Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2469 - Storm Brewing

Chapter 2469 – Storm Brewing

Starlight Fortress, Divine Tribe’s temporary Residence:

After undergoing the Silver Lion Legion’s cleansing, the fortress that was originally ruled by monsters was now devoid of monsters. Instead, players now crowded it. Moreover, these players were all very high-level and very well equipped. They were undoubtedly Divine Tribe’s experts.

At this moment, these expert players were agog as they walked through the streets of the Starlight Fortress, which had already become the focus of many powers and players.

As a fortress located in Star Valley, a Level 100-plus forbidden land, the Starlight Fortress’s functions were simply immense. Not only could it allow players to save up on plenty of travel time, but it could also serve as a players’ haven for rest and recovery. At the same time, it would become a trade hub in Star Valley.

After all, Star Valley was massive. Moreover, players had nowhere to rest in the surrounding maps. Besides, Star Valley was rich in resources, a place where players could obtain leveling resources. Hence, as the only trade hub available in Star Valley, the resources the Starlight Fortress could acquire in the future would be immeasurable.

As a fortress that had existed since ancient times, the Starlight Fortress’s ambient Mana was incredibly dense; none of the present fortresses found in the outside world had anything similar. On the western continent, which suffered from a dearth of Mana, the Starlight Fortress was a rare training ground.

Shi Feng could sympathize with the excitement Divine Tribe’s members felt.

After players captured an ancient fortress, not only could they concentrate a large amount of Mana inside the fortress, but this Mana would also be very gentle. Even players with sub-par control over Mana would have their control artificially improved by a significant margin while inside the fortress.

Although this improvement was only temporary, if players could immerse themselves in such an environment longterm, they could use this experience to achieve a permanent improvement.

To the western continent’s players, who prioritized control over Mana before control over their physical bodies, the Starlight Fortress was an absolute gem of a training ground.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, the vice commander and the others are all waiting inside the reception room. Please, follow me.”

Shortly after Shi Feng arrived before the entrance of Divine Tribe’s Residence, a middle-aged man, who was a Level 106 Guardian Knight, approached him. This middle-aged man gave off a very kind and humble feeling. However, the aura he radiated was not the slightest bit weaker than that of Grand Lords of the same level. In terms of strength, he was most likely stronger than even the Silver Lion Legion’s Crimson Witch.

“I’ll have to trouble you, then,” Shi Feng replied. Inwardly, he sighed ruefully as he considered this humble, middle-aged man.

In the current Zero Wing, Yan Tianxing and Shi Feng himself were the only ones that had reached the Domain Realm.

However, just one day after he captured the Starlight Fortress, Divine Tribe revealed another Domain Realm expert to him.

Shi Feng could not help but admit that superpowers were indeed amazing. It would most likely be a long time before Zero Wing could catch up to them.

After hearing Shi Feng’s reply, the middle-aged man led Shi Feng into Divine Tribe’s Residence.

Upon entering the Residence’s Guild Hall, Shi Feng received something of a fright.

At this moment, the Residence’s Guild Hall had been fully renovated. Not only did the interior of the building look splendid, but the floors of the building were even tiled using Mana Ore. Not even the Guild Hall in Zero Wing’s main headquarters could compete with this Guild Hall in terms of extravagance.

Mana Ore was a rare type of ore. Although it was not as valuable as Magic Crystals, it contained a significant amount of Mana. Items made with Mana Ore would exude a small amount of Mana and increase the density of the Mana in their vicinity by a certain degree. However, as the cost generally wasn’t worth the potential returns, very few superpowers would be willing to use Mana Ore as flooring.

Meanwhile, this was only a temporary Residence for Divine Tribe, yet the Guild had actually used Mana Ore as flooring. This was already beyond extravagance and entered the realm of reckless waste.

However, from this, one could also see how much importance Divine Tribe placed on this temporary Residence.

After all, if the temporary Residence changed owners, the Mana Ore used here could not be taken away. If Zero Wing suddenly decided to change partners, Divine Tribe’s actions would be akin to gifting its Mana Ore to another power. However, despite knowing this, Divine Tribe had still done so.

A short moment later, under the middle-aged man’s lead, Shi Feng arrived at the top-floor reception room.

Currently, three people were seated inside the reception room: MacAffrey and Crimson Witch, whom Shi Feng was familiar with, and a beautiful female Berserker with blonde hair and crimson eyes. This female Berserker wore silvery- gray light armor and carried a runic greatsword that radiated Mana.

Although this female Berserker was only sitting quietly inside the room, it was as if she had stolen all the color from her surroundings. Aside from herself, everything else inside the room looked monotone in color.

The Magic-eye Goddess? Why is she here? Shi Feng was stunned when he saw this female Berserker. This was because he was even more familiar with this woman than with MacAffrey and Crimson Witch.

She was one of the few Tier 6 God-ranked experts in his previous life, the wielder of Eternal Sin, a Legendary Weapon. In the past, she had ranked high even among Tier 6 experts. She had also managed to develop the Guild she established herself into a super-first-rate Guild, becoming a legend in God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, because of the peak hidden class, Magic-eye Hunter, she obtained, she was also nicknamed the Magic-eye Goddess.

