Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2471 - Summoning Tower Activated

Chapter 2471 – Summoning Tower Activated

Osset’s reminder snapped Shi Feng out of his daze.

“I choose the Fortress Prison and Summoning Tower!” Shi Feng immediately answered.

Of the Bronze Privileges available, the Fortress Prison was mandatory in Shi Feng’s mind. Without this function, he couldn’t deter his enemies from causing trouble within the fortress.

As for the Silver Privileges, the Manafication Tower and Object Creation Tower would increase the ancient fortress’s value and make it more popular among players.

However, the Starlight Fortress was the only captured fortress in Star Valley, and as such, had no competition. Any player that wanted to develop in Star Valley would have no choice but to visit the Starlight Fortress, which made both towers unnecessary.

The Summoning Tower, on the other hand, was a different story.

Of the three Silver Privileges, only the Summoning Tower would grant Zero Wing more control over the Starlight Fortress, which is what the Guild needed more than anything right now. Zero Wing only had 10 members on the western continent, and if it weren’t for Divine Tribe’s help, it wouldn’t have been able to manage the fortress, even if it had managed to capture it.

If the Summoning Tower were added into the equation, however, that wouldn’t be the case.

As long as Zero Wing summoned a sufficiently formidable creature, it’d be able to hold the fortress even with almost no members.

The summoned creature would follow the basic behavioral conditions players set. Players could instruct the summoned creature to defend the Fortress Lord’s Mansion, for example, or prevent certain people from entering the fortress. Players could also direct the creature to deal with any players that started fights within, as well. Combined with the Fortress Prison, no player would dare cause a scene in this fortress.

Of course, this would only be the case if the summoned creature was strong enough.

If the summoned creature couldn’t kill or suppress players quickly enough, the Summoning Tower would be little more than decoration. Unlike the Manafication Tower and Object Creation Tower that provided clear benefits, the Summoning Tower would only be as useful as the summoned creature.

Moreover, nurturing a summoned creature would require a lot of resources.

At first, players would summon the creature at their level. To increase the creature’s level, players would have to invest resources. The amount of resources required would depend on the summoned creature’s standards. The more powerful the creature was, the more resources it would require to level up.

Based on the rumors Shi Feng had heard, the daily cost of maintaining a Tier 5 Demonic Creature was already on par with an ordinary first-rate Guild’s total daily net profits. Without sufficient resources, players simply couldn’t support the Summoning Tower’s use.

Shi Feng wasn’t concerned with that issue right now, however. The Starlight Fortress was the only fortress under player control throughout Star Valley at the moment, and it was also very close to the map’s God Mode Regional Dungeon. If Shi Feng could establish his rule over the Regional Dungeon, he’d easily earn more daily income from the fortress alone to surpass first-rate Guilds’ total daily income. He could make a fortune just by collecting entrance fees.

Ancient fortresses were not managed by NPCs, which meant that players didn’t have to split the entrance fees with the system. Players would receive 100% of the collected entrance fees. Moreover, a Small Fortress could charge a maximum of 20 Silver per person. This was one of the reasons that ancient fortresses had been so popular among the various superpowers in the past.

Once Shi Feng had made his decision. Osset began to chant an incantation. The ghostly NPC then drew a mysterious rune and imprinted it on the Fortress Lord’s Token in Shi Feng’s hand.

Suddenly, a translucent screen appeared above the token, listing the six privileges Shi Feng had observed earlier. Two privileges’ text gave off a dull glow, the Fortress Prison and the Summoning Tower.

Starlight Fortress Prison- Status: Unlocked

Activation cost: 30,000 Magic Crystals

Daily operating cost: 3,000 Magic Crystals

Do you wish to activate the Starlight Fortress Prison?

Starlight Fortress Summoning Tower- Status: Unlocked

Activation cost: 50,000 Magic Crystals

Daily operating cost: 5,000 Magic Crystals

Do you wish to activate the Starlight Fortress Summoning Tower?

Seeing the prompts, Shi Feng chose to activate the Summoning Tower first, setting aside the Fortress Prison for the moment.

The Starlight Fortress was still sealed, and outsiders weren’t allowed to enter. Shi Feng didn’t need to hurry to activate the Fortress Prison. Magic Crystals didn’t grow on trees, after all, and if he activated the prison two days before the fortress opened to the public, he’d only waste 6,000 Magic Crystals.

However, the sooner he activated the Summoning Tower, the better.

Summoning creatures took time, and the more powerful the target creature was, the more time it would require to summon. In addition, nurturing the summoned creature required time. Shi Feng, who lacked time, wanted nothing more than to summon a creature immediately. If he were lucky, he might be able to level the creature up within the next two days.

Monsters weren’t like NPCs and players. As they leveled up, their Basic Attributes and combat power would rise to the peak of their level. In comparison, players and NPCs didn’t receive such a huge strength boost upon leveling up. They would still need to upgrade weapons and equipment.

