Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2481 - Fortress of Astronomical Value

Chapter 2481 – Fortress of Astronomical Value

“Quick, look! The Starlight Fortress is open!”

“It’s finally open! I’ve been waiting for this moment!”

The various superpowers and independent players in the nearby forest immediately noticed the dazzling glow that enveloped the Starlight Fortress. They had been waiting for the fortress to open to the public, especially the independent players. They all had great expectations.

Independent players were unaware of Netherworld Empire’s agreement, but some of Divine Tribe’s members had leaked information about the situation within the Starlight Fortress. When they finally got to see the fortress’s many benefits, the various independent players caused an uproar.

Aside from the fortress’s Mana-dense environment, which would help them quickly recover from exhaustion, the fact that they could improve their Mana control just by visiting the fortress made it far more impressive than any NPC city on the western continent.

Furthermore, the Starlight Fortress was located within Star Valley. Now that they could enter the fortress, they could grind in the forbidden land, boosting their leveling speed and resource acquisition.

Naturally, they couldn’t miss the opportunity to set up a base of operations within the Starlight Fortress.

Although the various superpowers had dispatched many of their players, they were no match for the number of independent players eagerly waiting to enter the fortress.

The independent players, who had been resting in the forest, charged toward the Starlight Fortress like a flood of madmen. Despite their imposing might, not even the various superpowers’ experts reached the fortress before the tide of independent players.

However, the scene didn’t enrage the superpowers; they were actually overjoyed to see it.

“I hadn’t expected to find so many Tier 3 experts in the area. I doubt Netherworld Empire and Divine Tribe expected so many players, either.”

“This is going to be interesting! Even Netherworld Empire’s Hell Legion would be helpless against so many Tier 3 experts.”

When the various superpowers’ upper echelons saw the independent players swarm toward the Starlight Fortress, excitement flashed in their eyes. They had begun to believe that they had no hope of causing chaos within the fortress. After all, Netherworld Empire’s Hell Legion was not just for decoration.

They hadn’t expected a situation like this, and they had never imagined that independent players would be so interested in the Starlight Fortress.

There were already more than 5,000 Tier 3 independent players, not to mention the Tier 2 players. There were more of them than those in the various superpowers combined.

Even if Netherworld Empire went all-out, they had no hope of defending the fortress against such a force, let alone Divine Tribe.

Before the superpowers’ upper echelons could celebrate, however, a Dragon with silver scales flew out of the Starlight Fortress and landed beside the front gate, quietly observing the approaching horde of independent players.

The excited independent players froze on the spot when they saw Auerbeck, none of them dared to move. The sudden development even stupefied the various superpowers watching from afar.

They were talking about 5,000 Tier 3 experts!

And yet, every one of them acted like a mouse before a cat…

Of course, the various superpowers’ experts could sympathize. Auerbeck’s aura was just that frightening. Even from far away, they felt as if the weight of a mountain had rested on their shoulders. Needless to say, the independent players, who were much closer to the Silver Divine Dragon, felt an even stronger pressure.

“Is that really just a Tier 4 Dragon?”

The various superpowers’ experts were at a loss for words as they stared at Auerbeck.

They had realized that Auerbeck was exceptionally strong after the Hell Legion had fled from it, but seeing the Divine Dragon in person, they understood how mistaken they had been.

This was not a matter of strength.

No one should be so foolish as to provoke Auerbeck!

“The Starlight Fortress is now open to the public. If you wish to enter the fortress, listen carefully. All combat is prohibited within the fortress walls. Not only will you be slain if you break this rule, but you’ll also be imprisoned for eight days in the Fortress Prison,” MacAffrey, who stood on the wall above the main gate, announced as he gazed at the players below. “If nobody has any questions, you may register to enter the fortress!”

As MacAffrey finished his statement, the nearby players’ expressions changed. The announcement dumbfounded the various superpowers’ members, in particular.

“Fortress Prison?! What is he talking about?!”

The superpowers’ upper echelons, who had laughed at the Starlight Fortress’s latest predicament, could no longer muster the strength to laugh.

They were familiar with the concept of God’s Domain’s prisons. Once players were jailed, they’d have to serve their time unless someone destroyed the prison from the outside.

It was this moment when the various superpowers understood, more or less, why Netherworld Empire had decided to compromise.

With a Fortress Prison around, who would dare cause a scene in the fortress?

The various superpowers began to despair when MacAffrey began to speak once more.

“Due to the fortress’s limited space, players may only remain inside for one natural day. Each consecutive day you spend in the fortress will cost 1 Magic Crystal. In addition, all basic services the fortress offers cost Magic Crystals. If you fail to pay for the services you’ve requested, you will also spend eight days in the prison. Please keep this in mind during your stay.”

After listening to MacAffrey’s speech, every player in the area was stunned again.

Normally, the various powers did everything they could to increase a fortress’s player population after capturing one, which, in turn, would transform the fortress into a trade hub. This would also give the ruling power access to a huge amount of resources, yet the Starlight Fortress’s owner had decided against that. They showed no regard for attracting players to the fortress.

The entrance fee alone cost a whopping 20 Silver per person, and players were only allowed to spend a day in the fortress. Once that day was up, every additional day would cost a Magic Crystal. To make matters worse, they had to pay Magic Crystals for the services within the fortress…

This was basically daylight robbery!

Only a fool would enter the fortress!

On the western continent, Magic Crystals were incredibly rare, which made them far more valuable than Coins. Moreover, most high-value transactions involved Magic Crystals.

Tier 2 experts would be fortunate to earn three or four Magic Crystals per day, and Tier 3 experts only earned around a dozen. After deducting daily expenses, they’d be lucky if they kept half of their remaining Magic Crystals.

With how the Starlight Fortress operated, Tier 2 experts had no hope of setting up a base within the fortress.

“Are the fortress’s managers insane?”

Their greed for Magic Crystals certainly is! It’s already obvious that no one on the continent has a chance of taking the fortress! The fortress can slowly develop and grow without worry, and yet they’re chasing people away! I can’t wait to see how they’ll survive against the Demonic Creature armies!”

The situation even stunned the various superpowers. They couldn’t fathom what Shi Feng and the others were thinking.

If they had so many Magic Crystals to spare, they might as well spend them in the Divine Colosseum’s Trial Tower!

Moreover, players could afford a luxury meal, which would help them recover from exhaustion far faster than within a Mana-dense environment, with 20 Silver to spend.

In truth, the pricing had left MacAffrey speechless when he had heard it, but Shi Feng had insisted that the fortress would only conduct business using Magic Crystals. So, he couldn’t do anything about it. The Starlight Fortress belonged entirely to Zero Wing, after all. Divine Tribe was only helping manage it.

While some powers and players left in a huff, a 500-man team watched the events unfold from a short distance away from the main gate.

“Are we still going in, commander?” a ruthless, Level 106 man asked the robust man in leather armor next to him.

The robust man was Krow, the Storm Heart adventurer team’s commander.

“Of course! We might as well take a look since we’re here!” Krow said, gritting his teeth.

The 20-Silver entrance fee wasn’t a major concern for Storm Heart, but the fact that the fortress’s basic amenities cost Magic Crystals wasn’t something Storm Heart could afford to play with.

But Krow’s curiosity was too strong to ignore. Thus, he decided to go in and look around. At worst, they’d have paid the entrance fee for nothing.

Having given his answer, Krow led his team toward the Starlight Fortress’s front gate.