Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2473 - Dragon's Contractor Finally, success!

Chapter 2473 – Dragon’s Contractor Finally, success!

Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief once the Magic Cage in the center of the island broke.

He had somewhat underestimated the core magic arrays. Even with the Magic Elven Cannon’s power, it had taken over a full day’s assault and nearly all of his Magic Crystals to destroy all seven arrays. These magic arrays were even tougher Zero Wing City’s defensive magic array.

The instant the Magic Cage shattered, the slumbering Silver Divine Dragon opened its eyes and released a deafening roar, which echoed across the entire island, making the ground tremble.

The Infant Dragon spread its wings, flapping them and creating a powerful storm that blew away the remains of its confinement. The storm’s mighty winds even made Shi Feng stumble back from over 500 yards away.

Is this the power of a true Divine Dragon? An indescribable astonishment filled Shi Feng as he gazed at the fifty-meter- tall Silver Divine Dragon.

[Silver Divine Dragon (Auerbeck)] (Dragon, Mythic) Level ?? ?


He couldn’t discern the Divine Dragon’s level, but its statistics revealed that it was a bona fide Tier 4 Mythic. Despite the fact that it was only a Mythic monster, the Silver Divine Dragon felt as if it had absolute dominance over the world around it. Even the High Magic Elf, Ulunium, was a weakling next to this Silver Divine Dragon.

Shi Feng had been able to resist, albeit slightly, Ulunium’s power, but standing before Auerbeck, he couldn’t even consider resisting. Movement was immensely difficult in Auerbeck’s presence, much less fighting.

If this Infant Dragon willed it, it could slay him with a thought, and he wouldn’t even get the chance to summon a Tier 4 Hero.

Now free of its Magic Cage, Auerbeck landed before Shi Feng and asked, “Little human, are you responsible for releasing me from my cage?”

Auerbeck’s tone was mild and calm, but he radiated an insane pressure. When Shi Feng heard the Divine Dragon’s question, he felt as if the heavens themselves were demanding an answer, and there was no room for lies.

Yes, Lord Divine Dragon. I destroyed the Magic Cage’s core magic arrays and freed you,” Shi Feng replied, his tone neither too humble, nor too arrogant as he suppressed his building anxiety.

Dragons were inherently prideful creatures. After all, they stood at the peak of God’s Domain and viewed lesser creatures with little-to-no importance.

However, Dragons were a race that also respected strength. If one proved themselves, they could earn Dragons’ recognition. Divine Dragons were no exception to this.

If he groveled before the Silver Divine Dragon, Auerbeck would look down on him, and his reward might be even less than if he had performed badly.

“You have truly surprised me. I had never expected such a tiny being to destroy a cage set by a Goddess,” Auerbeck said, surprise and curiosity flashing in his eyes as he watched Shi Feng. He looked at Shi Feng as if he had just seen an ant flip an elephant. “However, in my Divine Eyes, you are telling the truth.

“According to the ancient agreement, I will engage in a contract with you to serve as your companion since you have rescued me, but I am a Divine Dragon. A weakling will not qualify to stand beside me. First, you must pass my test. If you do, I will acknowledge you. You have four months to prove yourself.

“I will remain by your side during this time and fight with you. Of course, if you fail my test, our contract will be dissolved.

“Over the next four months, I will give you three chances to challenge my test. If you fail all three, our contract will be dissolved.”

System: Congratulations! You have rescued the Divine Dragon, Auerbeck and completed the first phase of the Epic Quest, “Void Cage.” Rewarding 10 Legacy Skill Points. You have become a Divine Dragon’s Contractor.

System: You have triggered the second phase of the Epic Quest, “Void Cage.”

Quest content: Complete Auerbeck’s test within four natural months. Rewards unknown.

Sure enough, obtaining a Divine Dragon won’t be so easy. The notifications didn’t particularly surprise Shi Feng. I’ll have to try and grow as strong as possible in the next four months.

The various superpowers had sacrificed much to summon a Tier 5 creature with their Summoning Towers in the past. Some had even been required to kill Tier 5 NPCs to retain their summoned creatures and establish them as their fortresses’ true guardians.

Although Auerbeck was only a Tier 4 Mythic, not even ordinary Tier 5 monsters would be a match for the Divine Dragon. It would be odd if no trial existed to retain control over such a creature.

Fortunately, as far as Shi Feng was concerned, four months would be more than enough time for Shi Feng to prove himself a strong enough companion for Auerbeck.