Following which, Shi Feng sacrificed 100,000 Magic Crystals to the Fortress Lord’s Token, half of which would activate the Summoning Tower, while the remaining half would maintain its operation for 10 days.

With the Summoning Tower’s activation, a new rune rose from the token and imprinted itself on Shi Feng’s right palm.

System: You have successfully activated the Starlight Fortress Summoning Tower. The Summoning Tower’s large-scale teleportation array is now active. You may utilize the Summoning Rune to teleport to the Summoning Tower at any time. The Summoning Rune has a Cooldown of one natural day.

The Summoning Tower had such an ability? A little surprised, Shi Feng glanced down at the Summoning Rune on his palm.

There was nothing amazing about God’s Domain’s teleportation arrays. Every NPC city had them. Players could even set them up in Guild Residences.

However, these were all small- or medium-scale teleportation arrays. Large-scale teleportation arrays were considered lost technology. Unlike the small- and medium-scale teleportation arrays, large-scale teleportation arrays allowed players to teleport between the two main continents.

The array in the Summoning Tower was a large-scale teleportation array, which meant that Shi Feng would be able to travel to the Starlight Fortress at any time, even from the eastern continent. Moreover, the Summoning Rune only had a one-day Cooldown, making it an incredibly convenient tool.

Traveling between the main continents was an ordeal since ancient teleportation arrays that allowed players to travel between them had fixed teleportation times. If players missed the designated time, they’d have to wait until the next scheduled teleportation. This was particularly challenging for Guilds that wanted to mingle on both continents. Prices for items constantly fluctuated, and if players couldn’t offload their stock at the right time, doing so would become complicated.

Not only would this Summoning Rune allow travel to the west far easier, but he could also bring whatever items the west needed at any given time. He’d be able to earn far more money from reselling the east’s items than without it.

After a brief moment of elation, Shi Feng activated the Summoning Rune and teleported to the Summoning Tower.

The Summoning Tower was located in the Starlight Fortress’s south end. The stone tower was the tallest building in the fortress, standing 200 meters tall. From the top of the tower, one could oversee everything within the fortress.

As the teleportation array on the Summoning Tower’s roof lit up, Shi Feng appeared in the tower.

To Shi Feng’s surprise, Osset waited for him on the Summoning Tower’s roof, but unlike earlier, his body seemed more tangible.

“Wielder of the Fortress Lord’s Token, the Summoning Tower is now active. If you wish to summon a fortress guardian, I must inform you of two things. This array requires a medium of sufficient standards to summon a guardian; it cannot summon creatures without input. The more powerful the medium is, the stronger the summoned creature will be.

Each summoning also has a one-month Cooldown. I hope you will use this Summoning Tower properly,” Osset informed Shi Feng before transforming into mist and disappearing.

Of course, Shi Feng had already known these factors.

This information was precisely the reason he had chosen the Summoning Tower.

This should be the place. After approaching the Summoning Altar on the roof, Shi Feng pulled a claw the size of an adult human from his bag, placing it on the altar.

This claw had once belonged to the Ice Dragon, Heathwaite, and it was one of the only two Legendary materials Shi Feng had on him.

Initially, Shi Feng had wanted to use the Ice Dragon’s Claw once he had obtained an Epic Weapon Design, but summoning an Ice Dragon wasn’t a bad second choice. His summoned creature would protect the Starlight Fortress, and an ordinary monster simply wouldn’t be up to the task.

Although he could summon the Starlight Behemoth with the Behemoth’s Starlight Scales, that monster wasn’t nearly as formidable as an Ice Dragon.

As soon as Shi Feng rested the claw on the altar, he heard the sound of a system notification.

System: The Summoning Altar has discovered the Ice Dragon’s Claw. Do you wish to analyze this medium?

“Begin!” Taking a deep breath, Shi Feng made his decision.

Not all mediums would work. If the selected medium didn’t have enough energy, the summoning wouldn’t happen. He already felt the painful sting of losing the Ice Dragon’s Claw; he didn’t want to sacrifice two of them. Doing so would mean throwing away two Epic Weapons.

As the altar began its analysis, dark-purple smoke emerged from the Summoning Altar to envelop the gigantic claw.

As the seconds passed, Shi Feng grew more nervous.

If one Ice Dragon’s Claw weren’t enough to summon an Ice Dragon, he’d have to summon the Starlight Behemoth with the Starlight Scales instead. The scales were Inferior Legendary materials, and he had a total of five. They would certainly be more than enough to summon a Starlight Behemoth.

While Shi Feng considered using the Starlight Scales as a replacement, he heard another system notification.

System: Medium’s Energy Completion Rate is at 89% and has met summoning requirements. Do you wish to summon the guardian?