Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2477 - Heaven-defying Capabilities

Chapter 2477 – Heaven-defying Capabilities

The Hell Legion members had heard of Spatial Imprisonment before. In fact, they were very familiar with the ability.

Quite a few special regions on the western continent were affected by Spatial Imprisonment, in which players couldn’t use any tools. It wasn’t an uncommon effect.

However, sensing the Spatial Imprisonment here had a different meaning. Here, it was one of the Dragon’s passive abilities.

“Crap! How are they so blessed by the system?! Not only did it give them such a powerful Dragon, but the Dragon can even use Spatial Imprisonment?! Who could possibly stop that?!” Thunder Beast, a primitive man that stood at nearly three meters tall, cursed as he lost his earlier complacence.

The Hell Legion knew how powerful Dragons were. Not only had they encountered multiple Dragons in the past, but they had also clashed with a few of them. This was why they had dared to venture to the Starlight Fortress, even after learning that a Dragon guarded it.

Of all the Dragons they had come across, however, none came close to comparing with the Silver Divine Dragon standing before them. It was only a Tier 4 Infant Dragon, yet the Dragon Might Auerbeck radiated made it difficult to move. Not even the Tier 5 Dark Magic Dragon they had met could do this.

To make matters worse, Auerbeck had mastered Spatial Imprisonment, which only a few apex Tier 4 NPCs could master. The Hell Legion had no chance against such a foe.

Once he landed, Auerbeck quietly observed the Hell Legion, and its members froze under the Dragon’s gaze. Auerbeck then approached the legion as they watched his every step. The closer Auerbeck got, the stronger the pressure the Hell Legion members felt became.

The Hell Legion’s members began to regret their decision to come to the fortress, realizing they had acted a little too rashly.

Had they judged the Dragon’s strength properly before causing a scene in the fortress, they wouldn’t have been caught off guard.

“Wolf, your group will activate the Mana Barrier!” Hell Rush shouted at the Tier 3 Ranger beside him after seeing his teammates’ growing despair. “The rest of you will use that chance to retreat!”

Auerbeck was far stronger than he had expected, but Divine Tribe was dreaming if it thought it could corner the Hell Legion with one Dragon.

If any other superpower’s trump card legion stood in the Hell Legion’s place, they’d be helpless.

But the Hell Legion wasn’t just any legion.

No ordinary Super Guild could match the Legacies and ancient technology Netherworld Empire had obtained.

The blue-clad Ranger, Black Wolf, and the several players beside him gritted their teeth as they each pulled a dark-gray crystal form their bags. They then began to chant an incantation.

Dense Mana radiated out from Black Wolf and his comrades. It formed a pitch-black barrier that swallowed the Hell Legion.

Once the magic barrier had taken shape, the Hell Legion members were freed from Auerbeck’s Spatial Imprisonment.

Hell Rush released a held breath in a deep, relieved sigh. He then commanded, “Good! Everyone, use your Return Scroll and retreat!”

The Mana Barrier was Netherworld Empire’s greatest creation.

This barrier couldn’t suppress their enemies, but it would create a Domain for a short time, freeing the players within from any restrictive effects. With the help of the Mana Barrier, players could even use Return Scrolls in areas that prohibited their use.

Moreover, the defensive barrier would prevent anything from entering once active. The Mana Barrier was the best lifesaving and defensive tool currently available in God’s Domain.

Hell Rush had wanted to save the Mana Barrier for their assault on the Fortress Lord’s Mansion, but right now, he couldn’t care less about that.

With their commander’s order echoing in their ears, the legion’s members retrieved their Return Scrolls and began to activate them. Meanwhile, Auerbeck swiped at the barrier with a claw.


A massive explosion shook the Starlight Fortress as Auerbeck’s claw collided with the Mana Barrier.

However, the attack didn’t even crack the barrier, much less shatter it.

This scene left the nearby Divine Tribe members stupefied. They had never expected the Hell Legion to have such a powerful card.

They had already witnessed the Silver Divine Dragon’s strength. Ordinary Tier 4 Mythics were children in comparison.

And yet, the Mana Barrier remained intact even after taking a blow from the Divine Dragon. The barrier’s defensive strength was even greater than the Starlight Fortress’s walls when the magic array had been inactive.

“So what if you have a Tier 4 Dragon? You’re 100 years too early if you think you can make an example of the Hell Legions!” Thunder Beast laughed when Auerbeck failed to destroy the Mana Barrier.

“Alright, enough. The Starlight Fortress is much stronger than we initially anticipated. We need to revise our plan once we return,” Hell Rush warned his teammates, realizing that Thunder Beast wanted to linger.

He had wanted to show off the Hell Legion’s power before Fithalia and Divine Tribe’s other upper echelons, but he had never dreamed that their Dragon would be so astoundingly strong.

The Hell Legion hadn’t suffered any casualties, but they had sacrificed an important magic array, which was a minor loss.

Of course, this experience also showed the depths of the Starlight Fortress’s defenses.

Auerbeck might be very powerful, but if Netherworld Empire planned its next move carefully, negotiating a partnership with Divine Tribe would still be possible.

As Hell Rush and his companions were in the midst of activating their Return Scrolls, a voice called out to them.

“You guys just got to the Starlight Fortress; why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

With the question, space within the fortress seemed to shake. Following which, a phantom world washed over the fortress, isolating it from the outside world.

While the phantom world took over, the Mana Barrier’s Domain waned. Although the barrier remained in place, the Mana within began to corrode.

A second later, the Hell Legion members discovered that Mana had stopped flowing within their Return Scrolls, and as a result, the magic arrays under their feet began to crumble, eventually disappearing altogether.

It stunned every member of the Hell Legion.

What was going on?

The Mana Barrier was still up, so why couldn’t they teleport?

Something’s actually suppressed the Mana Barrier? Black Wolf, in particular, was stunned when he sensed that he no longer had control of the Mana around him.

The Mana Barrier could wrestle control of a specified space, even within a forbidden land that prevented teleportation. However, something had suppressed it and thoroughly. The Hell Legion members’ plummeting Basic Attributes and physiques made this much clear.

Understanding that they had missed their chance to teleport away from the Starlight Fortress, the Hell Legion’s members couldn’t help but turn toward the voice’s origin.

After this person had asked their question, their ability to teleport had been taken from them. The speaker must have something to do with that.

The Hell Legion’s members found that the voice had come from Auerbeck’s back. Due to the Divine Dragon’s natural glow, they hadn’t noticed the man, but squinting to see through the light, they discovered that someone was actually riding the Divine Dragon, standing on his back.

“So, you’re Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame?” Hell Rush asked, staring at the player perched on the Silver Divine Dragon.