Currently, however, this Magic-eye Goddess was wearing Divine Tribe’s Guild Emblem. This situation was completely different from what Shi Feng knew.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, are you two perhaps acquainted with each other?” MacAffrey asked curiously when he noticed the change in Shi Feng’s expression.

After calming himself, Shi Feng shook his head and explained, “No, we’re not acquainted. She just looks very similar to someone I know.”

At Shi Feng’s reply, MacAffrey no longer paid much attention to the matter, saying, “In that case, let me introduce you. This person here is Fithalia, the commander of Divine Tribe’s Divine Hymn Legion. She will also be in charge of the Divine Tribe forces that will be garrisoned in the Starlight Fortress from now on.”

“Greetings. I am Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame,” Shi Feng introduced himself as he looked at Fithalia.

“Greetings as well, Guild Leader Black Flame. I had heard plenty about you from Crimson even before I came here. However, after seeing you in person, it seems you’re even stronger than what I heard. You are actually unaffected within my Illusory Domain. It seems you have already unlocked your Mana Body to a considerable extent,” Fithalia said, a flash of surprise appearing in her eyes as she looked at Shi Feng.

After obtaining her Magic-eye Hunter hidden class, she had gained a naturally occurring Domain that grew stronger the higher her tier became. After she reached Tier 3, even Crimson Witch, who possessed a Peak Gold Mana Body, was not immune to the effects of her Illusory Domain. Within her Illusory Domain, not only would players’ control of their own body’s Mana decline significantly, but players would also lose the ability to control the Mana around them.

At this point, only experts that had unlocked their Mana Bodies by a certain extent were capable of resisting the effects of her Illusory Domain.

You have started unlocking your Mana Body already?” Crimson Witch blurted out when she heard Fithalia’s words.

She had been researching how she could unlock her Mana Body’s potential all this time. However, even now, she still hadn’t found any concrete information. She had never imagined that Shi Feng had actually unlocked a portion of his Mana Body’s potential already.

“It’s just a portion. I’m still far from fully unlocking it,” Shi Feng admitted truthfully.

“So, that’s the case. No wonder your attacks were so powerful before.” Realization dawned upon Crimson Witch when she heard Shi Feng’s reply.

Previously, she had felt that the Skills and Spells Shi Feng had used were ridiculously powerful. They looked nothing like Tier 3 Skills and Spells used by the current Tier 3 players. In hindsight, this was most likely due to Shi Feng having unlocked a portion of his Mana Body’s strength already; hence, his Skills and Spells were a lot more powerful than the average Tier 3 player’s.

Suddenly, she felt that she had a chance to catch up with Shi Feng.

Although she hadn’t started unlocking her Mana Body yet, she did have a few leads. She was confident she could unlock a portion of her Mana Body’s strength in a few more days. At that time, she would no longer lose to Shi Feng so easily.

“May I know why you asked me to come here?” Shi Feng asked, not bothering with additional explanations on his Mana Body.

“It’s an urgent matter,” Fithalia replied, her expression suddenly turning serious. “Before I arrived at the Starlight Fortress, I received word that plenty of superpowers are making their way to the Starlight Fortress. Even Netherworld Empire, one of the Five Great Super Guilds, is interested. In fact, Netherworld Empire has dispatched one of its trump card legions.

“We might be able to deal with the other superpowers, but Netherworld Empire is a different story. Although Netherworld Empire’s trump card legion has very few members, those players can no longer be referred to as humans. They are complete and utter monsters. Setting aside the high likelihood that they are coming to contest for the fortress’s ruling rights, if they decide to make a fuss inside the fortress, no one will be able to control them. Even if we continue holding on to the fortress’s ruling rights, we will only be rulers in name. Normal operations would be impossible.

“Hence, I asked you to visit in hopes you can sell a portion of the fortress’s shares, Guild Leader Black Flame. Divine Tribe will help Zero Wing as a middleman in this matter. If we include the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship you have in the Starlight Fortress’s defenses, I believe Netherworld Empire will not go too far.”

In regard to Fithalia’s suggestion, neither MacAffrey nor Crimson Witch found anything wrong with it.

On the western continent, there was nobody that did not know how frightening Netherworld Empire was. It could be said to be a gathering of lunatics. This Great Super Guild never operated according to social norms or logic. In fact, it had already annihilated one superpower in God’s Domain.

If Zero Wing and Divine Tribe were to clash with Netherworld Empire, even if they managed to protect the fortress, the fortress itself still wouldn’t be able to establish itself on the western continent.

Their only way out now was to split a portion of the fortress’s profits. After all, the Starlight Fortress involved too many things. Zero Wing and Divine Tribe couldn’t stop all of the western continent’s superpowers. However, it would be a different story if they had Netherworld Empire’s assistance.

“I understand Divine Tribe’s predicament,” Shi Feng said, nodding. Smiling, he continued, “As for the Starlight Fortress’s matters, leave them to Zero Wing. If Netherworld Empire wishes to cause a ruckus, it is free to try. If it is capable of doing so, I wouldn’t mind gifting the fortress to it. If there are no other matters, I’ll take my leave first.”

After saying so, Shi Feng turned around and left the reception room, his actions stunning Fithalia, MacAffrey, and Crimson Witch. For a time, silence fell over the entire reception room.