Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2475 - All Sides Shaken

Chapter 2475 – All Sides Shaken

When they realized that the figure riding Auerbeck had been Shi Feng, silence fell in Divine Tribe’s temporary Residence as everyone stared at the Swordsman.

MacAffrey and Crimson Witch, in particular, watched Shi Feng walk toward them with dropped jaws. They both felt as if they were looking at a monster with limitless strength.

Whenever they thought that they had seen the depths of Shi Feng’s, they soon learned that all they had seen was a fraction.

Shi Feng’s Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, for example, and the Domain tools he had used to suppress the Starlight Behemoth and strengthen the Silver Lion Legion; the various superpowers coveted these items, yet they couldn’t get their hands on them. Shi Feng, on the other hand, had them all.

Moreover, Shi Feng had successfully captured the Starlight Fortress, a feat none of the various superpowers could accomplish at this stage of the game.

And now, Shi Feng even had a Dragon…

Dragons were creatures of ultimate destruction in God’s Domain. Even the various NPC kingdoms and empires got headaches whenever one showed up, and yet, Shi Feng had one under his control.

Even if Auerbeck were only a Tier 4 Infant Dragon, it would be more than enough to deter the various superpowers from attacking the Starlight Fortress.

“So, this is why he’s so confident.” Realization dawned on Fithalia when she glanced at the Divine Dragon standing silently behind Shi Feng. She now had an inkling of why Shi Feng had rejected her proposal after learning that the western continent’s superpowers might band together to target his fortress.

With Auerbeck here, the superpowers’ experts would have to be suicidal to cause a ruckus in the Starlight Fortress. They wouldn’t even have the chance to escape if Auerbeck set his sights on them.

Shortly after Shi Feng had arrived at Divine Tribe’s temporary Residence with Auerbeck, some of the various superpowers’ spies reported the situation to their superiors.

“Impossible! You’re talking about a Dragon!”

“How can a player possibly control such a powerful monster?”

When the various superpowers’ upper echelons read the reports, they assumed their subordinates had turned traitorous, trying to trick them with false information to prevent them from assaulting the Starlight Fortress.

However, as these upper echelons continued to receive similar reports from other spies in Divine Tribe, they couldn’t deny the truth. There was no way all of their spies had turned against them at once.

To gain more information and a better understanding of the situation in the Starlight Fortress, they had secretly paid a huge price to turn some of Divine Tribe’s members in the fortress to their side. Naturally, they had ensured that none of the bribed players knew about each other to prevent these players from collaborating to provide false information for Divine Tribe’s benefit.

Although the reports were unbelievable, it was undeniable after receiving reports from over a dozen spies.

Once they had verified the information, a commotion swept through the various superpowers.

Some of the superpowers that had planned to assault the fortress began to hesitate. They carefully considered whether or not they should oppose Shi Feng and the Divine Tribe with the rest of the superpowers.

Before the Dragon had appeared, they had been 90% sure that they could take the Starlight Fortress. Even if they failed, they’d ensure that no one could use the fortress, even if Divine Tribe sent all of its experts to protect it.

However, the situation had changed.

If they tried to take the fortress with a Tier 4 Dragon guard, they’d suffer severe losses. Players didn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of defeating a Tier 4 Dragon, which was a fact the various superpowers had long since verified. Since God’s Domain’s launch, Dragons had been responsible for the destruction of many NPC border cities. The western continent proved to be far more dangerous than the east.

Of course, if they gave up on this operation, they’d have a very difficult time finding another opportunity to move against the Starlight Fortress. The fortress had only recently been captured, and even if Divine Tribe had invested a ton of manpower and resources in its repairs, the Guild couldn’t fully repair the fortress in three short days. The Starlight Fortress was at its weakest right now.

If they did not assault the Starlight Fortress now, taking it would only become more challenging as time passed.

While the various superpowers considered their next move, a 300-man team attacked a Demonic Creature army camp in a Level 100 neutral map not far from Star Valley.

Not only did this campsite house over 6,000 Demonic Creatures, but every one was Level 110. These Demonic Creatures were even led by a Level 112, Mythic ranked Eight-eyed Scorpion King.

Despite such a powerful force, however, the 300-man team held an overwhelming advantage in the battle.

They even overwhelmed the Scorpion King, not to mention the Level 110 Grand Lords. The army’s Boss couldn’t manage to deal any significant damage, while the 300-man team continued to chip away at its HP.

The team hadn’t suffered a single casualty, even by the time the Scorpion King fell. In contrast, Demonic Creature corpses littered the ground.

“We really got lucky this time. Not only did we find a Demonic Creature campsite, but the Scorpion King also dropped a Level 100-plus Epic battle axe. Thunder, this axe should go to you,” a thin man in pitch-black armor said as he handed the battle axe to another man, who stood nearly three meters tall and was covered in runes.

If MacAffrey had seen this, he would’ve been astonished.

This team was the Hell Legion, the Netherworld Empire’s strongest trump card legion. Every member was a Tier 3 player, and they all had the combat standards to rival Grand Lords of the same level.

The thin man, shrouded in a dense, lethal aura, felt as powerful as a Mythic monster…

“Commander, we’ve just received a report from the higher-ups. They claim that a Tier 4 Infant Dragon is guarding the Starlight Fortress, and because of this, many superpowers have abandoned the notion of assaulting the fortress. Our superiors are warning us to be careful,” a Tier 3, black-clad Assassin suddenly informed the thin man.

“An Infant Dragon?” The man’s lips curled into a smile. “How interesting. It’s no wonder why they captured the Starlight Fortress, disregarding the consequences, but if they think that can stop us, they’re mistaken.”

Other superpowers might be afraid of the Dragon that protected the Starlight Fortress, but the Hell Legion was not.

The reason was very simple.

There was only one Dragon in the fortress, while the Hell Legion had 300 players.

If the Hell Legion went on a rampage inside the fortress, they could slay hundreds or thousands of players before the Dragon would reach them. They’d also be able to escape the Dragon’s pursuit. They weren’t concerned that they couldn’t take down the Starlight Fortress in the least.

“Commander, I’ve received another important message. You’ve received a request to negotiate with Fithalia,” the black- clad Assassin added.

“Fithalia?” The thin man smiled when he heard the name. “Since an old friend has so graciously invited me, I must show her the proper respect. Pack up, everyone. We’re heading to the Starlight Fortress.”