resting members were stunned as they watched the five Zero Wing members charge toward the Grand Lords.

There were nearly 1,000 Earthen Giants near the passage, and the weakest was a Level 109 High Lord. There were over a 100 Great Lords, as well, and if they surrounded a 100-man, Tier 3 team, the players would be done for.

The Earthen Giants weren’t affected by the Star Tomb’s gravitational force, and thus, both their Movement and Attack Speeds were higher than Tier 3 players’. As a result, players had to rely on their Basic Attributes to block the Earthen Giant’s attacks and their techniques to minimize the damage.

The Hell Legion could only take on three or four Earthen Giants at one time. Even if they had superior combat standards, they wouldn’t be able to face a larger group and emerge from the battle unscathed.

Yet, Yan Tianxing and his four comrades charged toward so many of these monsters with no hesitation…

Just as Hell Rush came to his senses and turned to tell Shi Feng to stop his players, what he saw next left him flabbergasted.

Yan Tianxing, Fire Dance, Aqua Rose, Violet Cloud, and Yi Luofei were simply too fast.

Despite the Star Tomb’s painful gravitational force, those five players closed the distance of several hundred yards in five seconds, reaching the monsters guarding the tunnel…


“How are they so fast?!”

“Did they find a bug?”

All of the Hell Legion’s members were surprised and confused by Yan Tianxing and his party’s Movement Speed.

Even with superior Basic Attributes, attaining such speed in this environment should be impossible. The increased gravitational force had a massive impact on players’ speed. Even if a Tier 2 player had double or triple their Basic Attributes, the Star Tomb’s gravitational force wasn’t something that could simply be overcome.

The Hell Legion’s members even suspected that reaching Tier 4 would only boost their speed to the Tier 2 standard.

And yet, Yan Tianxing’s group moved as easily as they did outside of the Regional Dungeon.

It was unbelievable!

Wait, why is the Mana around them so dense? Hell Rush watched Yan Tianxing’s group carefully for a moment, and a thought popped in his mind. Could they have already unlocked their Mana Bodies?

Even as he wondered if it were possible, he found the idea laughable.

Most of the various superpowers’ experts hadn’t even begun to unlock their Mana Bodies, much less to their full potential.

The Hell Legion member who had progressed the furthest had only unlocked 20% of their Mana Body; they still had a long road ahead to reach 100%. They’d likely need one or two, perhaps even four or five, months to accomplish the task.

One couldn’t simply unlock their Mana Body’s full potential overnight. Players would have to continuously try to understand and control their Mana Bodies, starting the process from the very beginning. Hence, it was a long and arduous process.

However, the Mana surrounding Yan Tianxing’s group was so strong that it puzzled Hell Rush.

Thus far, Yan Tianxing and the others hadn’t participated in any of their battles, so Hell Rush hadn’t noticed anything different about the Mana around them. He had assumed that they used some special weapon or equipment piece that made the Mana around them so dense.

Now that these players were on the move, however, the Mana around them grew denser, and it wasn’t a result of attracting ambient Mana. Rather, this Mana felt as if it originated from the players.

Before Hell Rush could shake the thought, however, Yan Tianxing and his companions reached their targets.

[Earthen Chieftain] (Elemental Creature, Grand Lord) Level 112

HP 330,000,000/330,000,000

An Earthen Chieftain was already an incredibly tough monster in the outside world. Elemental Creatures had high Magic Resistance, after all, and the Earthen Chieftain’s body was composed of solid stone, which gave it a Defense that could rival Inferior Dragons’. There was also the fact that the Earthen Chieftains’ HPs were so high.

A 100-man team with 30 Tier 3 players would struggle to raid an Earthen Chieftain in the outside world at this stage of the game, and every team of that caliber was considered first-rate in God’s Domain. Ordinary powers didn’t even have enough experts to form such a team.

The instant Fire Dance reached her Earthen Chieftain, the Grand Lord, which had long since detected the Assassin, raised its fist and slammed it down on her.

The Earthen Chieftain was eight meters tall, and its fists were as massive as boulders. Watching its fist descend toward Fire Dance was like watching a small mountain fall on her. There was no way she could dodge the attack; she’d have to block it.

“Finally, I can test my Mana Body’s strength properly.”

A hint of excitement flashed in Fire Dance’s eyes as the Grand Lord’s fist fell. She immediately unsheathed Thousand Transformations, countering the Earthen Chieftain’s attack with a normal strike.

When she had emerged from the Legacy Gate, she had only been a small step away from unlocking her Mana Body’s full potential, and after using the Legacy Room, she had resolved that issue. She had spent some time experimenting with her Mana Body, finally unlocking its potential to 100% a day ago.

However, she had been busy with the Starlight Fortress’s matters and hadn’t had time to test out her Mana Body.

Now that she had the perfect opportunity to so, she wouldn’t waste it by relying on her more powerful Skills.

“Is she insane? She’s only an Assassin, yet she’s trying to tough it out?”

The Hell Legion’s members thought Fire Dance was overestimating her strength when she hadn’t used a Skill to dodge the Grand Lord’s attack. With her speed, evading the blow shouldn’t be hard. She was a Void Realm expert, after all. She should’ve recognized the Earthen Chieftain’s attack trajectory immediately.

And yet, the Assassin was trying to counter the Earthen Chieftain’s blow. She had to be suicidal.


The sound of an explosion echoed throughout the area, and the ground trembled. The impact’s shockwave threw dust into the air.

Once the dust settled, the scene before the Hell Legion’s members stunned them.

She blocked it!

An Assassin, a class known for its speed, had successfully blocked the Earthen Chieftain’s attack!

“Crap! She actually blocked it?!”

“Is she really an Assassin?”

The Hell Legion members felt their world view crumble when Fire Dance had emerged from the exchange without injury.

Not even Thunder Beast, who had the highest Strength of any Hell Legion member, would be a match for a monster like the Earthen Chieftain. He’d have to rely on the legion’s healers to tank the Grand Lord.

And yet, Fire Dance had countered the attack without taking any damage…

Sure enough, an unlocked Peak Gold Mana Body is amazing. Even a normal attack is so powerful. If she can learn a Mana Technique, she’ll likely be able to solo Mythics. When Shi Feng saw Fire Dance dominate the Earthen Chieftain, he couldn’t help his desire to unlock his own Mana Body.

God’s Domain’s players would only be considered true experts once they had unlocked their Mana Bodies’ full potential. If they didn’t, they’d only be considered pseudo-experts, even after reaching Tier 4.

Take the Star Tomb, for example. If players entered the Dungeon without fully unlocking their Mana Bodies, they’d struggle against the Regional Dungeon’s suppression.

Hence, the first thing all experts needed to do upon reaching Tier 3 was unlock their Mana Bodies. Levels and tiers had to be set aside. Until they succeeded, they wouldn’t even qualify to explore God’s Domain.

While Shi Feng admired Fire Dance’s display, the Assassin used Shadow Steps to appear behind the Earthen Chieftain. “It’s my turn!” Fire Dance raised Thousand Transformations, aiming for the back of the Grand Lord’s head.

Absolute Strike!

Darkness immediately surrounded Fire Dance.


A damage of over -400,000 appeared above the Earthen Chieftain’s head, and silence fell over the Hell Legion.