Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2476 - Frightening Divine Dragon

Star Valley, Starlight Fortress:

With Hell Rush in the lead, the Hell Legion finally reached the Starlight Fortress after more than five hours of continuous fighting.

The fortress had already undergone two days of repairs and looked nothing like it had.

Not only did the fortress have a new physical look, but its magic array was now fully active, as well. A layer of Mana enveloped the fortresses, creating an oasis in the Star Valley’s Mana-thin environment. Moreover, a faint layer of mist surrounded the fortress walls, adding hints of mystery and solemnity.

“This ancient fortress is amazing. Its Mana is so dense. If we could train in the fortress long-term, our Mana control would improve significantly.”

“That’s not all. If we can live and train here, we could even improve our combat standards.”

“It’s no wonder why the higher-ups asked us to take action. If we can take this fortress, we could boost our internal and core members’ development speed. We wouldn’t have to compete for entry slots to the Demonic Mist Secret Land every week.”

When the Hell Legion members saw the Starlight Fortress in the distance, their eyes glowed with excitement.

The western continent lacked Mana, which was why areas with high Mana density became targets for the various superpowers. Players could improve their Mana affinity when in those areas, and they’d have a clearer mind while training. This would be of great help as players tried to gain more control over Mana.

Because of this, whenever a player discovered a Mana-dense area, a war between Guilds shortly followed. Even the various superpowers participated.

Of the Mana-dense environments the Hell Legion’s members had experienced thus far, none could hold a candle to the Starlight Fortress. The fortress’s Mana was dense enough that it would even be extremely helpful to experts of their caliber.

“Commander, Divine Tribe is behaving strangely. They’ve only sent one party to guard the front gate. They didn’t even bother to send a Tier 3 NPC. Aren’t they afraid that players will barge in?” a Tier 3 Ranger in blue leather armor commented when he only saw six Tier 2 players by the Starlight Fortress’s entrance.

In the west, ruling Guilds were even required to dispatch Tier 3 NPC guards to the fortress that already had NPCs. The front gate was every fortress’s weakest point, even with the defensive magic array active.

If a team attacked the front gate before the gate’s defensive mechanisms could be engaged, they could destroy the gate and open the fortress to invasion. Thus, powers typically sent in plenty of powerful Tier 3 NPCs to protect the front gate after capturing a fortress.

Divine Tribe, however, had done the exact opposite. The Guild hadn’t even sent a single Tier 3 player to protect the Starlight Fortress’s gate, much less Tier 3 NPCs. Moreover, there were only six Tier 2 players by the entrance. Divine Tribe was practically begging for another power to attack.

Even if the Guild wasn’t worried about hostile forces destroying the front gate, it was still an important location.

Players would hand over their entrance fees at the gate, after all, and those Coins would be kept in the gate’s storage before being transported to the Fortress Lord’s Mansion at regular intervals.

If players plundered the Coins during delivery or from the gate’s storage, the ruling power would suffer for its lack of security.

“That’s not our concern. Get ready, everyone. We’re going in,” Hell Rush declared, ignoring Divine Tribe’s careless organization.

As far as he was concerned, whether or not Divine Tribe sent Tier 3 NPCs to guard the front gate didn’t matter to the Hell Legion. If the Hell Legion wanted to break that gate down, Divine Tribe couldn’t stop them.

Following their orders, the Hell Legion’s members summoned their Advanced ranked Guild Mounts, the Magic-horned Steed.

The Magic-horned Steeds were large, the size of adult elephants. When 300 Magic-horned Steeds charged as a group, even the ground trembled under their hooves.

Once the legion reached the gate, however, the party of six remained indifferent. They neither seemed afraid nor awed by the sight of the mighty Hell Legion. Rather, they calmly approached Hell Rush.

“May I know why you’re all here?” a Level 105, Tier 2 Knight asked. Fearlessly, he explained, “The fortress is still sealed, and uninvited players cannot enter.”

“We’ve received an invitation from Commander Fithalia. You may notify her that the Hell Legion has arrived,” Hell Rush proudly announced, looking down at the six Divine Tribe members before him.

“So, you’re Commander Fithalia’s guests. I’ll contact her for authorization immediately. Please, wait a moment.” When the Tier 2 Guardian Knight heard that the Hell Legion were here at Fithalia’s request, he contacted the Commander and asked her to grant Hell Rush and his companions permission to enter the fortress.

Not long after the Guardian Knight reported to his superior, he began to chant an incantation while watching the Hell Legion. Once he finished, a runic mark appeared on the back of their hands.

“Alright, you now have temporary permission to enter the Starlight Fortress,” the Tier 2 Guardian Knight informed the guests. He then warned them with a heavy tone, “However, before you go in, I must inform you of something.

“Currently, a Dragon is resting in the fortress, and the Mana isn’t fully stable yet. So, once you enter the fortress, I hope that you won’t cause too much of a commotion. You shouldn’t anger the Dragon. If it decides to act, we won’t be able to stop it. I hope you can understand.”

As the Tier 2 Guardian Knight finished his warning, the Hell Legion’s members couldn’t contain their grins. They acted as if the Guardian Knight had told the funniest joke in the world.

Surely, this Tier 2 Guardian Knight was trying to scare them.

But who were they, exactly?

They were members of Netherworld Empire’s strongest trump card legion!

They had encountered Dragons far more often than the various superpowers’ experts. They knew just how powerful a Tier 4 Dragon was •

They were even confident of defeating one, much less surviving its wrath. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Even if they weren’t a match for the Starlight Fortress’s Dragon, they had plenty of methods to escape its pursuit. Divine Tribe was dreaming if it thought one measly Dragon could make them behave in the Starlight Fortress.

“We understand. Can we go in now?” Hell Rush asked dryly.

“Of course.” Realizing that the man before him paid no heed to the warning, the Tier 2 Guardian Knight could only sigh and nod in reply. He signaled for his subordinates to make way for the Hell Legion.

Divine Tribe’s guards stepped aside, and Hell Rush led his legion into the Starlight Fortress atop their Magic-homed Steeds. The Mounts left clouds of dust in their wake, and the ground within a 100-yard radius of the legion trembled. The Hell Legion had no intention of keeping a low profile.

As the Hell Legion entered the fortress, however, they felt an intense pressure bear down on them, and every member of the legion struggled to move. Some of them nearly fell off their Steeds.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is there such immense pressure in the fortress?”

Questions filled the legion members’ minds as they fought through the stifling pressure.

Before they could find an answer themselves, however, a gigantic figure descended from above. Not only did this figure’s wings blot out the sky, but it also made the Magic-horned Steeds kneel and tremble. The mighty Mounts were no longer under the Hell Legion’s control.

This colossal figure was none other than the Silver Divine Dragon, Auerbeck.

The instant Auerbeck landed before the Hell Legion, the legion’s members realized something that left them shaken. “Spatial Imprisonment?! But how?!”

The Hell Legion’s members sensed that space around them had seemingly frozen, and they couldn’t help but gasp. At the same time, their expressions turned indescribably grim.