As long as he could fully unlock his Epic Mana Body and obtain the three last fragments of Solomon’s Sword, passing Auerbeck’s test shouldn’t be a problem.

The moment Auerbeck finished his explanation, the Divine Dragon began to chant an incantation.

A fourfold magic array appeared around Shi Feng, rapidly shrinking until it transformed into a silver rune. The rune then imprinted itself on Shi Feng’s arm before fading away.

Shi Feng then received another system notification.

System: You have obtained the Contractor’s Mark and become the Divine Dragon, Auerbeck’s contractor.

System: The Fortress Lord’s Token has discovered the Contractor’s Mark. Do you wish to let the Divine Dragon Auerbeck serve the Starlight Fortress’s guardian?

Shi Feng agreed without a second thought, and once he did, a new tab, ‘Contracted Companions,’ appeared in his system interface.

He clicked on the tab and discovered Auerbeck’s statistics, which contained new information.

[Silver Divine Dragon (Auerbeck)] (Dragon, Mythic) Level 111

HP 10,900,000,000/10,900,000,000

Crap! Isn’t his HP a little too high?! Shi Feng nearly cursed aloud when he saw Auerbeck’s statistics.

He had thought the Starlight Behemoth’s 4 billion HP had been a little much for a Level 113 Mythic Monster. If players wanted to kill such a Boss with conventional methods, they’d need a 1,000-man team of Tier 3 players. Unless a team could deal -8 million damage per second, they’d never overcome the Realm Lord’s battle recovery, much less kill it.

With the Starlight Behemoth’s horrific Defense, ordinary Tier 3 experts would barely deal -10,000 damage with their attacks.

Auerbeck, however, was even more frightening. The Divine Dragon was only Level 111, yet it had nearly three times as much HP as the Starlight Behemoth. Its battle recovery alone would regenerate 109 million HP every five seconds, and a Divine Dragon should have at least twice as high Defense as the Realm Lord.

Staring at Auerbeck’s statistics, Shi Feng doubted that even Tier 4 players could kill it, not to mention new Tier 3 players.

While Shi Feng was shocked over Auerbeck’s astonishing Attributes, the island under his feet began to tremble and fall apart.

“Now that the Magic Cage is gone, this island won’t hold for much longer. We need to leave quickly,” Auerbeck warned his new human companion.

The Infant Dragon began to chant another incantation, and in the blink of an eye, Shi Feng vanished and reappeared on Auerbeck’s back. The Silver Divine Dragon then spread his wings and, with a flap, transformed into a streak of light, flying toward the spatial tear the Summoning Tower had opened and leaving the Void Land.

Meanwhile, Divine Tribe’s members were hard at work repairing the Starlight Fortress’s infrastructure. They’d also begun constructing hotels and Shops.

To better-manage the fortress, Divine Tribe had sent over 100 Tier 3 Personal Guards to garrison the fortress, all of which were tasked with patrolling the streets and protecting the fortress’s various establishments.

While Fithalia and the other Divine Tribe upper echelons planned the patrol routes for the Personal Guards, something odd happened to the Summoning Tower in the south end of the fortress.

Divine runes began to appear around the lightless tower, illuminating the structure with a dazzling glow. Suddenly, an intense aura washed over the Starlight Fortress, and every player within felt stifled, struggling to move.

“Where is this aura coming from?”

“What is going on over there?”

“Did we miss a Guardian Boss?”

Everyone turned toward the brilliantly lit Summoning Tower, growing anxious.

Even Fithalia and the Guild’s other upper echelons, who met in their temporary Residence, wore grim expressions.

None of the Guardian Bosses they had faced had such a powerful aura, yet Divine Tribe’s team had still relied on a Tier 4 Hero Summoning Scroll to defeat them. Even then, the Silver Lion Legion had suffered significant losses.

Now that the Tier 4 Hero they had summoned had gone, they didn’t have a Tier 4 combatant in the fortress. If another Guardian Boss had truly appeared, the consequences would be dire.

They had already invested a considerable amount of resources into repairing a portion of the Starlight Fortress. If they had to fight in another huge battle, everything they had worked for would crumble, even before the various superpowers’ experts arrived.

“Quick, look! Something’s above the Summoning Tower!”

“Isn’t that a spatial tear?”

“Why is there a spatial tear over the tower?”

The fortress’s players recognized the dark tear for what it was immediately, and as it grew, they were overcome with curiosity and confusion.

Suddenly, a streak of light flew from the spatial tear, and a figure appeared before them all. As they got a clearer look, what they saw rendered them all dumbfounded.

“A Dragon?!”