Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2479 - Starlight's Shocking Transformation

Chapter 2479 – Starlight’s Shocking Transformation

Everyone was stunned when they heard Shi Feng’s goal. None of them had ever thought he’d be crazy enough to enter Star Valley’s God Mode Regional Dungeon.

Not only was God Mode the highest difficulty for a Regional Dungeon in God’s Domain, but the Dungeon in Star Valley was also a Level 100-plus Regional Dungeon. Although the Dungeon had abundant resources to offer, it had dangers far beyond what current players faced in the outside world.

A few superpowers had sent Tier 3 teams into the Dungeon not long ago, but in the end, they had been forced to retreat after less than 30 minutes inside and lost half their members. After those losses, the various superpowers temporarily gave up on the Dungeon.

The Dungeon wasn’t only dangerous because of the extremely powerful monsters within, but because of its harsh environment.

Once in the Regional Dungeon, players would face a much higher gravitational force; even Tier 3 players struggled to move under such pressure. To make matters worse, the monsters that called the Dungeon home had high combat standards.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I wish I could agree to your offer, but the Star Tomb is no place for current players. Our Basic Attributes may remain the same inside, but that place significantly limits our mobility. Just fighting the Level 105 Great Lords in the Dungeon is a massive challenge, not to mention the Level 105 Grand Lords,” Hell Rush explained after taking a deep breath.

Although Shi Feng’s offer was wildly tempting, the idea of entering the Star Tomb was a joke.

While inside the Star Tomb, Tier 3 players’ mobility would be reduced to Tier 1 standards, and to make matters worse, the increased gravity didn’t affect the Dungeon’s monsters.

And that wasn’t all.

Most importantly, players’ Stamina consumption would skyrocket during combat in such a high-gravity environment.

If players ventured too far into the Star Tomb, they could lose their lives due to Stamina depletion. Moreover, players couldn’t teleport out of the Regional Dungeon, even with Netherworld Empire’s Mana Barrier.

If they weren’t very careful, they could easily team-wipe.

“I understand your concerns, Commander Rush, but if we succeed, I’m willing to reserve eight of the Mana Training Rooms in the Fortress Lord’s Mansion for Netherworld Empire. Of course, we’ll calculate the fees separately,” Shi Feng informed his guest with a chuckle. “I’m sure you’ve sensed how dense the Mana is in the mansion, but the Mana Training Room’s have even denser Mana.”

Aside from securing various rare materials, there was another reason that Shi Feng had traveled to the western continent.

He wanted the Star of Light!

Without the Star of Light, he had no chance of revitalizing the Tree of Life’s withered main branch.

The Star of Light was a Legendary material that was only available on the western continent. To be precise, it could only be found within the Star Tomb.

Based on the information he had from the past, three of the Star Tomb’s Stars of Light had dropped while players had explored the Regional Dungeon for the first time. With the Star Tomb untouched, this was the perfect opportunity to secure one for himself. If he missed this opportunity, his chances of obtaining the Legendary material would be miserably low by the time he organized another expedition to the west.

To enter the Regional Dungeon, players had to have reached Tier 3 at the very least. Players couldn’t enter until then. Moreover, a 100-man team wouldn’t be nearly enough to explore the Dungeon. Shi Feng would need at least 500 players to pull off his plan.

Unfortunately, organizing a team of 500 Tier 3 players would be incredibly difficult at this stage of the game. Thus far, only the Five Great Super Guilds could manage it. Hence, Shi Feng had asked Fithalia to invite Hell Rush to negotiate a deal.

“The Mana Training Room?” Hell Rush’s eyes glowed when Shi Feng offered the additional benefit.

When he had entered the Fortress Lord’s Mansion, he had sensed the extraordinary Mana within. It was, by far, the most Mana-dense location he had ever visited. If Netherworld Empire’s experts could train in the mansion, their efficiency would skyrocket.

Yet, Shi Feng had just told him that the Mana Training Rooms had even denser Mana.

If such an astounding training environment truly existed, they could develop their Mana control and unlock their Mana Bodies with unprecedented speed.

“Please, take your time to consider the offer carefully, Commander Rush. If we encounter a situation within the Star Tomb that we cannot overcome, you may retreat, and the benefits I offer will remain yours,” Shi Feng clarified.

“Your offer will still stand?” Hell Rush could not ignore the temptation. “Then, I agree. However, if my team risks annihilation, we will pull back immediately. If you can accept that condition, we’re willing to work with you.”

Hell Rush wasn’t sure what Shi Feng’s goal was, but he couldn’t afford to reject the offer.

Mana was the root of all things on the western continent, which the various powers desperately fought for.

Since capturing the Starlight Fortress was now impossible, he had to aim for the next best thing, and the Mana Training Rooms would allow his Guild’s experts to unlock their Mana Bodies far sooner. Once they did, Netherworld Empire would be able to surpass the two of the other Five Great Super Guilds based in the west when it came to experts with fully unlocked Mana Bodies.

“That won’t be a problem,” Shi Feng answered. He could sympathize with Hell Rush. The Star Tomb was, after all, a Level 100-plus God Mode Regional Dungeon and, as such, far more dangerous than the outside world.

The various superpowers had suffered severe losses to clear the Star Tomb during his previous life, and that was after they had formed the minimum 500-man teams.

Luckily, the current Hell Legion would be more than enough for his purposes. His goal wasn’t to explore all of the Star Tomb, just obtain a Star of Light.

The Star of Light was a random drop in the Star Tomb, which meant that even the weakest monsters had a chance of dropping it. Raiding the Dungeon’s Bosses wouldn’t be necessary.

Adventurer teams had claimed three of the Regional Dungeon’s Stars of Light in the past, and all three teams had done so in the tomb’s outer region.

Those adventurer teams had merely bene grinding for Magic Crystals, but they had lucked out and acquired Stars of Light instead, becoming rich overnight.

Since no one had explored the Star Tomb yet, they should have a high likelihood of obtaining at least one Star of Light.

Following which, Shi Feng signed a contract with Hell Rush stating that Netherworld Empire’s members would enjoy a 40% discount on the Starlight Fortress’s basic expenditures. In addition, eight of the Fortress Lord’s Mana Training Rooms would be reserved for the Guild, with each costing 300 Magic Crystals per hour.

In exchange, Shi Feng would have temporary command of the Hell Legion once they were inside the Star Tomb, and this would remain in effect until Shi Feng completed his task or the team encountered more trouble than they could handle. In addition, Netherworld Empire would dispatch experts to defend the Starlight Fortress alongside Zero Wing and Divine Tribe.

Once they had signed the contract, the alliance between Zero Wing and Netherworld Empire was set in stone. Not long after, news of their partnership spread like the plague, reaching the various superpowers in no time at all.

This ignited a commotion among the various superpowers that had aimed to take the Starlight Fortress.